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Broc has fitted in to Spectrum like he was born to be on bass
gig report
Sun. 27.9.15 Spectrum at the St Andrews HotelL
Broc O'Connor's 2nd anniversary
28.9.15 - What a beaut day! The good weather seemed to bring the crowd too, so it was fine inside and out. It was the anniversary of Broc's first gig with Spectrum - it's hard to believe it's been two years already!
I can't think of anything particularly special about the performance, although I did mystify a few (incl. the band) with my excursions in Life is Just a Slow Train.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm heading into town to have a chat with Denis Walter at 3AW about life in the slow lane - tune in or tune out..

Mike gets stuck into his friend the chocolate cake
gig report
Sun. 6.9.15 Spectrum + Hey Gringo at the Willy RSL
Father's Day gig turns to cake
7.9.15 - I didn't realise that it was Father's Day when the gig at the Willy RSL was confirmed, but then I didn't realise that it was by way of an extension of my 70th birthday celebrations either, so I was really surprised when Q&A host Rob Rowe presented me with a fab chocolate birthday cake (pic) and an enormous birthday card signed by masses of lovely people! I was so rattled I didn't even blow out the candles before cutting myself a slice! But I guess that's the kind of guy I am - it's all about me, me, me.
The gig itself was a lot of fun and lots of old friends turned up to help celebrate. Special thanks to Rob Rowe and PA dude Tony Bishop and to everyone else who was there.

Roger Taylor at 3PBS hosting Helen Jennings' show
Interview with Roger Taylor for the Willy show
2.9.15 -
Interviews with anybody these days are few and far between so it was nice to feel a little bit wanted again, even if it involved getting up early and finding a park where there were nearly none to be had. As it turned out 3PBS' Roger Taylor (pic) was more generous with his time than I expected and devoted a full 45 minutes to chatting about this and that - mainly of course about the upcoming Sunday arvo (Father's Day) extravaganza at the Willy RSL It seems the last couple of weeks have been devoted almost exclusively to digging up old photos and posters for Way Out West's Rob Rowe to compile a video to be shown on the day. It looks like the show is going to be a hunk of nostalgic, if not neuralgic, fun. Podcast
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