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  Issue #149

Malcolm's not happy with this issue's Dick's Toolbox

Mike's Pith & Wind - God only knows
When we were over in New Zealand recently, Tony Brittenden told me that Maurice Askew had an exhibition of his landscapes in Darfield and that we should take a look at it on our way over to the West Coast. I only knew Maurice Askew as my lecturer in graphic design and photography at Ilam Art School in Christchurch so I was slightly surprised. I remember him as a rather elusive Polanski-like presence with the dual sheen of being an English émigré, which counted for a lot in Christchurch society in those days, and having been employed by Granada as senior graphic designer and working on such shows as Coronation Street.
Actually, I was quite surprised Maurice was still alive, let alone actively creative – he must be in his nineties by now - not to mention he’d been a rear gunner on a Lancaster bomber shot down over Germany in 1944 and as a result captured and incarcerated by the Germans, so it was amazing he even saw the end of the war, let alone survived into the 21st century.
Tony and I were students of Maurice’s back in the early sixties. It was my second year at Art School and while I quite enjoyed the photography aspect and the discipline of graphic design, I was becoming more attracted to pop music (and fashion) to the detriment of my course. Ultimately I was so lax that Maurice reluctantly had to fail a couple of my units in the absence of any evidence of aptitude or otherwise - in a spooky preview of the latter-day Rudd, I’d forgotten to submit.. read more

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Dick's Toolbox - The NBN snaffu
I don’t know if this will make you think any differently about the ever smooth and charming Mr Turnbull but he has, without a doubt, stuffed up the NBN. And all for some political point scoring which, along with egregious pork-barrelling, is going to be a large stain on our futures and general peace of mind until the next election is decided. Already we have an $11 billion fleet of submarines just to secure the seat of Christopher Pyne and a few other Liberal representatives in South Australia. This is a very high price to pay for keeping an utter twerp off the streets.
Whack-a-mole, where are you when we really need you?
But I digress. The original gambit of the NBN – the National Broadband Network was to provide- Fibre To The Home (FTTH). Technically this is by far and away the best solution for the vast majority of buildings in Australia. Fibre To The Home means you get your own bit of glass fibre cable to either your front door - or worst case - read more

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