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  Issue #130

The Masters Apprentices' Jim Keays at Palms at Crown

Mike's Pith & Wind - Nothing
I asked my son Chris what this month’s P&W should be about and he said, ’Nothing’. Chris is going through a philosophical phase at the moment – I was sitting next to him at the dinner table the other day and he fixed me with a serious gaze and said, deliberately and with a hint of menace, ‘The Truth..’ Chris can be quite enigmatic like that, although it’s also true to say that Chris is rarely less than enigmatic most of the time.
Leaving Chris for the moment, I’d like to concentrate on the subject he gave me to riff on, namely Nothing. We’ve always been told that Nothing is quite a challenge for the cluttered Western mind to contemplate. I’m sure I was once told that nirvana describes the state of nothingness, but, as always, it’s not as simple as that. Wikipedia says that: ‘In the Buddhist context nirvana refers to the imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion, and delusion have been finally extinguished.’
I guess that probably does define Nothingness too, but it seems you have to get through some quite hard work to get there. Simply chanting a mantra in the lotus position is not going to cut it as there are all these human failings to deal with first. I suspect the quality of one’s sleep might benefit from being able to clear the mind leaving you with only Nothing to worry about.
Speaking of sleep, there was a conversation piece on FB recently that suggested ‘segmented’ sleep, that is sleep broken into two segments with an.. read more

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Dick's Toolbox - Faith no more
To mix my metaphors: in general atheists find the idea of faith an anathema. It is determinedly and deterministically illogical to believe in the unbelievable, to accept something which is unprovable and beyond physics. To accept the physicality of the metaphysical.
After seeing the film ‘Calvary’ I think that there might be a limited case for faith and, for those of you haven’t seen the film I recommend that you do so as it is one of the better films of the year; desperately black, tragic and moving. If you intend to see the movie read no further or if you need some clues read The Guardian’s review. Yes there are moments when it can seem a glib, facile and overdrawn Irish western but, in the end, whilst not easy entertainment, it asks what may be some of the most important questions. Questions that probably have no real answers. Answers that ultimately require not scant belief – but faith.
As a footnote (which isn’t a proper.. read more

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