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No Thinking goes to Peru!
28.1.05 -
Stop Press correspondent Chris Kay is seen here lounging in front of Machu Picchu, Peru's premier tourist trap, resplendent in his No Thinking T-shirt. Puts one in mind of a competition to see what exotic places you can come up with to feature the NT Tee. What would be a suitable prize? Let me ponder that and other relevant details - but in the meantime, Chris had a serious point to make. The Grape Grazing gig at the Lillydale Estate Winery advertised as being on the Sunday the 20th in the last mail-out, is actually on the Saturday the 19th. The gig guide has been modified already, but another mail-out is in order..
Those LWTTT photos just keep on coming..

1) Barrie drifts off to sleep in Mike's embrace 2) Bill applies the screws to Kevin Borich

3) Lobby wonders whether photography will catch on
Barrie McAskill rattles the cage
27.1.05 -
Some of our more venerable readers will remember Barrie McAskill with affection from the early '70s in Melbourne. I forgot to mention it at the time, but on the last leg of the LWTTT tour in Sydney, Barrie popped in to say hullo to a few of his old mates. He also sent me the shot of Bill in action with Kevin Borich - Bill was the unofficial masseur for the whole LWTTT cast and crew, but never received credit for his work on the LWTTT CD or DVD. Or, at least, I don't think he did. I've never actually watched and/or listened to them. In any case, now you know, that's another thing you can hassle Bill about - he'd love to hear from you..

Bill's Twang - the CD
24.1.05 -
Bill's solo CD project is in the final stages, with only an overdub or two and the mixing to do. Daryl came over to AMS the other day and put a couple of tracks down with Bill 's helpful supervision. (pic)
There is rumoured to be considerable interest from the majors in the album, but Bill remains his usual modest self, claiming he's just keen to see the CD on the shelves sometime soon.
Despite some initial confusion about the starting times, the Lomond gig on Sunday arvo went down a treat. The larger than expected crowd went ape-shit and gave the boys a welcome back they'll remember.
Well, I won't do that again! I've successfully managed to eliminate all evidence, (bar the addendum to the Pith & Wind column), of the last issue of the Bloody Newsletter (Issue#12)! How did I do that, you ask? Well, suffice to say, I won't indulge in the nectar of the gods before doing something technical again. If anyone has kept a record of it, please send me a copy. Otherwise, I regretfully cannot reproduce the said issue in the archives. Bugger + a ream of other less savoury expletives..
A New Year begins..

1) The idyllic scene on the Marlo Hotel balcony 2) Mike with Dave Kealy from the Correctional Services in Sale

3) Trish Veitch (right) and friends hide in a corner 4) A delightful message from a girl too young to be my daughter

So, that was New Year's Eve..
2.1.05 - Fortunately there was the gig in Mallacoota on the Wednesday to balance the ledger, otherwise I'd be even more depressed. Mallacoota was like a homecoming, with an expectant audience that knew what Spectrum was all about - and who weren't afraid to let us know that they knew. My only disappointment was that I didn't get to speak to Barry McCullough, with whom I had been in touch per e-mail and who had been touting the gig on local radio. Suffice to say that we enjoyed the gig hugely, and the next day cruised dreamily around Mallacoota soaking up the kudos from people who'd seen us the night before.
And then there was the NYE gig at the Marlo Hotel. The pub itself is beautifully situated (see pic) and the room wasn't bad either, but 'our' audience was frightened away by the influx of teenage kids who couldn't care less about who we were and what we were playing - apart from we weren't playing anything they recognised - and who just wanted to get as out of it as possible as loudly as possible in the shortest possible time.
A few stalwarts braved the mayhem, but it was an irresistible tsunami of teenage angst that prevailed and we were made to feel totally irrelevant. As I counted up the less than expected night's takings, I snarled to Bill and Robbo that this was positively the last NYE I would bother playing at, making it my first New Year's resolution I s'pose.
I've already had some correspondence about this gig - check the Correspondence page

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