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gig report
Eltham Hotel Sun. 25.7.10

A two-Trollop arvo at the Eltham for Crudd & Pump
26.7.10 - I thought I could pick out two or three people in the audience whom I knew had come expressly to see Bill and me strut (amble?) our duo-type stuff at the Eltham, so I was pleasantly surprised when everybody in the room applauded appreciatively when we finished our first number, and the reaction only seemed to get warmer as the arvo went on. Mind you, it was a smaller crowd that the last time we played there, and one can only conjecture as to why that was, but obviously quality prevailed over quantity. I played two or three songs solo with George Martin just to keep my hand in, which Bill reckoned went pretty well, and I was relieved that my voice was back to full strength. As the heading suggests, only a couple of the Trollops turned up, and we were ever-so pleased to see them. Maybe we'll see a full Flirt at the next St Annies' gig? The Sellers' turned up and invited me back to their place after the show for tea, which invitation I happily accepted and a very pleasant post-gig wind down it was. It'll be good to see Robbo back.. (No photos this week as I hadn't found where I'd put my camera till today..)

1) Wedgetails circle ominously behind the band 2) 'I can really play the drums - I won't hurt them..'

3) Di and Ray acquainted us with the native customs
gig report
Nathalia Hotel Sat. 10.7.10
Nathalia rhymes with Australia..
11.7.10 -
I forgot to ask Greg, the publican at the Nathalia pub, what prompted him to hire Spectrum in the first place. Perhaps something about not looking a gift-horse in the mouth informed my constraint, but as soon as we walked into the pub we felt like complete and utter strangers in a strange land. Had it not been for the appearance of nearby township Waai (pron. Way-Eye) newbies, Ray and Di, (pic 3) we might've imagined we'd landed on another planet, where musical transmissions from Earth had been discounted by Nathalian scientists as unintelligible noise. Of course, that's unfair - there were perhaps half-a-dozen persons in the room who knew what we were on about,
and we did get quite a number up dancing by the end of the night, but the prospect of the three-and-a-half hour drive home well and truly dampened any slight satisfaction that triumph might've engendered. It could be a while before we visit Nathalia again..
1) Mike croaks painfully while the rhythm section giggles 2) Daz was there too (Newman) gig report
St Andrews Sun. 4.7.10
A bad day at the office..
5.7.10 - Perhaps it was a legacy of the Tassie adventure, but when I awoke yesterday morning I had no voice to speak of - or with. I'd felt it coming on on Thursday and hoped it might've peaked on Saturday, but no, it peaked yesterday. There's no escaping the show biz
dictum, 'The show must go on', especially with July being a little light-on gig-wise, but the afternoon was an excruciating experience for me - and a painful one for the audience. Nevertheless, the usual loyal St Andrews turn-out sang the whole of I'll Be Gone sympathetically and gave the impression they enjoyed themselves all day. Next time..
Tassie rocks!

1) Kaz poses with the band at the Tassie Devils restaurant (Kaz) 2) The return of Peter 'Mad Dog' Maddern

3) The four-piece band fits on the newly enlarged stage (Kaz) 4) Mark says that it's well time for a beer..
gig report
Tassie Devils Restaurant Launceston Wed. 30.6.10
Spectrum amuses and bemuses in Tassie
1.7.10 - It's been a couple of years since we were last at the Tassie Devils Restaurant & Bar in Launceston and Stuart Wood was distracted by The Giants taking off on a nation-wide tour when we were talking about the dates, so I had no idea how it would go, slap-bang in the middle of a Launceston winter. Stu's 2IC, Gerry, met us at the airport with singer/songwriter Sarni and took us back to the Tassie Devils where we had lunch and soundchecked with Bryan Phillips, who also looked after the sound in 2008. I was worried that Daz mightn't fit, but the newly enlarged stage made it a snap. (pic 1)
In the event there was a good crowd in, including some old mates, (pics 1 & 2) supplemented by the Rebels motorcycle club, who adjourned their Wednesday meeting especially to catch the show. I think it's true to say that Tassie as a whole favours the blues and the blues set did go down a storm, but there were quite a number of retro-Spectrum fans in the room and the last set went well into over-time as a result.
We brought over our guitars, (I used the Morris for only the one song!), and borrowed The Giants' backline. We were very grateful to Lisa for the loan of her Yamaha keyboard which saved us a fortune in baggage charges and we all signed it a the end of the show.
Bill and I hardly slept overnight, (we were freezing), and so were up in time for an early ride to the airport - where there was the inevitable delay due to the fog. The Giants' Mark Greig (pic 4) and a couple of other band members were on the same flight and Mark was still raving about the gig. If you see The Giants are playing near you, you should make the effort to see them - I believe it's their farewell tour. You should also request them to play their version of I'll Be Gone..
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