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Buy advance tickets NOW to the Spectrum / Ross Ryan CD launch!
These tickets don't officially become available till June 1st, but Ross has made them available to his website readers already, and I can't be seen to be lagging behind now, can I? Just click on tickets to be put onto next month's Stop Press page where you can buy as many tickets as you like at $15.00 a pop + $1.00 postage. There are only a limited number available, so I suggest you order them ASAP - we don't want to disappoint.
Ted delivers the proof(s)
29.5.07 -
I'm listening to the final cut of Spectrum Part One as I write this. I dropped into Aztec Music at lunchtime today and, without prompting, Ted materialised, armed conspicuously with the proofs of the Part One cover and booklet. I'm about to start a proof read of the booklet, which features copious notes by Ian McFarlane, author of The Encyclopedia Of Australian Rock And Pop. I shall be sending out the monthly gig guide in the next day or so, with a flyer for the CD launch. Ross Ryan has already announced the tickets on his site, so we're a bit behind, but I know you lot can make up for lost time.

A sample of Hugh's tasteful body projection work
Hey, Mums & Dads - unlock yer daughters!
27.5.07 - Ticket sales have begun with a rush already, and today I got this heartfelt plea from Hugh McSpedden, who will be doing the fantastical Humania light projections on the night of the launch. He writes as follows:
hey Man! (Men) Would you know of, or know anyone who might know how I might find a shapely (youngish?) female (nude) model? I have some stunning new Imagery which I wish to enhance her (with) and be enhanced by her! I've even built the heavy duty Turntable to carry her super slowly!
Apart from straight body PJ I want her to move around in a Lycra Bag with external PJ on it, but if I don't 'get lucky' soon I might haveto do that part
myself! I've had an exotic Dancer (Toni San Diego a.k.a. Neo Starlet) lined up to do some Body Projection Modelling for me for some months, but every week as the hour approaches, she finds a new excuse to cop out! I'd even be willing to pay a modest amount ($100 or so) & to pick up & return her to wherever if need be! I'll even supply a chaperone if Madam fears I might not be able to control myself! But I don't have a clue as to how to go about finding this Wooman.
Being old & ugly & without a social life doesn't help! Surely SOMEONE must know SOMEONE!? It was so easy in the 60's! (i wonder why?)
Yours, Desperate. (& Deaf & Dateless & Dead [almost] & Daggy & Decrepit) hoo?

More good news from Aztec
18.5.07 -
It takes three trams to get to Aztec in Collingwood, but I still managed to arrive thirty minutes earlier than I'd intended. Ross Ryan was out buying some fags, so I had Ted (pic) and Lou's undivided attention for about forty seconds until he arrived back - nothing of moment was said, however. Ross is going to be launching his retro-CD at the Trades Hall on the same night, and his input on the night is relevant, if not crucial, so I don't know why I said that. Anyway, we discussed the date, the location, the door bitch, the drinks, the ticketing, Ted's cars - what else is there? I sauntered out into the rain, regretting that I'd chosen to wear sandals that morning, and took another tram into the city to meet bro' Dick for lunch. On the way I dropped into The Basement Discs and chatted to Suzanne about a lunchtime concert there sometime in June. She's rung me today and we've settled on Friday the 15th. Hey, that's my birthday. Oh well, I guess that's cool..

Excuse me!! As I was saying before I was so..

Rohan Brooks (left) directs Rudely Interrupted at their CD launch at the East Brunswick Club

