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  Issue #64

Ed Nimmervoll is not certain about being on this page

Mike's Pith & Wind -- Non Sequiturs
I was talking to Ed Nimmervoll yesterday, (see the A Separate Reality page), and at one point in the conversation he grinned at me and said, ‘There’s the topic for your essay.’ At the time I was talking about those moments on stage when you have to remind yourself what you’re doing it for – or, more specifically, who you’re doing it for. Ed had mentioned a popular local group who are so preoccupied with musical perfection they allow their anxiety to spill over into the public domain. Of course, I know all about that because I’ve been there – the early days of Spectrum and Ariel (and further on) were beset with similar preoccupations, to the point that my attitude at the end of a gig could be totally at odds with nearly every other person in the room – the rest of the band and crew being the exceptions, although not always.
A bum note here or there, inadequate foldback, tempos too fast or slow, the list of potential complaints was endless. As I said, I don’t know how many people I bemused coming off stage with a face like thunder while the crowd was still going bananas.
The insecurity of youth might have something to do with it, but electing to take the musical high road can also make life tricky, especially when your output doesn’t infallibly tickle the public’s G-spot.
I’ve learnt over the years that the first rule for personal fulfilment, as in just about anything, is to simply enjoy yourself, and then it’s pretty safe to assume that most of the audience will follow suit, even if there.. read more

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Dick's Toolbox - A short walk
Mary and I have just finished walking barefoot from Point Addis to Barwon Heads. Those with any knowledge of the coast south of Geelong may be surprised that we did this without drowning, but in fact we did it in multiple short stages that were separated by the odd week or two. We would go to a location at low tide walk, or rock hop for an hour or so, then return. The next week we would go to where we stopped and start again or, if it had been an interesting walk, repeat the adventure from the other direction. By the end of summer our feet are reasonably calloused so the rocks are not usually a problem, though it is amazing how varied they are ranging from black basaltic outflows to sandstone aggregate. The only moderately challenging part is getting into Bells Beach.
This weekend we walked from Black.. read more

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