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Juan blinks in the Elwood sun
Interesting things to do on a spring day in Elwood
25.9.07 -
The 25th of September already? (Noises denoting consternation stage right). I got an e-mail from Juan Cuellar (pic) last week, wanting to chat about the possiblitiy of recording Spectrum's Queenscliff performance for an odd-sounding label I'd never heard of, (New Found Frequency), and so I met up with Juan at the Turtle Café in Elwood this morning to find out as much as I could. Juan proved to be a well-spoken young bloke, (as well-spoken as you might reasonably expect of someone who hails from Chicago Illinois), who seemed genuinely keen to record Spectrum, which is unusual enough these days. The long and short of it is that, a matter of hours after leaving the main stage on Friday night at Queenscliff, (Juan pointed out it could actually be quicker if they really wanted to stress out), Spectrum's performance will be available to purchase on CD from their strategically placed booth at the Festival - and will be available thereafter to Festival-goers over the entire weekend.. Sounds pretty neat.
After the inevitable caffeine-induced pit stop, I popped into Fresh @ Elwood just down the road to say hi to Pat Wilson and lay the ground work for a triumphant (solo) return to her establishment sometime before Christmas. She said she'll call me..
O solo mio..

1) Paul Murphy and Brett Petrie point out it's ten years since Ariel did the Conti.2) Alana, Miranda and friends

3) Guillaume's a bludger
gig report
Mike does the 303 Bar all alone

23.9.07 - Before I went on stage, I had an interesting chat to Peter, the sound engineer for the night. Whereas the comments I've heard so far suggest that the Steely Dan concert was pretty close to perfection, he pointed out he thought the sound was a bit 'gnarly', i.e a little harsh at 500khz. I guess you can't please everyone. Slightly bemused, I fought my way to the stage through the masses of people - not - and started my set. I think I managed OK. I know I chatted a lot, and I was pleased that I'd taken the precaution of bringing my Strat, 'cause George proved to be a bit of a handful and about half-way through the set I thankfully swapped guitars.
When I was packing up I noticed Alana Galea sitting next to Miranda Worthington (pic 2) and we celebrated over hot chocolates and coke during Guillame's set (pic 3). Then I went home and watched the final episode of Doctor Who..

Bill seen here with fellow bass player, Tony, at the Bell
gig report
Crudd & Pump's subdued weekend
18.9.07 -
We hadn't done the Bell Tavern in Belgrave before, but I had a rough idea about where it was from our stints at Ruby's over the road. The load in was a bitch, and I managed to destroy Bill's volume knob on his bass amp putting it on the trolley the wrong way round (we don't use the trolley very often is my excuse) and rendered it impotent for that and the next gig. That aside, there was a very small crowd to start the evening, which unfortunately dwindled away further over the course of the night - but those who persevered were very enthusiastic, which mader it a bit easier to take. They all said, 'That's Belgrave!', as though that explained the
absence of a crowd, the weather, or even that the Hawks were dying spitefully on a screen over the bar.. Perhaps perversely we both enjoyed the playing, but agreed it was unlikely we'd be invited back
It seemed no time at all that we were back in the van and on the way to San Remo to do our Sunday arvo gig. The weather was turning as we loaded in, and our window possie gave us a prime view of the rain sweeping in from wherever it sweeps in from. Perhaps it was the inclement weather, but it was quieter than the last time we played there - but again the audience was most appreciative, and Dan even gave us a bonus for just being us! Crudd & Pump are getting into the swing of this duo business, audiences, or the lack of them, notwithstanding. Be warned!

OK - we have James and Jo and her friend.. ummm Bec...
gig report
The classic double goes off
10.9.07 -
It wasn't a huge night at the Lomond, but quite musically satisfying nonetheless, and the crowd stayed to the very last drop. We debuted a couple of tunes - well, we haven't done them for a very long time - and they went down very well, especially But That's All Right.
It was a gorgeous Sunday up at St Andrews and there was a warm crowd in attendance. (The fire was going). It's nice to get the opportunity to work with Daryl (and Robbo for that matter) and the music was just fine. Bill tells me the consensus in the audience matched the impression we had on stage - it was special.

Some very interesting Spectrum gigs coming up
7.9.07 - On Saturday night Oct. 6th, Spectrum will be appearing with The Substitutes and Marcie Jones at Ormond Hall, the home of Opus, Impulse, The Reefer Cabaret. (Go to The Substitutes website for more details). Bill and I fondly remember the night of the Big Bust when it was called, perhaps a little provocatively, Stoned Again. Suffice to say it wasn't Stoned Again again..
Then there's the Max Merritt benefit at the Palais Theatre on Sunday the 21st (poster left) with a host of big names on the bill. You can read them to yourself. In case you hadn't heard, Max has suffered the indignity of being stuck in LA being treated for various serious medical problems - and it's not just that he's not well, which is annoying enough, it's the horrendous cost of it all in that backward country. (See Michael Moore's Sicko). The benefit is obviously going to be a hoot, but we're still trying to work out how we're going to get there in time from the St Andrews pub that afternoon.

1) I think I was still playing the Marauder 2) That's Bill I reckon
Goof checks his glory box
7.9.07 - The ancient monochrome photos? They were sent by our mate Geoff Miller in Adelaide, and they have to be from The Heaters' days back in the '80s. I've been mulling over why we haven't been approached by the Liberation Blue label to render some acoustic-ish treatments of our vast repertoire of singles. Maybe I should make the suggestion - I never know the correct protocol in these things. Check our MySpace site for our 'B-version' of I'll Be Gone - and I can just imagine Jamaican Farewell, But That's All Right, I'll Take You High, Disco Dilemma, Australian Girl, Headjob (!) and a host of others..
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