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Record Companies - not all of them of course, just the guys we deal with..

The home of Oz '70s legends - Aztec Music

Ariel Aloha - More From Before - Sandman Records

Oz classic rock on the Net - Laneway Music


Spectrum sites - where to find info on Spectrum, The Indelible Murtceps, Ariel etc.


Melb. Blues Appreciation Society

'60s obscurities from all over the world

Louie Louie

Ariel at the Station Hotel 1975 - Rock on Vinyl

Musicians, bands, gigs & biz friends (in first-name alphabetical order) 

Occasional reviewer - Alana Galea

(Qld) - Andy Collins

Ash Wednesday

(SA) - Barrie McAskill

Berwick & District Folk Club


Brian Baker


Mike's very first band - Chants R&B

Danny Spooner

Limelight Music's genial general - Dave Walker

Khavas Jute - Dennis Wilson

Doug de Vries

Martin Pullan - Edensound Mastering

Spectrum's Daryl Roberts' band - Hey Gringo

Graphic artist - Ian McCausland

Former Ariel drummer - Iain McLennan

Shepparton PC Doctor - James Feldman

Bass player extraordinaire - Jeremy Alsop

Jess Cornelius

Jim Keays

WHY guitarist and all-round good guy - John Moon

John Schumann


Kevin Borich

Heaters and MRQ drummer - Manny Paterakis

Margret RoadKnight

Tony Nirta - Mudmen

Merri-May Gill

Unique & vintage guitar trader - Neil Rote

Violinist and composer - Nicolas Lyon

Normie Rowe

Phil Manning

Live recording specialist - Rob Harwood

Rock Bottom James and the Detonators

Ross Ryan

Ross Wilson

Sam McNally

Jim Moynihan - Spoonbill

(WA) - Steve Tallis

The Blues Train

The Giants

Mark Ferrie - The Mercurials

Sam See and Glyn Mason - The Pardoners

British music of the '60s - The Substitutes

Shud and Ariel guitarist - Tim Gaze

Heaters & Spectrum keyboardist - Tony Fossey

Tracy Bartram

Musical instrument teachers, makers & repairers

Brenden Mason's repairs & sales - Real Guitars

Affordable rare collectable guitars - Just Guitars

Brad Capper's harp site - Harp Attack

Vintage single pole pick-ups - Kinman

Amp repairer /manufacturer - Sherlock Amps

Harmonica remodeller - Neil Graham

Music Stores - where Mike, Bill and Robbo shop for musical instruments

Balwyn - Eastgate Music

Blackburn - Billy Hyde Music

Camberwell - Music Junction

Music charities, organisations - where musos and crew can get help in hard times
Support Act
Entertainment Assist
Australian Roadcrew Collective
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