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1) Hmm.. I'm not sure how things are going. Hold on.. 2) Yes, I think we've got it! Sniff! I'm feeling better now..
gig report

Sun. 21.5.17 Spectrum to Ariel at the Caravan Music Club
The second Spectrum to Ariel show at the Caravan Club
23.5.17 -
Our European adventure in March/April didn't actually end until Maria and I touched down at Tulla on May 3rd so there was precious little time to waste in getting the fingers warmed up and the voice warbling in anticipation of rehearsing with the chaps for the welcome-home gig at The Caravan Music Club on Sunday last (the 21st), close enough to the anniversary of the first Laneway Spectrum to Ariel retrospective gig at the same venue.
I'd not touched a guitar for the whole six weeks away on holiday and the S2A combo hadn't played together since the gig with Brian Cadd last year either, so there was a lot of ground to cover, though to be fair we were coming to it with a little more under our belts than the first time around.
We were very fortunate to have the same rehearsal studio at our disposal this year, Pete Dacy's Secret Sound Studio in Mt Waverley, although this time I was driving from Mt Evelyn, which made it nearly as awkward for everybody except perhaps Robbo in Oakleigh.
Four rehearsals later and we were actually beginning to sound like a band, definitely a step up on last year, so I was a little less apprehensive, despite a head cold threatening to spoil the party.
Glyn, Broc and I popped into Laneway (the show's sponsors) one morning and performed a couple of songs au naturel from the show which elicited a favouable response on FB and helped reinforce my calm.
In the event there was a good turnout, somewhat surprising the taciturn Peter Foley who runs the club and didn't think we could pull as many as we did for essentially the same show as last year. The band made little fluffs here and there but definitely played better overall and the on-stage sound was better than last year, my Parisian shirts, chosen by my personal stylist, nearly stole the show all by themselves and the audience clearly loved it, so everybody went home happy. A good result. Now for Adelaide.
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