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Glyn (the Hoover) Mason goes a bit blurry in my kitchen
Glyn Mason visits my kitchen
28.2.07 -
I'd written Glyn a text message some weeks back saying that I'd seen some very nice crits for his and Sam See's new CD The Pardoners and asking where my free copy was, but I'd received no reply, so imagine my astonishment on Monday when he marches in my front door with a copy each for Bill and me! It's been a few years now since we did the Ariel show together at (the old) Capers to launch The Jellabad Mutant CD, and since then Glyn and Sam have forged a niche for themselves in Melbourne as a very classy duo, with Sam's guitar playing and, of course, Glyn's voice a standout. I suggested we should maybe do some gigs together in the future and Glyn was enthusiastic, so we'll see..

See if you can find Hugh in this Humania oil projection..
Humania lightshow for Don't Tell Tom
24.2.07 - Next week is March already, and there is a hint of March madness in the air! The 'authentic' quartet version of Spectrum, with Daryl Roberts on keys, is making its first metropolitan appearance on Saturday at the quirkily named Brunswick venue, Don't Tell Tom, and in a move tipped on this page a few days ago, Hugh McSpedden's Humania lightshow (pic left) is going to be adding some TF Much vibes to the night. On the same afternoon, Bill and I will be parked in a Rotunda somewhere in Knox (details TBA) and doing a couple of ambient-as-anything sets as part of the Knox Community Festival between 1.30 and 3.30. I'm picking another wasted Sunday..

1) John and Al Staehely (right) skeptical about the end of the war 2) Al as he is today
Al Staehely gets in touch
22.2.07 -
I think it was way back in 1973 that Spectrum toured with Spirit (which eventually morphed into the Staehely Bros), and so it was a surprise to get a message that Al Staehely, now a music lawyer in Houston, remembered the tour with affection and was keen to hear from us. I sent him an
e-mail and got an immediate and warm response. If you have any memories of that tour, it would be nice to hear about your recollections. read Al's e-mail
Willy, Willy and yet more Willy!

1) Daz lets it rip 2) The great Gadsby insinuates another lick 3) Neale registers a toot from Sean

4) Neale Johns and Brenden Mason 5) Bill practices writing his name 6) Sound man Tony Bishop

7) Aztec Music's Kath 8) Sue Hedley all the way from SA and and Robbo from Oakleigh

Proof we played 'the song'..*
gig report
A big day by the Bay
19.2.07 -
I'm pretty sure it came close to the predicted thirty eight degrees yesterday - it was very warm - and so being in the air-conditioned Willy RSL for the afternoon wasn't such a bad option. The occasion was the Hey Gringo Live At The Sound Vault CD launch, and musically speaking it was a virtual replay of the recording of the album, plus a few extra songs, and with a cast of thousands. As well as the Willy RSL regulars and Hey Gringo devotees in attendance, Asylum TV had a number of cameras strategically placed round the room, so expect a couple of songs from the show on Channel 31 sometime soon.
Spectrum played a couple of songs too, but didn't play I'll Be Gone till later that evening at the Ice Berg Bar, conveniently located in Willy close to the RSL, but it was difficult to draw a positive from this inaugural performance, and we left utterly exhausted from the effort of coping with an unhelpful and unedifying environment.
* pic Miranda Worthington
Valé the Crossing Café
17.2.07 -
I got a call from the Crossing Café's Chris Bodey this morning, anxious to share the photo of the composite painting (pic left) of Spectrum and the Wolfe Gang playing at the Deniliquin's Crossing Café late last year - and to casually tell me that the café has been sold and the new owners won't be putting on music in future! Nevertheless, Chris promised to help us out finding another venue in the area, so hopefully we'll be back in downtown Deni soon.

