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Cousin Kev goes over the top!

Thanks for the friend request Mike, and for everything. To all who read this, I had Spectrum play at a house party in early October. They were of course fantastic; brilliant music, entertaining and fun. I'm still getting calls from friends saying how good they were. I can highly recommend this as a way to enjoy Spectrum up close and personal. People donated a few bucks at the gate and it cost me bugger-all in the scheme of things. Go on! Do it! You'll have a great time and your friends will love you forever. Your neighbours will either thank you for the music or they'll eventually get over it. smile emoticon (Hope you don't mind this unauthorised plug Mike)!

Cousin Kev Sullivan
FB 20.11.15

Professorial endorsement can't hurt

Thanks for Saturday night you and the band did a great job. I have had people singing your praises so hopefully you will get plenty of work out of it.
They are already talking about the next party but my view is to make it special in about 5 years time. So if you can keep a slot for me at the end of March 2014 I would appreciate it (just joking but it may happen). One thing for sure is that if we decide to do it again I will give you plenty of notice.
I loved it and I look forward to seeing you again.
Yours Sincerely

Paul de Lange
Associate Professor
School of Accounting and Law
RMIT University

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