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Mike Rudd's Classifieds
For a musician, every day's a holiday. Sounds idyllic doesn't it? But, believe it or not, there are days when one feels that one could do more - not only do more, but enjoy doing more. Not to mention that lolling about in one's own detritus is simply not allowed these days. The solution could be to put all that latent talent to good use. Why not write a jingle or two to keep the wolves from the door? Why not tell people that you teach harmonica? Why not sell some of those pieces of equipment you keep tripping over? The only slightly intriguing answers to these rhetorical questions lie below.
Items for sale
The items advertised below are available to Australian readers only. To get in touch about any of these items, please e-mail Mike or write to Mike c/o 39A Spring St Mt Evelyn Vic. 3796. Select your preferred method of payment from PayPal, EFT or money order. Prices quoted don't include postage which will be organised on a case by case basis.
For Sale

1) 2 x Tascam VL-A5 Bi-amplified studio monitors S/N 0020240 & 0042726

2) Behringer Eurorack MX1804X 18 channel mixer + power supply + roadcase S/N 001033564

3) Behringer ULTRAGAIN MIC100 pre-amp/limiter + docs $40

4) SansAmp Classic stomp pedal

5) Asus notebook laptop

6) Sony mini disc recorder MZ-R701 + stereo mic ECM-MS957 + docs

7) Panasonic DMC-FX12GC-S Lumix camera (silver) S/N FD8AB01931 R EAN 8887549270963

8) Passac EC-100 acoustic equalizer/preamp

9) CAV AV-860A amplifier

10) 2 x EV Interface stereo speakers

11) Sansui Quartz PLL-Synthesizer Tuner T-9

Prices, pics and other details to come. Offers considered in the meantime.

1) Spectrum mounted poster 44,3cm x 621.5cm 2) Heaters' mounted poster 48.5cm x 58cm 3) Powerwart mounted poster 43.5cm x 56.5cm
Unique mounted vintage posters for sale!
28.3.19 - A good friend in Canberra had been looking after these mounted posters and decided that I should have them back. I'd actually forgotten about some of them! anyway, there's only so much wall-space available, evewn in Heaven, soI've decided thatr you should hsave thne chance to purchasde one - or even ALL of them.
I'll tell you more about them in a minute.
Mike's tutorials
Blues harp and guitar lessons
Have I told you that I teach blues harp? If you've always been fascinated by the blues harmonica and you'd like to learn - even from scratch - you can attend your own individually tailored Mike Rudd Blues Harp course right here in the plush surrounds of my studio in Mt Evelyn. Or you might have always hankered to play rock and blues guitar. Mike can take you from a rank beginner to quite a bit better than that in whatever time it takes you to learn things. Why not
email or ring me on either 9736 1164 or 0411 103 818?  
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