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  Issue #142

A bit of brotherly overlap as Mike watches the rugby

Mike's Pith & Wind - Tears for fears
I’m sure that I’ve mentioned my propensity for weeping at predictable, and some not so predictable moments in recent years. No doubt it’s a side-effect of ageing and I know from conversations with other blokes of my vintage that quite a number of them are similarly afflicted. Thankfully, it hasn’t really embarrassed me so far, and in any case I don’t really mind shedding a tear or two at the movies, which I’ve found can be quite cathartic. For instance, I left the Waverley Cinema a couple of weeks ago feeling at peace with the world after seeing the unpretentious Ricki and the Flash movie. (Those who might scoff at the notion of even bothering to see such a slight movie might be surprised to discover I’m a closet Rick Springfield fan. I actually met him once – at Brashs (remember Brashs?) just before he left for the States for the first time - well, early on anyway, and I’m not sure he even knew I was even there let alone who I was, but my belated appreciation of Rick the rock muso stems mostly from his live performance of his ‘80s hit Jessie’s Girl on the Countdown Spectacular 2 show, which was amazingly energetic, committed and well, spectacular. And he’s good in Ricki and the Flash, which is actually not a bad movie and Meryl Streep might’ve even been a performer in another life. What I should also say is that the audio rendering of the band’s live performances (of which there are quite a few) is about as good as it gets. Hard to pick a hole in it at any level). read more

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Dick's Toolbox - Sport is big business
Sport is big business, and the business is entertainment. But even though we know this we quite happily indulge in the arcane rituals of tribal parochialism every winter weekend. And at the end of the day your choice of sport or sports reflects quite a lot about oneself and one’s place in the world. The citizens of the USA watch heavy units manoeuvre around a paddock demonstrating America’s great skill at logistics and armoured vehicles. Melbournians watch the anarchy of Australian Rules and Sydney siders watch sides of tattooed meat run into one another.
And just so you know, I happily put away the joys of half-arsed intellectualism and follow rugby. Therefore with the Rugby World Cup in full swing I am having a very good time, much like a person in a month long banquet. So it’s good to see the great Australia barbecue winning out over large lumps of pale English stodge, and it is also wonderful to see delicate Japanese cuisine racing.. read more

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