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Whiz, bang, wallop what a picture!

1) Spectrum had the luxury of Enza for company at St Andrews 2) Darryl Cotton and Boyz at the Carols in Mordialloc

3) Chris (right) and the Vermont St crew enjoy the ambience at St Andrews 4) Hugh did a great job on the cover art
gig report
A big final weekend precedes the annual drought
18.12.06 -
It's the same nearly every year, and even though we don't get holiday pay, it's kinda nice to have a break. The 'break' I'm talking about the annual gig drought in January, but this year's last working weekend at least ensured the year finished with a bang. On Saturday we were at the good old Lomond, and Haphazard Hugh Wayland eventually arrived with twenty copies of The Lomond Hotel Collection CD (pic 4) with a whole ONE freebie for the band. (I've already sold a few and I will have copies for sale at future gigs). I haven't listened to it yet, but it has the only new song Spectrum released this year, so it can't be all that bad. It's already received one play on the radio, courtesy of Gary Young on Triple R's Chicken Mary Show, and the theme (i.e. Hot, Hot Day) might even mean some more plays over the summer. We can dream..
Anyway, the night went predictably, and we all had the requisite fun - even the run through of the 'carols' for the Mordialloc Carols By The Bay show went over well. The next day at St Andrews we had Bill, Robbo and I squeezed on stage with Daryl Roberts back on keys, plus Enza sitting in for a few songs in the first set (pic 1) - plus a bloody great Christmas tree! I also had a few surprise guests in the audience, including my son Chris (pic 3), one of my harmonica sudents, Susie Seale with an old Spectrum buddy Brecon Walsh, and good friend Natasha Marich, who coincidentally had just come off a nine week tour with Janie Clifton, who, again coincidentally is a regular fixture at the Mordialloc Carols By The Bay, where we were heading that very night.
After dropping off Natasha (and the ubiquitous Alana) at the Eltham railway station, Bill and I tootled off down Springvale Rd towards Mordialloc, and it was then the tiredness hit me. The sun in my eyes and the somnambulant cricket commentary as the Poms dug in on the penultimate day of the Perth test, nearly had me asleep at the wheel, but we eventually pulled in at the Scullin Reserve and wearily unloaded our gear with no actual misadventures.
Inevitably I suppose, the show was running further and further behind schedule, and our allotted ten minutes of fame was nearly an hour late, but I think we did OK. We are particularly privileged to play our hit song, as opposed to just another variation on a carol, and I actually think it introduces a rare moment of reality back into an otherwise sustained attempt at promoting a suburban-hip Christian message. Mind you, the Air Force band did sound pretty good to me, and there were some musical highlights, including Paul Williamson's Mose Allison stylings, and Darryl Cotton is just a warm, friendly guy.. OK, I'll concede it sounds enjoyable in the recounting, but I was just too jaded to completely embrace it. Maybe I'll get the formula right next year..

Robbo holds court at the end of a hot, sweaty night
gig report
Hobson's Bay Hotel
9.12.06 -
I arrived early last night, allowing plenty of time for a new set-up, and the HB regulars were in full flight. They were still there when we started at 9.00, but they were soon outnumbered by the Willy Good Time crew (including Willy locals Chick and Ursula from the Rainbow) and a small nucleus of Spectrumophiles. I was getting accustomed to a new set-up on my Strat' too, courtesy of Brenden at Real Guitars, and found that not only was the intonation back, but it had opened up more opportunities at the top end of the fretboard and I had fun exploring that. Roscoe is getting back to me soon about some more dates at Hobbo's in the New Year - I'll let you know..

Enza caresses a bv into life
Enza drops in to AMS
6.12.06 -
Enza will be guesting with Spectrum at St Andrews on Sunday the 17th, so the plan was to have a little run through some of the songs with Bill and me today, but it turned out that Bill had other commitments so Enza graciously added some backing vocals to The Jacket* on the new album so her journey to Camberwell wasn't entirely wasted. There are are a couple more gigs with Enza coming up in the next few months, so it looks like my prayers have been answered. Incidentally, Enza's singing a couple of songs at the Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra Christmas Party on Monday the 11th at Scarlette 185 Smith St Fitzroy starting round 8.00. Enza still really believes in Christmas, bless her, and it should be a great night
The Jacket Formerly Known As Prince - it's a long story
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