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I was wrong.. Let me count the ways..
30.1.09 -
I blame the heat. I managed to send out a few hundred Spectrum monthly gig guides before Yahoo! told me I'd exceeded my daily limit. Probably just as well as it turns out. While I didn't forget to give the Sunday Sounds gig at the Royal Talbot on Sunday the 15th a mention, (pic) I got most of the crucial details wrong - like, who is (or isn't) on the bill for instance. I got the starting time wrong too. In fact, about the only thing I got right was 'and more!' On the plus side, I've now given it a pretty decent plug..

Wally is a national treasure
Wally Bishop honoured in the Australia Day honours list
27.1.09 -
The Concert For Max is on Foxtel as I write, and chances are that you caught up with the replay on Australia Day - I got an SMS from my sister-in-law Robyn last night saying it was on. Perhaps you didn't know, however, that the benefit concert's creator and producer, Wally Bishop, (pic) was honoured with an Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division the Australia Day honours list. Thoroughly deserved the award is too - there are too few examples of such altrusitic initiative in the Oz music industry and it's even rarer to find the effort acknowledged so appropriately..
Speaking of DVDs, I ran into Ron Brown in the Camberwell Safeway today, and he gave me the tip that the Daddy Cool DVD he directed and produced will be shown on the Ovation channel on February 10th - including an interview with Bill and me and the version of Excuse Me Just One Moment Spectrum performed at the Regent Theatre back in 1971. Or was it 1972..?
Spectrum's Australia Day weekend

1) Daz relaxes with Peter from 3SER between sets 2) Gwen and Peter Merrill try and wriggle out of another pic

3) 3MDR's Stewart MacQueen
gig report
Dandenong Workers Club and Australia Day celebrations
27.1.09 -
It was our first time at the Dandenong Workers Club, and so I got there unusually early - even beating Bill! - and discovered this was the first time they'd run their brand new al fresco BBQ facility, plonked on what looked like used to be the old bowling green. The band set up on the verandah and was a little skew wiff in relation to the audience under their umbrellas, but it still worked OK. Peter Merrill (pic 2) suggested we should tease the audience with the harp riff from I'll Be Gone at the start of each set, which I tried and had a bit of fun with too.
We left Robbo's just before 8.00 the next morning to join the Australia Day celebrations on the shores of Lake Weeroona in the heart of Bendigo. The program was just about identical to last year's, but I think the day being a holiday (whereas last year fell on a Sunday) contributed to the greater numbers - at least for the early part of the day. Naturally, everybody retreated to the shady bits as the day got
hotter or drifted off back to their air conditioning at home. I decided to dither the three sets so each one was a complete mini-concert, with nylon-string ambient, blues and new and retro-Spectrum represented in each. I even started the first two sets with I'll Be Gone - and this approach worked quite well, given that the bulk of the audience was different for each set. We were surprised to see The Soundgarden's Dave and Maree there (pic 5) and old friends Wayne and Robyn (pic 8) very kindly collected some new contacts for the e-mail list for me. There were a number of people there again this year who'd seen us at the Maldon Blues Club, (pic 9) so I'd better organise another gig there soon!
Rotary's Martin Ruffell (pic 10) made sure the day ran smoothly and suggested before we left we should chalk the date in again for next year! Sounds like a good idea to me.

4) The Soundgarden's Dave took this shot of Spectrum playing Little By Little

5) The Soundgarden's Dave and Maree with Daz and Robbo 6) Jason left his capo at home

7) New Aussies take the oath 8) Spectrum stayed at the motel Wayne and Robyn used to run in Castlemaine

9) Robbo gets re-acquainted with Moon Rockit's Paula 10) Rotary's Martin Ruffell and a melting Mike
It's official - Spectrum kicks off the New Year at St Andrews!

1) Bill snuggles up to former student Rod 2) Robbo's mates, The Rats (and Rattes) of Tobruk, were there in force

3) Edwin Mitchell made the journey out to St Andrews
gig report
The trio kicks off at St Andrews
19.1.09 -
I'd got all the way to Templestowe before I realised I'd left the CDs behind. That was a shame, because there was an exceptional turn-out for this time of the year and I think we would've sold a few. I guess it could've been worse, being the first gig back, and we managed not to sound too rusty and it all went down rather well. Notable audience members included Robbo's Rats of Tobruk pipe band companions (pic 2), Bill's ex-student Rob (pic 1), and Edwin Mitchell from NSW, (pic 3) who's been putting down a couple of tracks with me at AMS. (Incidentally, I've at last put up the 'new' version of the I'll Be Gone clip on the videos page - check it out).

1) Mike with Di, Lyn (birthday girl!) and Heather 2) What's going on? Robbo with Heather, Di, Jennie and Lyn

3) These gals get around! Bill with Jennie, Bill, Heather, Lyn and Di
St Andrews - the sequel..
19.1.09 -
While we don't have a vast audience of adoring fans, the people we do play to really value sharing in the experience. Heather Bass (who sent the accompanying pics) writes: Hi Mike, Bill and Robbo! I had to write and say what a great time the four of us girls had yesterday! Your brilliant music, company, banter, hugs and kisses made us all feel great. We haven't laughed so much in quite a long while.
And they'll always love us too - as long as we play Esmeralda of course!

Mark Holden prepares to ask the tough questions..
Mike & Bill wobble into the New Year with Mark Holden
1.1.09 - Mark (pic) got in touch about doing the interview a couple of weeks ago, but it was only yesterday I got an e-mail from him requesting we play My Dad Said and/or I Can Do Anything. Quite timely in a way, because I'd been planning to incorporate them in my alleged solo set, but not today exactly.
Mark's got a holiday slot on 3AW, Melbourne's top-rating talkback station, and as such it's not exactly music friendly, but Mark's keen to introduce a little music into the mix. We had one mic each, and with my headphones on I couldn't hear my guitar in My Dad Said, and I couldn't contrive to adjust my headphones in mid-song either. Then, to
compound the problem, I did the same thing again on Dancing At Midnight, Bill's impromptu choice for the second song. (I was so rattled I couldn't decide on a second song, so there's no-one to blame but myself). So, it's official - it's more of the same from the Fumble Brothers in 2009.
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