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April '15
Dear Mike,
It was a total pleasure to receive R&R Scars CD in two days of ordering. I haven't heard this record since I taped it in 1988. Needless to say I sold my records, and the tape was all I had. Was a breath of fresh air to hear this classic disc.

Alex Clegg 13.7.14
Hi Mike,
I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the PayPal service so far. It’s simple, quick, and saves me having to provide credit card details direct to online sellers. Sadly I’ve found I’ve had to buy more and more Oz music CD’s from overseas dealers lately because I just can’t source them in Oz. Things just seem to get deleted from the Oz music catalogues so quickly these days (bloody record company execs). The PayPal service comes in very handy, and seems to have widespread acceptance (here and overseas), and I’ve not had a single problem (touch wood).

Ron Gough - Scarborough WA 20.10.09
Dear Mr Rudd ,
The paypal ordering system service is very professional ,very prompt and secure. Your personal touch to confirm receipt of the order is very refreshing. Congatulations on getting it right and setting the standard in online Music ordering . If only Music Software was this easy to buy (direct ) in Australia .

Edwin Mitchell - MusicTeacherTweed River High School 2.2.09


Dear Mike and Bill,
thank you so much for your prompt delivery. Spectrum/Indelible
Murtcepts sound as fantastic on my system as the original vinyl did before I wore the grooves clear through to the other side!
Thank you both also for helping me and my mates groove through the seventies. You helped us keep our heads and tune in with varied and exciting aspects of the world we never would have known otherwise.
You are indeed indelible!

Dave Wheatman - WA 6.3.07


Many thanks for the T- Shirt, its a very kind gesture & I'll wear it with pride! I'm a huge fan of you and Bill. I have only just recently started to rebuild my music collection after loosing my extensive vinyl collection in the 1997 floods in Katherine (NT) ....I think I was suffering a form of music depression to take so long?, I had all the Spectrum and Ariel LP's together with Carson, Chain, Country Radio, etc, etc
I have found with utter amazement that their is very little of that magnificent era of Australian music available on CD re-release! this is a disgrace and the nob heads that run EMI and other big record labels should be 'slung by the pile's' for not re-issuing this fantastic material! I was however rapt to find that you and Bill have taken matters into your own hands and have Ariel Re-issues available I am also waiting with great anticipation for Aztec Music to release Spectrum, Part One and Milesago!
I would be extremely happy to be on your mailing list, and the PayPal service is great.......very user friendly! and my T-Shirt is XXL.
Many thanks again.....keep on rockin'
Kind regards,

John Lakey - Alice Springs 9.2.07


Hi Mike,
Many thanks for the great CD's which arrived today (Mon).
Like many of our age I enjoyed your music in, for us, the formative years of Australian pop/rock. It was a copy (not mine - sorry) of what were best, first impressions from Strange Fantastic Dream which first entertained when I worked in Carnarvon (not far south of Whim Creek..) in 1975. A recent cassette cleanup revealed a still good copy of the music which had aged gracefully in various cassette carriers and car gloveboxes for all those years.
But what did I know about this band? Couldn't even spell the name correctly since the pencilled cassette cover had faded (where the hell are those glasses!) Thanks to the www & Google your history and present was much closer than I imagined and what a buzz to read the key members of this band were still making music.
Really glad to be paying the original artists for what I enjoyed all those years ago.
If you ever make it back to Perth or south-west WA I'll do my best to see whichever act you're playing in... might even be able to drag the misses along!
Thanks for making the music.. then and now.
All the best.

Steve Napier - WA 21.6.06


Received the CD today and it is fantastic. I've been trying to get this in Second hand stores for about 15 years.
Thanks very much. I'll have to make some more orders in the near future.

Stewart Beveridge 17.1.06


Hi Mike, Bill and everyone else
CD's and t-shirt arrived in great condition.
After hearing that the Jellabad Mutant had finally been released I had to get it. I hunted about for the band website as I prefer to deal directly with the band if I can to give them the $$.I ended up ordering 4 CD's and paid right away with PayPal (gotta love PayPal).
Next day I received an email. I thought that it would just be an order confirmation type email. It was from Mike, making the offer of a free t-shirt.
Well what could I say? Yesssssssssssss. I gave him My size as a cute XL and sat there thinking that this is great service. Cheap postage and now a free t-shirt!! But most of all Mike sounded like a real down to earth nice guy. Not many of us left these days.
This 54 year old body still gets out the old Spectrum vinyl and plays it. They were a real ground breaking Aussie band and it is good to see that they are still playing in one form or another.
Progressive Rock (evil words in some areas) and blues have been a love of mine for years from The Bay City Union and Chain (the first REAL blues bands I heard live) to Spectrum. Unfortunately the 60's ended about 1975 and the music changed. But the memories remain.
A few years back thanks to the wonders of the Internet I found a site www.progressiveears.com with lovers of progressive music discussing their passion. I have been a member for about 5 years now and entered Spectrum and Ariel in the Artists Directory section a while back. Not many Aussies were members then. Have a look if you get a chance. I use the name Chain there.
Once again, thanks for the CD's, the t-shirt, the music and the memories.
take care
P.S. I took a pic of Me wearing the t-shirt. I didn't want anything to distract

George Lummis - Qld


Dear Mike,
I was totally amazed when "Spill" arrived at my house in the heart of the Kent countryside here in the UK only 4 days after ordering it from you guys via "PayPal" in Melbourne. If only everything in life happened that smoothly, what a joy it would be!! I was so happy to receive a CD from Spectrum that I never knew existed until 10 days ago.I left Melbourne in'76, a huge fan of the great days Aus Rock- particularly Chain, Country Radio, Carson, Daddy Cool, Thorpie to namebut a few - and of course, Spectrum.. "Superbody" still sounds as though it could have been recorded yesterday. The TF Much Ballroom and all those Saturday arvo gigs in various pubs around the suburbs!! How the hell did we survive!!
Thanks guys, - amazing memories, and thanks PayPal for getting those CD's all the way across the globe "in a flash".

Mark Hickmott - Kent, UK 13.6.05

Oct. '13 - April '15
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