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gig report / Mick'n'Broc at The Basement Discs for the 12 Days of Christmas

Broc & Mike worry about the parking fee they're up for
Mick'n'Broc walk the walk and pay the price
8.12.17 - Broc and I were trying to work out where on earth we were going to park in the CBD and not get slugged a zillion while we rattled off a few tunes at The Basement Discs as part of their Twelve Days of Christmas promotion. Pickings have been slim in both the retailing and performance of music as far as The Basement Discs and Spectrum have been concerned in 2017 so these sorts of concerns are very real.
It was just as well we left Mt E very early as Little Collins St is blocked off at midday necessitating an unexpected deviation ending with our being stalled at the lights adjacent to the Elizabeth St entrance of the Block Arcade - where I abandoned Broc and took myself and both our guitars to the fabled entrance of The Basement Discs leaving Broc to sort out the parking dilemma on his own.
I'd set-up and tuned by the time he found the shop (Broc's never been there before) and we had only about five minutes before we were due to start and there was a crowd already in place waiting expectantly.
It was an unusual set given my history at the Basement, with only two or three of my tunes mixed in with a bunch of COVERS, including a nod to Sir Paul (She's a Woman) and Otis' Dock o' the Bay.. (pic C. Mintrom)
gig report / Spectrum plus Brenden Mason, Madder Lake & Normie at the Masters of Rock show

1) Ted Lethborg expresses his sincere thanks for Disco Dilemma 2) Normie on fire (with Gil Matthews on guitar!)
Spectrum and Madder Lake behemoth
7.12.17 - The second consecutive year that the Masters of Rock show has been held at the Flying Saucer Club (the Elsternwick RSL) but also the last time as the Saucer's pulling out. It's a shame as the match is a good one.
Madder Lake was on first - but no 12lb Toothbrush? Then Spectrum plus with Rock Critic as my personal highlight. Ted Lethborg appreciated the inclusion of Disco Dilemma. (pic 1) Madder Lake clambered on-stage for IBG - and then Toothbrush at last!
Normie seemed tired but the crowd loved him and his endless stream of hits. (pic 2)
gig report / 1st BASE w Mick'n'Broc at the Skylark Room Burrinja Cultural Centre Upwey

1) Mick'n'Broc saunter through their support set 2) Jeremy, Mike and George all concentrate manfully
1st BASE and Mick'n'Broc do their best
2.12.17 -
I'm sure the weather didn't help, but the bookings weren't strong in the first place so there was only a small audience to savour the last of 1st BASE's rare appearances for 2017.
It turned out that I was familiar with the Skylark Room and in fact we all immediately felt at home. My failure to read the small print meant that Maria was ungainfully employed to man the door while George and Jeremy sorted out the sound desk, but apart from that there were no major dramas.
Mick'n'Broc breezed through their set, (pic 1 ) minus Dock o' the Bay, and 1st BASE (pic 2) balanced the sublime and the odd catastrophe with aplomb.
M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D