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  Issue #164
Even this model aeroplane is making me feel nervous...

Mike's Pith & Wind - High anxiety
Nothing provokes anxiety in me like an impending trip. It doesn’t seem to matter where or why I’m going on the trip, just the notion of the trip has me jumpy. Knowing that I’m flying just makes it worse. A trip to Adelaide in the van is intrinsically boring but I’ll probably sleep sort of OK the night before we graunch out of Melbourne, but just knowing that I’m flying somewhere destroys any chance of sleep the night before departure.
This time’s even worse than usual. Dick got (cheap) tickets for a 7.10 departure to Auckland from Melbourne tomorrow morning, which means no sleep tonight is absolutely guaranteed. The upside is that this P&W’s finally getting written, but I’m so anxious there’s no knowing whether I’ll alight on a worthwhile subject or not.
Still, that’s never been a hindrance in the past, so onward and upwards.
Dick originally planned to go to New Zealand solo, but the opportunity was too good to resist and at Maria’s insistence I have since joined Dick’s party of one. Maria also insisted that I finish the song for my mum that I’d begun a couple of years ago so I can present it to her in person. That I was happy to do as my efforts in the studio have been dismal for the last ten years at least. I’m lucky to have a cheerful space to work in now, but there is an awful lot of, mostly technical, information to reacquaint myself with in order to produce the simplest of songs.
Lucky then that my song for Mum is very.. read more

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Dick's Toolbox - I'm with stupid..
There are a lot of stupid people in the world. There are a lot more now than when I was young. By my rough calculation there are at least one and a half billion vaguely mentally inadequate inhabitants of the globe at the moment. This is a rise of about one billion, two hundred million since I was born. A lot of them can vote even if they can’t read, write, or walk and chew gum at the same time. (The correct Texan version of this as favoured by the late President Lyndon Baines Johnson talking about Gerald Ford is, “He can’t walk and fart at the same time.”)
Gerald Ford succeeded Richard Nixon after his resignation. He granted Nixon a "full, free, and absolute pardon" for any criminal acts he might have committed while president which was a ‘Get Out of Jail Free” card if there ever was one for a President who was about to be impeached for all the shenanigans around the Watergate conspiracy. One can only give you another quote from President Johnson about Ford. "He's.. read more

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