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The view from the stage at Idavue Estate just outside the pleasant township of Heathmont. A beautiful sunny day too!

gig report
Spectrum at Idavue Estate Saturday 24.10.15
Spectrum enjoys the view at Idavue Estate
26.10.15 - It was a beautiful sunny day when we arrived at Idavue Estate but the local landscape looked parched already, maybe another indicator of a long dry summer ahead. A mobile pizza kitchen was in place and we gratefully broke for complimentary pizzas during the set-up. Idavue owner Sandy Whytcross met us as we arrived and was confident of a decent crowd - and sure enough the crowd was building up even as we munched on our pizzas.
The crowd was with us right from the start of the first set and there was a surprising deal of knowledge about Spectrum's history and repertoire, with a certain vocal section insisting we should play Superbody. I resisted pointing out that I played that and other neglected vintage songs in my solo gigs. Despite my prevarication the banter remained good-natured and coincidentally our CD sales were very good, which was one bonus. The other bonus was the bottles of the Estate's fine produce Sandy's husband Andy (true!) gave to each of the band at the end of the day to take home and enjoy.
After the third set plus a couple of encores we were packing down while chatting and having our photos taken with well-wishers, making for a rather protracted load-out. It was a fun afternoon and I wouldn't be surprised to find Spectrum playing at Heathcote's Idavue Estate again before too long.

1) A typical night at the Clifton Hill Acoustic Sessions 2) Me and Acoustic Sessions' impressario Rod Claringbould
gig report
Mike solo at the Clifton Hill Acoustic Sessions 20..10.15
Grumpy old man at the Clifton Hill
21.10.15 -
I wanted to try out an overdrive pedal with the Canora at the Clifton Hill and I also wanted to do something a bit different and in the end I suppose it was a bit different too as I didn't play THE song. It was a rambling, occasionally incoherent performance but I had fun with both the pedals - happily the JamMan was relatively trouble-free for a change. Apart from the excessive string squeak the Canora sounded good too - and Broc tells me he has a cure for the squeak so joy may yet be unconfined. Miss Vicky made a welcome return on sound and there was a modest but appreciative audience on hand.
Marysville Jazz & Blues Weekend

1) We should see more of these 2) Chris Wilson lets it rip 3) Mike Rudd sprinkles the audience with the IBG riff (Deb)
gig report
Spectrum at the Marysville Jazz & Blues Weekend 17.10.15
Spectrum headlines in Marysville
19.10.15 - Maria was smitten with the vistas on the drive up through The Black Spur so I've no doubt we'll be back that way again before too long, gig or no gig. As it was, I was quite looking forward to the gig, as Spectrum was in the rare position of playing as the headline act.
Being the inaugural Jazz & Blues Weekend there were obviously going to be some bugs, but I could see there had been a good amount of pre-publicity and I was hopeful that our gig at the Community Centre, the feature show of the festival at prime time on the Saturday night, would be well attended. The Vesbar Wine Lounge's Bev Fraser, who is now a Marysville local, had emailed to me that the bookings were looking good, so all we had to do was get there in time for the sound check at 4.30 then while away the time till our spot later that night at 10.00.
I'd accepted the offer of a supplied amplifier (Fender Twin) but there seemed to be an issue with the earthing at sound check and I was getting an electric shock every time I came in contact with the mic. Having brought no back-up amp meant I had to go with the makeshift solution of a foam rubber windshield on the mic to neutralise the electric charge.
Bev Fraser invited the band to come over to her place for dinner after sound check and we were all having a lovely singalong with Daz on the piano and Robbo's son Keaton on air drums when I suddenly discovered I'd lost one of my hearing aids.
This put a considerable dampener on proceedings (for me and Maria anyway) until I got a response to my pleading text to the stage manager (Chris Muir) saying that, against the odds, he'd discovered the precious item still intact on stage and he'd give to me when we returned to the Centre!
Mr Black & Blues with Chris Wilson (pic 2) was on the rampage when we arrived and so we listened to Coxy's jokes and signed posters and a banner out the back in the green room while we waited for our set. One of the other first-time bugs emerged at that point as the show was running behind due to not enough time being allowed for changeovers. We only managed half a dozen songs before we were advised there was time for only one more number, which was a shame as we were thoroughly enjoying ourselves and the audience was too.
The next morning we all assembled at Bev's place for breakfast (except for Daz and Deb) until we had to leave for an M&M assignment back at the Whitehorse Spring Festival. We all had a lovely time in Marysville and I hope it won't be too long before we're back - only this time we get to play a full show.

Stevie Paige said she's not played at the Burrinja before but felt right at home..
gig report
Spectrum trio at Burrinja 16.10.15
The trio burns at Burrinja
17.10.15 - Stevie Paige (pic) was inspiring opening for us at Upwey's Burrinja Blues & Roots - her guitar playing in particular was thoughtful and well executed. Mind you, we had a great night too, mainly due to the lovely venue and the expectant audience - I just had an indifferent night on the guitar, which may sound selfish because it is..

Phil Sheppard, Broc and me relax after the interview
A funny thing happened on the way to..
14,10,15 - I thought I remembered how to get to 3MDR in Emerald, but it's been a while so I checked on Google Maps before I left. When I ended up on a dirt road I realised I was in trouble and hightailed it out of there - in the wrong direction again! I made it to Old Shep's (Phil Sheppard) Harmonica Riff Raff show half an hour late but we got on air about the expected time so all was forgiven.
We spent a fun hour chatting and playing whatever songs came into our heads from the Mick & Broc repertoire and promoted the gigs on the weekend as well as the emergence of the Rudd repertoire on the iTunes and Spotify platforms. It was fun - I'll put up a link.

Local identity Pete Morrison late of The Fabulous Nudes
gig report
Mike at Winelarder Brighton Sat. 3.10.15
Mick & Broc at the Wesaternport Hotel San Remo Sun. 4.10.15
From Brighton to San Remo
5.10.15 - I wasn't really expecting a big crowd post the GF on Saturday night and it wasn't BIG but it wasn't bad either. As advertised I was trying out the Canora with its new pick-up at the expense of the moody George Martin and I was pretty pleased with the result too.
The test was whether it could hold its own in the company of whatever guitar Broc happened to choose the following day at the Westernport Hotel. He chose Harry (Taylor) and I think we were both happy with the resultant blend.

The lads hone in on the lamb and the other goodies on offer
gig report
Spectrum at Cousin Kev's Fri. 2.10.15
Cousin Kev's goes off!
4.10.15 - Cousin Kev threw a party for no better reason than to have Spectrum play at his place in Ocean Grove - and it was mere coincidence that it was GF eve. We got there early so to minimise the potential for inconvenience and were enchanted by the house on its two and a half acres (!) stylistically inspired during a holiday stay in Arizona.
We waited for the lamb on a spit, which took its time, necessitating a revised schedule, but got to play three sets interspersed by various guest groups performing. A very pleasant evening.
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