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Bitches brew, one and two..

Mike's bitchin' guitars
Bitch 1) A Japanese made Fender Stratocaster guitar built in late 1984, the original pick ups have long since been replaced with Kinman Trad. AVn's. It's been maintained and modified over the years by Brenden Mason at Real Guitars, including flattening out the original alarmingly rounded fretboard. Tony Brittenden checked out the serial number to determine its age and discovered it's exactly the same age as his daughter, Rowan, so these days she answers to the name Ro. (Ro means heron in Japanese). I use D'Addario eXL 140 strings.
Bitch 2) My 'other' guitar is a Morris (Groovin’ Power Acoustic) guitar, which is a solid body nylon-string guitar also made in Japan. I thought Morris had ceased trading, but apparently it's re-emerged recently, although I suspect this particular model has been discontinued. Its output used to be exceptionally low, but Brenden's managed to boost it considerably. Due to its solid body it's unaffected by feedback-type overtones. I use D'Addario Pro Arté normal tension strings

1) The classic Martin head stock 2) Gorgeous George Martin

George Martin
I've always wanted to own a Martin guitar, well, since our 2000 visit to San Francisco anyway, so when I had the opportunity I went ahead and bought one. I couldn't afford the top of the range, so I bought the DCXIRE model with the Fishman prefix. I figured I'd be mostly playing it amplified so I've got the lightest strings on possible (with the mandatory wound third) so it feels like an electric to play. I thought I'd be writing a swag of strumming songs, but that hasn't happened yet. When I do my solo gigs it's with George and my Jam Man pedal. Current strings - a confection of Martin and Ernie Ball's - 10, 14, 20, 30, 42, 52. Jury's still out on these although the tensions are right..

Mike's amp
The Fender “Hot-Rod” Deluxe 40w-RMS guitar amp. B-Type, combination tubes and digital. A powerful and pretty flexible amp with just the one 12" speaker. It's not as detailed as the sister amp, the Blues Deville, which has four 10" speakers. A drawback with the Deluxe is that both channels share the same tonal circuitry, so I've by-passed the distortion channel (which only sounds great at one specific volume) in favour of the Boss Blues Driver pedal.

Mike's pedalboard
The pedalboard was devised and constructed for me by Dale Sherlock, who also supplied the power supply and the Tremit. It has a useful feature in that the pedals are held in place with velcro, which allows me the flexiblility to swap the pedals around at least once if I get bored. Going clockwise from the top left: 1) Sherlock Regulated Power Supply 2) Sherlock Tremit, which duplicates the Fender tremolo 3) Boss Blues Driver 4) Boss CS-2 compression (signal boost) 5) Danelectro Dan-Echo 6) Boss Chorus CE-2 7) DOD Juice Box FX 51 8) Boss Digital Delay DD-2 for my vocal mic, so I have to de-earth my guitar amp


Robbo's drums
Robbo's kit was made for him by Paul Barter at Barter Drums, now located in Tasmania. It consists of a 5.5" snare drum (now with POP maple hoops), a 12" mounted tom, a 14" floor tom and a 20" bass drum, plus a Pearl travel conga and a djembe. When he's in the mood he'll use his quinto and conga or his Korg Wavedrum. He has the usual selection of ride, splash and crash cymbals, plus a China and sizzle.
Robbo has got a cute white Gretsch kit as well for the smaller gigs


Daryl's keys and amplification
Daz is now the proud owner of a Hammond SK2 as well as his Roland A90 keyboard + sustain pedal. Amplification is an Eon powered speaker plus .
Behringer 6 x channel mixer and Roland 10 x band graphic EQ. We're still waiting for the Leslie.


Broc's stuff
A sunburst Fender Jazz Bass guitar, an Eden Traveller 550 bass amplifier (when it's working) and a Laney NX410 speaker cabinet - with wheels. He's got a bevy of guitars for the Mick & Broc duo which I'll run through with you as well - eventually.


The PA
Behringer mixer XENYX 1204 FX JBL 2 x EON 15P/230 Powered Speakers Shure 58s Quik Lok S-173 spkr stands

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