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How to order your CDs etc.
PayPal - you'd better read this ..
All the products listed on this page are available per PayPal or mailorder. The PayPal system is universally known and is reliable You'll get a confirmation email as soon as your order has been placed on PayPal and then it's just a matter of days until you receive your order. Postage is just $7.50 AUD worldwide for up to $50 AUD worth of CDs, $10 AUD for up to $100 AUD worth, $17.50 for up to $200 AUD worth and $20 for over $200 AUD.
If you have a problem using PayPal, you can still purchase any of the products listed on this page by mailorder. Simply write out your order and send it, plus your cheque (or money order) made out to Mike Rudd & Bill Putt, to 39A Spring St Mt Evelyn Victoria 3796 Australia. Postage is the same as PayPal.. Please feel free to
email us with any suggestions or enquiries. Read some feedback about others' experiences with our PayPal facility.
The fine print..
All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars. (AUD) Selected CDs in the boxes below can be purchased by credit card through the incorporated PayPal facility. Please note that when you send money with an e-Cheque from your bank account, the transaction is held as pending for two to three business days, until the electronic funds transfer clears your bank.

Warts Up Your Nose - The Indelible Murtceps Aztec Records AVSCD074
I was beginning to think this CD would never eventuate and even now I suspect there's some kind of jinx on this historic record, but there's the evidence now that it actually exists (pic) and we all know the camera never lies, don't we? Gil Matthews apologises for the cover not being a matt finish like the original, but the essence of the original idiosyncratic cover is there. And now there is a copiously illustrated booklet (with a couple of shots I'd forgotten about) with the history of how the Indelible Murtceps came into being by the endlessly knowledgeable Murtceps' researcher, Ian Macfarlane, matching the meticulous remastering of the original record by the Gilmeister. With added bonus tracks - some alternative studio versions and three Live at Sunbury tunes, this a glimpse of simpler, happier times. Make sure you can get to hold and savour this Aussie treasure like the retro-guy or gal I know you are.
A trifling $25.00 + postage
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Rock & Roll Scars 2 - Ariel - Aztec Records AVSCD069
(Not to be confused with the single CD available below). This has been a pet project for Aztec Records supremo and Oz music afficienado, Gil Matthews and he's done a brilliant job of remastering and packaging this outing by the bass, guitar and drums version of Ariel. Throw in the demos of The Jellabad Mutant, which hints at what might've been, plus some live recordings of the expanded version of the band with Glyn Mason and Nigel Macara and you've got a rich account of the latter career of Ariel. A perfect Christmas gift for that grumpy old bugger getting drunk at Christmas dinner.. $30.00 + postage
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Ariel Aloha - More From Before - Ariel - Sandman Records SAND443
People have been pestering me for years about these hard to get albums - and at last Ted Lethborg at Sandman Records has digitally remastered them in a fine looking package with illuminating liner notes by Ian McFarlane. I haven't heard the More From Before album for years - we made it a project to write songs about our trip to Keppel Island (it's a long story) and so there are songs from everybody (apart from Bill) in the Island Fantasia Suite and there are all the other Ariel standards too, always including I'll Be Gone of course, so this a steal at $30.00 + postage mmm
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Breathing Space As Well - Spectrum - Volcano Records VR005
This is the third
in the Breathing Space series of EPs, and its release was held up so we could add two songs in particular; Soul Man, and his refugee bro' Limbo Man. Soul Man was a project dear to my heart and is dedicated to one of the true legends of Oz (and Kiwi) soul music, Max Merritt. While it's true I've only come to know Max lately, our paths have intersected at pivotal times in my so-called career and I thought it fitting to pay homage to The Man while he's still around to enjoy it. Helping out on the stunning horn arrangement is Jimmie Sloggett who appears on Limbo Man - as well.. $15.00 + postagemm track list
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  Breathing Space Too - Spectrum - Volcano Records VR004
This is the second
in the Breathing Space series of EPs, and its release was held up so we could add our most recent song, Xavier Rudd Is Not My Son, which answers the most frequent question I'm asked these days. Of the other six tracks, Gee Whiz and Hotels, Motels both feature the swinging sax stylings of Jimmy Sloggett, Sensible Shoes, one of two songs retrieved from the WHY catalogue, is enhanced by a psychedelic fiddle solo from the Malmsbury wizard, Nicolas Lyon, as well as an unexpected rap from Mike, rather reminiscent of the Beastie Boys - or is that Archie Bunker? $15.00 + postagemm track list
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  Milesago - Spectrum - Aztec Music AVSCD033
Well, after all the huffing and puffing,
the (double) album that everybody has been saying they're waiting for is finally here! And I can testify that Gil Matthews and Ted Lethborg have done another exquisite job in bringing this baby home. To say the packaging is lavish is an understatement, and, if anything, it underlines the visionary artwork done by Ian McCausland all those years ago. I won't attempt to explain the music, suffice to say that it goes places where few bands were even contemplating and remains a unique testament to the times. Check the track list. and the odd review. An extremely reasonable $30.00 + postage
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Spectrum Part One - Spectrum - Aztec Music AVSCD026
Something new at last!
Well, maybe not new new, but Aztec Music's Ted Lethborg and Gil Matthews have done their label's usual spiffy job re-presenting Spectrum's very first album with luxurious packaging and copious notes by NIan McFarlane, and more bonus tracks than there were tracks on the original vinyl version. A great commercial injustice has been righted with the inclusion of I'll Be Gone and Launching Place Parts One and Two. Gil Matthews has done marvels resurrecting the harmonica-less demo version of I'll Be Gone b/w You Just Can't Win from the original acetate. $25.00 + postage
  mtrack list mread reviews
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Rock & Roll Scars - Ariel - Rare Vision - RVSN-003
Again lovingly re-mastered Ariel album produced by Mike & Bill before the recent Gil Matthews' double album of the same name. Dedicated to the memory of the late Ariel drummer John Lee, with the sole bonus inclusion of the single Yeah Tonight and I am the Laughing Man. Some people think this is the definitive guitar band that Rudd and Putt had to this point - which is not saying much as it was the only guitar band they had to this point. It is true to say that the re-interpretations of the Spectrum /Murtceps material compare favourably with the originals, and the superb Abbey Road / Air Studios sound fairly leaps out of the speakers. $20.00 + postage
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mmmmmmmmmmmmMike Rudd's Spectrum and other T-shirts
Spectrum's 50th anniversary T-shirt
Spectrum's 50th anniversary T-shirt celebrates the recent series of 'Double-Bill' shows played around Melbourne and Sydney with Madder Lake during 2019 and is now available in four sizes, M, L, XL and XXL and in any colour as long as it's black. The cachet from wearing one of these T-shirts is obviously enormous, but there are only a few left. You won't regret the outlay of $30.00 + postage.