Maybe March - maybe not..
Aztec Music shifts into top gear
15.2.07 -
I popped into Aztec Music today to check on progress or otherwise on the Part One and Milesago re-issue project, as well as to re-sample Ted Lethborg's coffee, and ran into Gil Matthews as he tried to slip into his office unnoticed. He beamed when he told me that he had discovered a limited American release Electra 45 of I'll Be Gone with mono and stereo versions on either side - I had quite forgotten that it had even gained a release in the States.
Over a more than adequate macchiato, Ted (mouse over his image pic left) assured me that EMI were up and running, and that copies of the masters for the albums, plus other detritus Spectrum recorded round the same time, should be in Aztec's hands soon. From there it would be only a matter of days before the re-issue masters would be ready - the covers are underway and archivist Ian McFarlane was already on the case with historical text for the sleeves. I'm going in next week to talk to Aztec's publicist about the launch - it's all happening baby!
Daddy who? Daddy Hugh..
11.2.07 -
Hugh McSpedden, that is. It's always nice to hear from Hugh, and he's sent me this pic (left), which he possibly used in his Edison Screw projection show for Spectrum's version of Ross Wilson's Make Your Stash at the TF Much Ballroom. Or not - he didn't write anything to go with the pic. But it gives me pause for thought. I wonder if Hugh might be available for an upcoming show in March? I must ask him..

1) Michael Spiby at the Willy Rotunda 2) Inside the Ice Berg Bar
It had to happen - another gig this Sunday night!
11.2.07 -
It was a given that the moment I'd sent out this month's gig guide, something would change - thankfully this time it was an addition, rather than a subtraction. Chris and I popped over to Williamstown today to meet Mary Agathangelou, who books the Ice Berg Bar on Willy's popular Nelson Place strip, but I was quite shocked when we ended up with a gig there this coming Sunday (the 18th) following the Hey Gringo launch at the Willy RSL. We start at the sensible time of 7.00, so I expect there'll be a number of folk drifting down to the Iceberg from the RSL gig. If it
works out OK, we'll do Sunday nights there on a regular basis. While we were waiting for Mary, Chris and I wandered over to the Commonwealth Reserve on the Willy shorefront and caught a couple of songs by Michael Spiby and his bass-playing mate who were playing in the Rotunda - a very groovy background for the families (and their black labradors) sitting in the shade around the park.

Listen to Spectrum's theme from the Dalmas soundtrack
Some more gigs and other news..
8.2.07 -
I'm still no closer to finding the identity of the sax player on the Dalmas theme, although I appreciate the tips I've been getting. In the meantime I thought you might like a taste of the music, grainy though it is, so I've popped an mp3 on the Demos page for your bemusement.
The gigs? The first one came out of the blue the other day, so I didn't have the lead time to feed the EG, although it's problematic whether they'd print it anyway - what is going on at The Age? Bill and I are playing an 'acoustic' set next Wednesday night (the 14th) at the Clifton Hill Hotel, probably round 10.30. Then there's the Hey Gringo CD launch at the Willy RSL on the arvo of Sunday the 18th , and Daryl has promised to give Spectrum a couple of
numbers as well as Bill, Robbo and me featuring occasionally in the Gringo lineup - should be a great afternoon. A couple more gigs floated in as well, but I'll tell you about them soon.

1) A short macchiato on Brunswick St 2) The Dalmas video
You know you're getting slack when..
4.2.07 -
Your mum says, 'You haven't written anything on the website for a while, dear!' Well, that's what happens when I get stuck into mixing - everything else simply goes out the window - the good news is that the mix is progressing quite well. Apart from mixing last week, I returned the Dalmas tape to ACMI on Thursday, which I'd hired to research Spectrum's soundtrack music for possible inclusion on one of the Aztec Music re-issues. There was much more music on there than I thought, and there was a mystery - who was the saxophonist on the opening track? Neither Bill nor I can remember, although I have an unfounded
suspicion it may've been Mal Capewell. If you know where Mal is, or if indeed you are Mal, get in touch with this website and let us forgetful old codgers know if it was you.
Yesterday I was in Fitzroy doing some field recording for Brunswick St, an instrumental slotted for the new Breathing Space album (pic 1). I'm finally getting into the fx recording caper after buying a minidisc and neato stereo microphone expressly for that purpose some months ago. I might even get into recording some radio-style playlets at some stage - but let's finish the album first, eh?
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