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  Issue #154

Fellow College old-boy Sam Neill reveals the real Rudd

Mike's Pith & Wind - Predictions
I’ve just torn myself away from the US Presidential debate because I’m way overdue for this monthly blog. It is fascinating though. Nobody as recently as a year ago would’ve predicted that a buffoon like Trump could actually be in a debate with a seasoned, comparatively astute player like Hillary Clinton and, almost because of his irrational, incompetent assertions rather than in spite of them, still be in the race for the White House with nobody actually daring to write him off. Yet.
The scenario is so unsettlingly wild that very few writers, or even film makers, have toyed with the notion of a delusional upstart hairpiece like Trump as President of the United States. One of the few movies to do so happened to be one of Bill Putt’s favourites – he liked it so much I bought him the DVD not long before he died. Called Idiocracy, it is in many ways a B-grade romp, but it nevertheless nails where the current political trends might inevitably lead. Even if you can only last a few minutes (it is pretty excruciating) you’ll get the idea.
I’m sorry to report that things have been a bit quiet on the second-string celebrity front, although I still get the odd charge from a chance encounter with real celebrities higher up the celebrity scale. One such encounter was quite recently. My partner Maria and I were waiting for bro’ Dick and his wife Mary in the foyer of the Melbourne Recital Theatre. We were there to see Jean Cocteau's 1946 film Beauty and the Beast with the Philip Glass Ensemble playing Glass’ score.. read more

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Dick's Toolbox - I know what I like
It is October and the weather had been bad for what seems like an eternity. Being confined in Melburnian gloom has caused the general dissatisfaction levels to build up.
'I don’t know a lot about art but I know what I like', is a stirring nostrum that contrasts well with an artist who can say that he knows a lot about art and he knows what he likes. I know a lot about art (I really do), but I still like Victorian realist painting and there is a lot of Picasso I think meretricious drivel. In art it’s an opinion, ill informed, but of no great danger to you; whereas too much trans-fat fast food and soft drink will cause you and the 300 jumbo-sized obese humanoid replaceable meat units (RMUs) to crash into the nearest hill when the plane runs out of fuel.
I say this because they weigh your luggage when you’re about to take off for your flight to Bali for seven days of international embarrassment and bad behaviour, probably including .. read more

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