Father and son - Jonathan and Rory Burnside on stage together
gig report
Rudely Interrupted at the East Brunswick Club
17.5.07 - Just as I suggested I might, I plunged into the wilds of Brunswick last night to see my former student Rory perform at the launch of his band's new single, Don't Break My Heart. First up, a cutdown version of the Anyones played a few numbers, without Rohan Brooks (Rudely Interrupted's MD), but the substantial crowd (and battery of professional-looking cameras) were obviously there to see Rudely Interrupted. And eventually the Rudes were on stage - and immediately I have to give a huge amount of credit
to Rohan Brooks for not only producing a helluva single, (along with Rory's dad Jonathon), but also managing to harness the Rudes' chaotic energy on stage and present a coherent showcase for the band. Anyway, the crowd loved it all to pieces, but after only a few numbers the rest of the band left the stage, leaving Rory to be joined by his dad on guitar for three or four songs on his own. Rory claimed was the first time they'd played together in public, but you'd never have known it. Rory's strong and tuneful voice was given far more space to feature, and was perfectly complemented by his guitar and harmonica playing. He has a relaxed manner and a good sense of fun, and I can't help feeling he will develop as a very interesting songwriter and performer, especially given the encouragement he's getting.

Rudely Interrupted at the East Brunswick Club tonight
16.5.07 - If you've got a moment or two free tonight, check out the band Rudely Interrupted and their single and film clip at the East Brunswick Club. Rudely Interrupted is group of intellectually disabled young adults working under the direction of Rohan Brooks (The Anyones, Nick Murphy & Shylo). Rohan received a grant from the ANZ trustees to form, record and rehearse the band and this launch is to showcase the results to the media and to the trustees.
Rory (pic) was a harp student of mine for a while and has extraordinary musical ability, so I'm looking forward to seeing him in action. Doors open at 7.00 - $10.00 entry website

Sister Alana brought her mum
Mother's Day turns out to be New Year's Eve
14.5.07 -
It's funny how things turn out sometimes. I imagined that Mother's Day at the St Andrews pub might be huge - and as it happened there were plenty of families trotting out their mums and mums' mums to the pub for that once-a-year nosh, so the room was humming when I arrived at 2.00. By the time we'd finished setting up though, I could see where the afternoon was heading. They might have been mums, precious not only to their immediate families but to civilisation as a whole, but in the end they were just blow-ins, and as blow-ins they had no interest in the ageless legend that is Spectrum. So they chatted, and when the music got a little more intense, they chatted even louder. And then they left, leaving just a knot of true believers. There was one sublime moment however, when a stray granny found herself sitting at a table in front of the band. Our extreme dynamics in Spoonful caught her completely by surprise and she rose a good six inches from her seat. Happy Mother's Day from Spectrum, granny!

1) Mike shows off his Ross Ryan CD 2) Gil chortles to himself

More Aztec news
9.5.07 - I popped into Aztec Music this morning to meet with Ted, Gil and Lou about the Spectrum Part One re-issue. Gil Matthews (pic 2) was bubbling over with tales of how he'd managed to extract the best possible sound from the very hairy acetate of the very first (harmonica-less) version of I'll Be Gone, but overall he's thrilled how it's all sounding. Ted gave me Aztec's latest re-issue release, Ross Ryan's My Name Means Horse (pic 1), so I think it's time to reveal the Spectrum will be having Ross as their special guest at their CD launch at the Trades Hall Bar on Friday June 22nd, making it a cost-saving double launch!

Spectrum on MySpace!
5.4.07 - After making a big deal about the worrying and loathsome trend of yer ubiquitous MySpace sites, I've taken a leaf from our nation's leader's book of dirty tricks and back-flipped - yes, I've actually set up a Spectrum MySpace site! I'm still at the early stages, so it hardly looks distinguished, but it's there. I've already had a couple o' bites, but I'm still trying to work the ins and outs of that sort of casual cyber-intimacy and haven't responded yet. Why not check it out in the meantime at:

Oh, the excitement! I must go home and listen to them!
It's really happening - the Spectrum Part One masters in hand!
3.5.07 -
Ted promised to meet me at Aztec this morning and give me the masters for the Spectrum Part One re-issue - but when I got there at a fraction after 11.00, Ted wasn't there! Thankfully Aztec publiscist Lou Ridsdale was there, and after a phone call to Ted the Truant she sorted out the appropriate discs to give me (pic left). And now I'm listening to them. As a matter of fact I've got to the real curiosity on the 'extras' master - the previously released only in Germany version of Launching Place Part Two, which unfortunately aborts about two thirds of the way through. Just a minor glitch I guess - it'll all be all right by release day
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