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Deakin TV's Kim, Tam and Miranda at the Caffeine Café

Deakin TV to do Breathing Space clip
30.1.07 - Bill put the definitive bass line on Breathing Space contender Don't Hurt No More yesterday, and the song is finally starting to take shape and warrant its inclusion on the new album. (See The week that still is.. in A Separate Reality for more details). Speaking of which, I wandered into the Burwood campus of Deakin University this morning for a meeting with the team from Deakin TV, who are producing a music show called Music Box, due to start shooting soon. Deakin TV's Miranda Worthington is currently a harp student of mine and is responsible for proposing this enlightened move in the special category of Music and Images for the Bewildered, which will be a big hit in Camberwell.

Bikers converge on Rosebud for annual fest

1) Part of the crowd of bike and tattoo enthusiasts atr the Cross Pistons Bike Show

2) Tubby does his Santa impression behind the bar 3) The girls reveal their back tatts

4) This here is Bon Scott - OK?
gig report
Outlaws' Cross Pistons Bike Show fires up
28.1.07 - It was a cool, blustery and showery day in Melbourne yesterday, and so it turned out to be at Rosebud, some seventy odd kilometres south of the city on the Mornington Peninsula where the Outlaws hold their annual Bike Show. We scored this slightly unusual gig through a contact made with Tubby (pic 2) at the Shepparton Bike Show gig we did late last year, and although the initial impression of the crowd is fairly daunting, all black leather, beards and tatts, (and that's just the girls!), we were made to feel very welcome. It was cold on the back of the truck though, damn cold, and my fingers froze onto the fret board at crucial moments - and I lost my voice a couple of times, but Casual Darren on the PA saw us through OK. Thankfully it didn't rain during our sets, and the sun shone for the tatts' competition, but I think talk of an ice-bucket for the wet T-shirt competition as we left in another shower was sheer bravado.

Robbo gives Bob the photographer the thumbs up
Bob Ruggiero sends some neato pics
16.1.07 -
It was after he'd drifted off that Bill said, 'That guy's famous - he's on TV or in the movies or something.' I wouldn't know, being a Foxtel addict, but I'd detected some sort of presence on my in-built fame-ometer that suggested that he was somebody special, so I Googled Bob Ruggiero when I got home from St Andrews on the weekend and discovered that he is indeed rather special. I'll leave you to do the same if the name means nothing to you, but I can tell you he takes a mean photo, and he's just sent me some that he took last year that I've put up for your viewing pleasure. I've requested some info from Bob as to what he's up to these days and I'll pass it on. check out Bob's pics

Enza relaxes between sets

gig report
Wild Thyme and St Andrews open Spectrum's 2007 account
15.1.07 - I always get a little tense on the days leading up to gigs, whether they're new or well-used, and that's especially true after a bit of a break, but I should know by now that there's nothing to get wound up about. Ever. Even when Bill texted Robbo when we were half way to the Wild Thyme Café that we were going to be playing on the back of a truck, I should've known it would be OK. And it was - it was actually better than being inside, even if the tray swayed about alarmingly on occasions and the solitary white light trained on us was perhaps a little crude and a lot unromantic.. But we remembered most of the songs and the crowd seemed to enjoy it, and all-in-all, it was a great start to the New Year.
The rationale behind doing the duo thing the next day at St Andrews, rather than the usual full-on Spectrum trip, was that the pub's usually pretty quiet at this time of the year, but as it turned out, it wasn't too bad a turnout. It was a treat to have

Enza singing with us too - Bill suggested we should get a snappy 45 min. set together and do something serious with it - but in the meantime I surely intend to get together with Enza as often as possible - there's a nice chemistry going on and we get to play some of the Volcano material that doesn't get an airing too often.

Bill, Enza and Mike get cosy at the St Andrews pub
First gigs for the New Year this weekend
9.1.07 -
Just in case you'd forgotten, Mike, Bill & Robbo, (the trio version of Spectrum), will be weaving their magic at the Wild Thyme Café this coming Saturday, and Mike & Bill, the duo version of Mike & Bill, will be joined by the gorgeous Enza (pic) on Sunday arvo at the St Andrews pub to play some of the more neglected Volcano repertoire, as well as attempting to remember their names, ages etc.
If you haven't discovered it already, my blog, (for want of a better word), A Separate Reality, is accessible (and only accessible) via this page. I mean, you have to be desperate (Hi mum!) to want to find out anything at all of my daily routine, but there's no accounting for tastes..
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