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St Andrews rocks again!

1) Mick Newman's study of Mike 2) Chris Rudd came up to see dad play (Newman) 3) Mike & Roxy by Degas

4) Sindia Utans, Mike, Melissa and Stephanie 5) Keaton's on dad's drums again and charming the ladies (Newman)
gig report
Spectrum at the St Andrews Pub Sun. 22.11.15
A couple of interesting things at St Andrews
23.11.15 - I'd tipped the chaps off beforehand that we were likely to have a crack at Brunswick St and Stash - and we did too. Brunswick St wasn't too bad either and went down to great acclaim from the audience, but I turned out to be the troublemaker in Stash, playing an insistent A to everybody else's Bb, which I s'pose didn't honestly hurt in the context of the song, but you'd rather these things didn't happen.
Some old friends turned up to enjoy the Annie's ambience, but the Eltham Festival may've distracted a few potential customers. Nevertheless, it was a very pleasant arvo and we're primed for the next biggy in Warburton's The WHO Club in a couple of weeks.


1) Maria takes a reflective shot of Mick & Broc at the Vesbar Wine Lounge 2) Bev joins in with Georgia on my Mind
gig report
Mick & Broc at The Vesbar Wine Lounge Somerville Sat. 14.11.15
A cool night at the Vesbar
16.11.15 -
Actually, I think that might've been part of the problem - it was just a little too chilly on the night. Hard to know what does and doesn't motivate people to come out on a particular night, but Broc and I enjoyed each other's company at least and ended the evening convinced that we'd moved forward - there's no denying the match up of our two guitars is tonally excellent.
Ron turned up as he'd predicted and was our solitary audient for the first set. He was delighted with the inclusion of the 'jazz' numbers and Broc's facility with jazz chords and licks. Bev was her usual accommodating self and sang a couple of numbers with us which was very smooth. I'm there again on my Todd on Saturday Dec. 12th.
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