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Fiona Orbright was born Fiona Chantilly Piecemeal Orbright in Chainsaw, Massacre, Ma on May 31st 1971, curiously the very same date as Spectrum attained national No. 1 status in Australia with I’ll Be Gone. The coincidences don’t end there. Her next eldest sibling, Agnew, (Fiona was the only girl in a family of eleven), was in Australia in the mid-eighties on a missionary assignment for the Alabama Chapter of the Proustian Evangelical Society when he attended the Mushroom Evolution Concert at the Myer Music Bowl and, under the influence of some powerful hallucinogenics, fell under the spell of Mike Rudd and The Heaters’ disco set and brought back a copy of The Unrealist album to Massacre where it was eventually collected up with all the other vinyl records in Agnew’s collection by Minnie Orbright, the Orbrights’ matriarch, and ceremonially burned in a misguided fit of righteous indignation over John Lennon’s ‘more famous than Jesus’ comment, in the process accidentally setting alight and destroying the family trailer.
Fiona eventually arrived in Melbourne in 2000 where she began her career as a publicist, coincidentally just as Mike, Bill and Robbo headed over to the United States to play a few low-key gigs round San Francisco.
In fact, Fiona and Spectrum have yet to meet – in person anyway. Fiona maintains that she finds Mike Rudd ‘spooky’ and despises ‘old men that play rock music past their use-by date’. She doesn’t fly, (she arrived in Australia as a stowaway on a Panamanian registered tuna boat), she’s an on-again-off-again vegan and chain-smokes Camel cigarettes. She’s been married four times, twice to the same man.

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