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So, you'd like to have Spectrum at your party?
Just give Mike (left) a ring on (03) 9807 1404 or 0411 103 818 or e-mail him and he will give you the gen on what it takes to get these legends of Australian Rock to play at your celebration. (Check the official bio). The lads will play a blend of their famous '70s Spectrum repertoire, always with the smash I'll Be Gone (Someday I'll Have Money), the contemporary continuum of the Breathing Space material and their matchless take on the blues from the Spill and No Thinking CDs. Check out the various configurations below and contact Mike for availability and prices for your gig. (Mouse over the Mike's pic for the cold, hard truth..)
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Respected broadcaster (and performer), Tracy Bartram, offers her thoughts on Spectrum - have a listen.. Contact Fiona O, Spectrum's publicist here.*Check out Spectrum's equipment on the Equipment page 
The Menu
Six delicious Mike Rudd combos to choose from..
classic four piece

Mike Rudd - vocals, guitars, harmonica
Peter 'Robbo' Robertson - drums, percussion
Broc O'Connor - bass guitar
Daryl Roberts - keyboards

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Spectrum trio
guitar, bass & drums

Mike Rudd
- vocals, guitars, harmonica
Peter 'Robbo' Robertson - drums, percussion

Broc O'Connor - bass guitar

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Spectrum to Ariel
with Glyn Mason

Mike Rudd, Peter 'Robbo' Robertson
Daryl Roberts, Broc O'Connor
and Glyn Mason

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solo +

Mike Rudd - voice, guitar
and blues harps
George Butrumlis - piano accordion
Jeremy Alsop - double bass

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Mick & Broc
the duo

Mike Rudd & Broc O'Connor

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Mike Rudd

Mike Rudd

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Please be considerate of the neighbours when leaving the menu
aaL-R - Peter 'Robbo' Robertson, Broc O'Connor, Mike Rudd and Daryl Roberts (pic Dale McCabe)
Four piece with keyboards (inc. Spectrum Plays the Blues)
he original, and in some people's eyes, the unsurpassable four piece line-up of Spectrum with keyboardist Daryl Roberts providing the essential link with the original Hammond-centric concept. Broc O'Connor has comparatively recently replaced the late Bill Putt as bassist and now the quartet appears to be set for years of development according to the inspired charter of the original Spectrum in the late '60s and early '70s. Songs in the current Spectrum repertoire include: I'll Be Gone, Launching Place Part Two, Going Home and Fly Without Its Wings, Ariel's Jamaican Farewell, Rock & Roll Scars, Hard Way To Go, Red Hot Momma and Worm Turning Blues, Murtceps' Esmeralda, Some Good Advice and We Are Indelible,and heaps more. Then there are the new Spectrum songs from the Breathing Space EP series like Rocket Girl, Silicon Valley and Xavier Rudd is not my Son that slip right into the eclectic Spectrum live mix.
More often than not Spectrum includes a blues set by its alter ego, Spectrum Plays the Blues, which can be prised away from the mother ship as a separate and distinct entity and play a solid couple of hours of classic blues songs as requested. The recent Sydney Blues and Roots and Noonamah Blues Festivals saw Spectrum Plays the Blues play just such a a sizzling blues set.

Read Peter de Groot's review of a typical Spectrum gig and check out some party feedback. Download the official bio and large pic
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Glyn Mason, Robbo, Daz, Broc and Mike in a time tunnel
Spectrum to Ariel
feat. Glyn Mason

Mike Rudd teams up with former Ariel stalwart, singer-guitarist Glyn Mason (Ariel, Stockley, See & Mason, The Pardoners) with an extraordinary songlist featuring songs from Spectrum, The Indelible Murtceps and Ariel, plus material never before performed live.
* pic Peter Lamont

Performing Sun. 21st May at the Caravan Music Club

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Broc O'Connor, Mike Rudd & Peter 'Robbo' Robertson
Spectrum trio guitar, drums & bass
(inc. Spectrum Plays the Blues)
When cornered at a dedicated blues festival, the Spectrum trio of Mike, Robbo and newbie bassist Broc O'Connor will play just the blues from their hugely successful Spill - Spectrum Plays The Blues and No Thinking CDs, including blues classics like Sitting On Top Of The World, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, I Ain't Superstitious etc. Being the versatile chaps they are, as well as the blues they play guitar, bass and drums versions of Spectrum favourites, the Indelible Murtceps and Ariel stuff, plus songs from the new Breathing Space CDs. (pic Dale McCabe)
large pic

Broc O'Connor & Mike Rudd
Mick & Broc - Mike Rudd & Broc O'Connor
Not quite the newest combination on the block, Mick & Broc have barely played together as this is written, but already there are signs that this is going to be a winning combination. As well as being an exemplary bassist, Broc O'Connor has previous form on the six-string guitar and when not on Spectrum duties has a thriving business playing his beguiling chops till the cows come home in bars and restaurants. Mike has seized on bits of Broc's solo repertoire and chosen some classics to add his voice to - classics like Georgia on my Mind, At Last, Ain't Misbehavin', Dock of the Bay and a bevy of Beatles' tunes including Can't Buy Me Love and Yesterday.
Adding these to Mike's own retro-Spectrum and current solo songs and his own choice of covers makes for fascinating and entertaining listening.
Could be the ideal format for your birthday or any other celebrations.
Check out the official bio for more details.

Mike Rudd alone at last!
Mike Rudd
Throughout his long performing career, Mike has preferred the comfort and safety of 'the band' format, but things are about to change. Mike sees playing solo as an opportunity to tackle songs that, for one reason or another, don't get played in the group setting. Outrageous songs like Excuse Me Just One Moment from Murtceps' Warts Up your Nose album and Confessions of a Psychopathic Cowpoke, which of course was famously banned from airplay by the FCB when Ariel's A Strange Fantastic Dream album was released.
Naturally the solo repertoire isn't just comprised of controversial songs - there are some damn strange and just plain beautiful songs in there as well. Songs like Superbody, from the Spectrum Part One album, the Ariel single I Can Do Anything, and the haunting Kneedeep from the Living on a Volcano CD.

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solo + accordion & bass

Mike Rudd's 1st BASE - George, Mike and Jeremy*
Mike Rudd's 1st BASE

I had a dream - and the dream was 1st BASE, with piano accordion meister George Butrumlis and ace bassist Jeremy Alsop complementing my nylon-string guitar and other bibs and bobs in essentially the same repertoire as I perform on my own. If the reaction at the re-Visionary concert is anything to go by, there's an audience out there for exactly this kind of sophisticated fare.George's lyrical playing and instictively appropriate harmonising combined with Jeremy's knowing and equally tasteful double bass flesh out the musical palate and enliven my quirky songs. * pic Peter Lamont

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bios and read a live review

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