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About mikeruddbillputt.com

This website is edited by me, Mike Rudd. You can contact me by e-mail per the navigator bar underneath the website's logo at the top of the home page, or you can write to me c/o PO Box 1181 Camberwell Victoria 3124 Australia.

Correspondence is welcomed and requests to be taken off the e-mail list will be acted on promptly.

PayPal merchandise card facilities are available on selected CDs on the CDs page, although we do accept mailorders for all the listed merchandise at the postal address above. There is a postage charge of $5.00 AUD up to $100.00 AUD worth of goods. Some of the out-of-stock items have been made available as mp3 downloads from CD Baby and can be bought as single tracks or albums at a reasonable cost on the CDs page.

The intention is for the site to be informative and modestly entertaining. All the latest news and pics can be found on the Stop Press page, (also accessible from the home page), and back issues of both The Bloody Newsletter and Stop Press are archived.

If you'd like to book Spectrum in whatever configuration for your birthday, wedding, divorce party or whatever, please go to Book Spectrum or the Book Spectrum link on the home page.