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Robbo and Lisa chat to Uncle Geoff while Louise retrieves Archie the bear for Miss Molly
gig report
Fresh @ Fresh
28.11.05 - Thank goodness for relatives! My third solo gig at Fresh @ Elwood would've been just that without 'em. The threatening weather didn't help, and it worsened as the day went on. Still, Brenden's mods to George proved largely efficacious and I got through three sets without cramping. Hooray!
I'll have a break next week for Spectrum's Abbottsford Convent appearance, and will most likely be back at Fresh @ Elwood on Sunday Dec. 11th. (TBC) Let's pray for more pleasant weather.
Today the AM Studio was graced by the legendary saxophonist, Jimmy Sloggett, putting some magic sax licks on a couple of Spectrum tracks. I was so preoccupied I forgot to record the event on film, so there's no pictorial evidence. We'll have to get him back for another session..

Daryl butts in at the Paramount Cinema Sat. Dec. 3rd
Paramount Cinema gig with retro-Spectrum
24.11.05 -
If you're in the habit of checking out the Gigs page, (maybe right after the obituaries), you may have noticed that we're playing a couple of slightly unusual gigs in December. The first is on Sat. 3rd as support to a Sunbury movie at the Paramount Cinema in Lygon St in East Brunswick, (which movie I'm not sure - check with the Paramount people on 9388 8244). We're featuring the full retro-Spectrum set-up with keyboards, and airing some Spectrum and Ariel material that hasn't been heard for a while, like Hessie's fave Hard Way To Go, Who's Bugging You, Confessions Of A Psychopathic Cowpoke, Fly Without Its Wings, What The World Needs Is A New Pair Of Socks and more.
The other odd gig is the next day (Sunday) between 4.00 - 5.00 helping out Black GST at the Abbottsford Convent - the arvo starts at 12.30 - 6.00 with Rod Quantock and other indigenous comedians. I'm tipping it to be a very unusual afternoon, but everybody's contributing their services for the cause so we're hoping for a generous turnout. Check out Black GST's website for more info.
This coming Sunday (27th) I'm back at Fresh @ Elwood doing my solo thing in the courtyard (weather permitting) between 2.00 - 4.00. I think I'm getting the hang of it..

1) The two Rosses back in harness 2) The DVD's creator, Ron Brown, sadly declines to shout the next round

3) Max Crawdaddy amuses Craig Horne and Robbo
DC DVD launch at the Hard Rock Café
23.11.05 - It was surely another meeting of old faces, but the good thing was that it wasn't a funeral. In fact, DC's manager, Mark Sydow, proudly told me that DC's Xmas single had been picked up that very day on commercial radio and was on high rotation. I spoke to Eris O'Brien, co-writer of the ditty with Ross, and he was at a loss to explain it, which is as it should be, of course.
Being very much of the smart set, Jenny and I arrived fashionably late - and as a result, missed most of DC's set, so we made do hobnobbing with Alan Howe, Ed Nimmervoll, Ross Ryan, Ernie Rose, Pat Wilson, Ron Brown, Gil Matthews, Wayne Duncan, Max Crawdaddy, Craig Horne, Ian McCausland et al. check large DC shot

1) Jeff Edwards with Elaine and Emma 2) Diana Wolfe innocently drops in to St Andrews
gig report
Jeff's 50th and St Andrews
21.11.05 - Another busy weekend for Spectrum - and both versions of Spectrum too, with the trio doing Jeff Edwards' 50th birthday on Saturday night, and the quartet (with Daryl Roberts) at St Andrews on Sunday arvo. The party was particularly good fun, and we were made to feel very welcome by all and sundry. Special mention has to be made of the food on offer, which was exceptional. Jeff said there were a number of people at the party who were spun out that we were still playing - I've gotta say that the feeling's mutual!
The following afternoon there was the good ol' St Andrews pub- a bit quieter than usual, it has to be said, but Kel thought that was due to the unusual number of festivals and gymkhanas in the area on the day. We were favoured by the Wolfe Gang dropping in on their way back from the Kinglake pub, but then I noticed Diana (pic) chatting to Daryl earnestly after the show.. Hands off, Diana! You've already got our drummer!!
16.11.05 - It may have escaped your notice on the way to this page that there's a new Pith & Wind up for your inspection. This month's subject is Cynicism, in which subject I'm somewhat of an expert. There's also an announcement about an upgrade of the PayPal facility on the CDs page, which allows you to add as many CDs as you like to your shopping cart for the one postage charge, and which I've (cynically?) observed, has been introduced just in time for Christmas
I've been sending out far too many reminders about gigs this month, so I'll simply remind you now that Spectrum, with Daryl Roberts on keyboards (and Robbo - hooray!), will be appearing at the St Andrews Pub again this Sunday arvo between 3.00 - 4.00 approximately, meaning that I won't be doing my solo thing at Fresh @ Elwood till the following Sunday the 27th. There's an interesting freebie that we're doing at the Abbottsford Convent coming up on the first Sunday in December that's going to wipe out another Fresh gig too, but I'll let you know more about that soon. See y'all there.
And in news just to hand.. I just got this info from doco maker, Ron Brown: 'My new Daddy Cool documentary will be screened at the Nova Cinemas in Carlton at matinees starting the weekend of November 26th. Not sure of the complete details, (session times, etc) but it's come together really suddenly and I want to get the word out as fast as possible. The double DVD box set THE COMPLETE DADDY COOL is in store November 23rd.'
Sort of renders any news I had into the insignificant category. Oh well..