There are five of the No Thinking T-shirts in fetching white still available in a generous XL size. These have been hnnging around for far too long and will be sold at an unbeatble $12.50 + postage.

The Indelibles T-shirts have yet to be re-ordered, but let me know if you would like one per email. Buying T-shirts is best done at a gig, of course! I will activate the website purchase facility eventually.

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What's happened in the meantime..
Things were going along pretty well, too well as it happened. My record company, Laneway Music, had all my stuff up on Spotify, including the recordings from the crucial EMI period, with the albums Spectrum Part One, Milesago, Warts Up Your Nose Testimonial and Terminal Buzz and Ariel's A Strange Fantastic Dream and Rock & Roll Scars and all the singles before and in between, most importantly of course, The Song, I'll Be Gone.
Laneway's Vincent Donato had challenged Universal, the current incarnation of EMI, to prove their claims to ownership of my recorded songs by producing a contract - when the unexpected happened and they did produce the original contract as signed by me and the rest of the band back in 1970.
This has had the regrettable result of compelling Laneway to withdraw the material mentioned above from Spotify, hence the most sought after recordings are now only available from this website and live gigs in the form of CDs, mostly remastered by maestro Gil Matthews and with bonus live and studio recordings from the period. Oh well..
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CD of the month (see previous months)
While I seem to be having a bit of a block about a new CD of any description I thought I should bring 3MDR's A Mountain of Sound 2014 to your attention.
Recorded at at the 3MDR blues fund-raiser, one of Spectrum's very first appearances after Bill's death, this is a live version of the John Mayall / Eric Clapton single I'm Your Witchdoctor. It's live but hardly wild - in fact it's barely mild - and it's only one of a thousand tracks from a multitude of acts on this commendable double album. Worth listening to once at least, if only for the diversity on show.
M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D