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  Issue #139

I've got this buzzing in my ear. I've got this buzzing in..

Mike's Pith & Wind - The Contract
I never dreamt that I’d still have a semblance of a music career at the age of seventy let alone be facing the prospect of signing yet another music contract. That could be because I’ve never been driven to follow a dream, which in turn could be because I’ve never really had a dream. (So, how you gonna have a dream come true?) I’m one of Life’s meanderers really, even though Word is trying to tell me there’s no such word. Things happen, then they don’t has been my experience.
So, how come I’m signing another music contract? It may be cause for wonder to the general populace that a songwriter / performer can arrive at this stage of his career not only with very little to show for it, but not even owning or having control of most of the songs that he wrote and recorded. As miserable and incompetent as that sounds that’s exactly the position I find myself in, so it was like an epiphany to receive a phone call not so long ago from Vincent Donato, a cheerful young-ish bloke with band and music industry experience who wanted to listen to my songs on the Net, found there was bugger all there and was prepared to do something about it, in the course of which bringing all my material back into my realm.
Tracking down the original master tapes has been another story and with the original record companies having to confess they can’t prove ownership any longer, they’re not particularly interested in hunting the masters up, even assuming they actually.. read more

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Dick's Toolbox - Bush and Abbott
It was the phrase recently uttered by Tony Abbott ”We will do whatever it takes”, that brought back to mind the wonder and horror that was President George W Bush. A man of no particular intellectual qualities, a born-again-Christian and reformed alcoholic, a person resistant to self-criticism, intellectual rigour and empirical fact-finding. Bush stumbled forlornly forward with a look of benign vacuousness dragging the world from one moral and financial quagmire to the next. Bush was surrounded and, given his intellectual docility, largely directed by Vice President Dick Cheney and the vice president’s counsel (and later chief of staff), David Addington. These oversaw a clique of right-wing ‘libertarians’ who saw the position of the president as one that should be equivalent to a king divinely ordained by God to rule his people. And thus, with an executive of unparalleled power, in which they were leading players, they would be able to see their ideals and ideas put.. read more

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