This gentleman at least had a good time at Nighthawk
gig report
Blues at Nighthawk & fresh @ Fresh
14.11.05 -
It was always going to be a challenge, playing Nighthawk Blues without Robbo. Saturday night is open night, with people wanting to party ahead of listen, but Bill and I gave a manful impression of coping as just the two of us, and even managed an encore of Esmeralda.
My second solo gig in as many weeks at Fresh @ Elwood was slightly fraught as well. While it was warm enough in the sun, in the shade and with a breeze whistling in from the south it was cold enough to freeze my fingers to the fret board and make me wish I'd brought a T-shirt. Thankfully I had an even larger attendance of relatives and friends than last Sunday to make up for the cool breeze.

It never rains..
11.11.05 -
I have been less than diligent on the site of late, so the mention for Brenden Mason's gig tonight at the Noise Bar is cutting it fine, to say the least. I'll explain eventually.
In addition, occasional correspondent Glenda Wilson informs me that on Monday night on Ten at 11.30-12.30, there's a show called 'Mark Holden: Live at The George', where Mark does versions of his '70s hits, surrounded by great musicians, including Spectrum’s Mike Rudd and Bill Putt, Daddy Cool’s Gary Young, and Joel Turner.
Hooray! Mark sent me the DVD too, but I haven't looked at it yet. When you see it, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised / shocked at what a fine singer Mark actually is. Check it out!

Mike says hullo birds etc.
gig report
Spectrum at the Lomond and Mike at Fresh @ Elwood
7.11.05 -
After a couple of months of relative calm, the last couple of weeks have been hectic on the gig front. While the Lomond on Saturday night wasn't exactly a riot, it reaffirmed itself as the smoky little dive to see the definitive pub version of Spectrum. I distinguished myself by not bringing the CDs, and missed out on a shit-load of sales. Well, maybe a couple, anyway..
Sunday was interesting. It was my first official solo gig, and where I unveiled my Martin guitar for the first time - it was actually the indulgence of purchasing the Martin that prompted the 'solo career' in the first place. It didn't matter, but several set-up faults revealed themselves in the course of the afternoon, which Brenden at Real Guitars has undertaken to remedy by next weekend. And I will be back next Sunday - if you have nothing on, pop into Fresh @ Elwood between 2.00 - 4.00 and check me out. See the gig page for more gigs

1) Our host, Nikola, smiles fiendishly 2) Location, location - Nik's splendid backyard throbs with fun and laughter
Mike & Bill's Cup Day special
5.11.05 - Some of you will have noticed that Jenny has relinquished her duties looking after booking the band in favour of paying more attention to her brood, with all that entails. She has been an absolute treasure - more like a group mother than a manager - and her enthusiasm and generosity will be sorely missed. As if to prove how much she's already being missed, my attempts at booking the band over the past two or three weeks have resulted in three double bookings - and still counting! I wonder if from now on I'm going to suffer pangs of guilt wondering where else we're supposed to be.
Anyway, one booking that went OK was on Cup Day, and Bill and I spent a relaxed arvo purveying our duo thang to an equally laid back congregation of young families, celebrating the Diva's historic win from the safety of Nik's sumptuous home in Ivanhoe. If you'd like to celebrate a birthday or such like with Spectrum, why not get in touch with the world's most amenable booker? Just double check the dates is my tip..
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