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  Issue #145

A newsy letter from America to my wife Helen in 1979

Mike's Pith & Wind - Some Good Advice
One of my forgotten bands of the late ‘70s was a happy band of mercenaries - well, two bands actually - called Mike Rudd’s Instant Replay, which were interestingly enough the most successful live bands Bill and I were involved with, financially speaking that is.
The premise was simple – put a band together with me and Bill as the core members, a band that played covers exclusively, including a bunch of Aussie covers from the Easybeats and The Loved Ones etc. (never forgetting to cover our own I’ll Be Gone of course), a band that would be on the road for no longer than three months before disappearing, possibly to regroup at some later stage, but then again, maybe not.
It was exactly the kind of disposable, no-brainer concept that any agency could get their heads around and use their much-vaunted leverage to good effect, so naturally after we’d done it the first time we just couldn’t help ourselves and had to do it again – an instant replay equivalent of déjà vu all over again.
The second version of Instant Replay actually morphed into Mike Rudd & The Heaters whose first single was Australian Girls (b/w Talking to the Television) and although I can’t remember the session for that single, I’m sure it came about after we returned from our holiday in the States in ’79.
That’s right – an actual holiday in the USA financed by our astonishingly successful (in our terms anyway) three month stint bashing out covers in three.. read more

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Dick's Toolbox - The father's speech
Our daughter and only child, Elizabeth, is getting married later this month. As Father of the Bride (FotB) it will be incumbent on me to deliver a short and, hopefully, memorable speech. Also, at some stage of the proceedings, my beautiful daughter would like me to cry - or at least sniffle. I have been allotted five minutes for the speech, but I presume that I can cry as long as I like.
The crying has been stipulated as Elizabeth claims that the only time she has seen me moist-eyed in thirty plus years was whilst watching an All Blacks game where I uttered – possible simultaneously with ‘tearing-up’ - the immortal lines about Richie McCaw “God, he’s inspirational!” All New Zealanders would understand this and were probably in the same state at the same time.
Anyway, it is a calumny, as I sure that I sobbed at the end of Fast and Furious 7. For me The Dirty Dozen was a three hanky movie.
The Best Man (BM) and the Matron of Honour (MoH) are also in the firing line to.. read more

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