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Dave Tucker checks his notes
All tuckered out..
21.8.16 -
What better to do, when there's absolutely nothing going on gig-wise, than be interrogated for three successive days on the background to Ariel's A Strange Fantastic Dream album? Rhetorical question of course, but, after being softened up for a few weeks with an insistent barrage of emails it turned there wasn't anything better to do, so I agreed .
Dave Tucker (pic) is knowledgable in many realms, but his enthusiasm for that particular album, coupled with a life-long passion for music and a career as a music teacher, gives him an insightful qualification for the task of unravelling my motivations as principal writer for ASFD.
You might have the impression it was an arduous task, but actually it was conducted in a very friendly and laid-back fashion and ended with a celebratory lunch at Georges in Camberwell. The aim is to release a comprehensive podcast once the material is collated and trimmed - I'll keep you in the loop.
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