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  Issue #159

Just fake news from the world before we truly knew it

Mike's Pith & Wind - The War of the Worlds
Did you see Julia Zemiro’s recent Home Delivery show on Sam Neill? Very interesting and quite touching too. I’ve enjoyed Sam’s coming out as a real person on the box – I thought his Anzac Day special (Why Anzac?) a couple of years ago was a very personal and refreshingly unhysterical investigation that helped balance the understandable perception in this country that the Aussies were the only blighters wondering what on earth they were doing being shot at on the Gallipoli beach.
Anyway, the Home Delivery episode I’m talking about saw Sam (or Nigel as he was christened) taking Julia around his home in damp Dunedin before visiting Christ’s College, the secondary school he was sent up by train to board at in my home town in Christchurch,.
Nostalgic for me, of course, because Christ’s was the school that bro’ Dick and I attended at around about the same time.
There have been new buildings constructed since we left, but Christ’s College was fortunate to be spared the full wrath of both Christchurch’s catastrophic earthquakes and so one can still savour the charm of the old stone buildings solemnly assembled around the sacred quadrangle and looks much as it did when I was there.
I was interested that Sam took Julia to visit the library. I wasn’t a constant visitor to the library, but I did come across a couple of books by HG Wells that awoke my imagination and fired me up to investigate the science fiction genre. read more

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Dick's Toolbox - Leadership
Suddenly it seems we all agree.
The situation is analogous to being at sea in a leaky tramp steamer without a captain or officers, hearing the surf pounding doom upon nearby the rocks, whilst the skies offer down an unrelenting storm of wind driven rain. The ship seems to have been made of salvaged parts, the layers of paint scarcely disguising the rust and the superstructure and hull are groaning with the strain. The engine seems to working only intermittently, the pumps are fighting a losing battle against the sea , the crew seem to be interested only in getting themselves to the life-boats with whatever riches they can extract from the holds and the passengers. There are many people milling around the decks in confusion, panic and fear. Some are praying to the god of their choice, others are blinding themselves with any psychotropic substances they can find, some are throwing themselves into the sea but, surprisingly, there are many who seem totally oblivious to their fate and are relaxing with a good book.. read more

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