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Mike has a cack-handed moment on the Strat at the Lomond (MG)
gig report
Fri. 28.8.15 Spectrum trio at the Lomond Hotel
Trio almost foiled by tramstop
29.8.15 -
After enduring paralysing traffic on the Eastern freeway we found that, since we were last at the Lomond, Yarra Trams have constructed a monumental tram stop right outside the front door rendering street parking and loading-in almost impossible.
Nevertheless, there was a good crowd of dedicated Spectrumites on hand to enjoy the earlier starting and finishing times negotiated by yours truly and we had an interesting night's ramble together.

1) Mike and Third Verse's Vincent Donato snuggle up for a snap 2) What could possibly go wrong?
The launch of the Rudd catalogue is at hand
27.8.15 - These sorts of things never go smoothly and there still some bugs to be ironed out, but most of the Rudd oeuvre is now accessible on Spotify - and now it's up on iTunes as well! Anyway, last Wednesday evening Third Verse founder Vincent Donato (pic 1) invited Maria and me to sup with him and his wife Therese at the Camberwell eatery Café Paradiso by way of celebration, which was a fun evening despite being very noisy.
Next week's Spectrum retrospective (with Hey Gringo) at the Way Out West Roots Music Club (the Willy RSL) will mark the successful inception of the Rudd (and Crudd) catalogue on the Web. There'll be lots of embarrassing photos of nearly all the Rudd bands dating from the '60s and maybe even a Q&A segment as well. Only $15.00 or $10.00 for members. (See the Gigs page for more details).

1) Dr Wazz captures a St Mike the Baptist moment at the St Andrews Pub 2) Kathy photo-bombs the Rudd bros
gig report
Sun. 9.8.15 Spectrum at the St Andrews Pub
Spectrum's happy return to St Andrews
10.8.15 -
There was already a mighty crowd in for lunch when we arrived which augered well for the rest of the afternoon. Cameron and Robyn Wilson are back in charge and one of the first things Cameron did was to give me a call and book a couple of dates for Spectrum - gigs at St Andrews have been absent from our gigs list for too long. We haven't played together since the 303 Bar back in June so I was a tiny bit apprehensive that the on-stage rapport may have diminished, but I needn't have worried. Our good friends in the audience reported back to us we were 'on fire' and they couldn't remember us sounding better. Daz is certainly making the best of the Hammond these days and there were moments when I flashed back to somewhere when something or other was happening.


1) Who's that blurred figure striding through Winelarder last night? 2) Why, it's none other than Ariel's Tim Gaze
gig report
Sat. 8.8.15 Mike at the Winelarder Brighton
Winelarder springs a couple of surprises in the present tense..
9.8.15 - OK - so I'm on the way to Winelarder and just a little bit edgy 'cause I think I'm running late - which is when I look a the clock on the dash and discover I'm actually an hour early! Despite this surplus of time I still manage to leave one non-essential item at home. (Sigh!) Anyway, as a result I have an unhurried load-in and set-up and even manage a sound check and get my balances sorted as I'm experimenting with the nylon-string again tonight. There are people starting to drift in as I do so and it looks like it's going to be a good night.
It's near the end of the first set and I'm singing Esmeralda and the crowd's joining in when four guys walk in the door and the last one is Tim Gaze, who's in town helping out on the VASE stand for the Guitar Show at the Caulfield race course. I finish the song and take a snap of the room for this gig report (pic 1) just as Tim's heading for the exit to make a call to his family.
I join him outside and Jake takes a pic of us thumbs-upping (pic 2) and Tim tells me it's his birthday - he's laughably young still of course. I chat out on the footpath with VASE's Butch and Jake as Tim rings home, then they say they're heading over the road to the Greeks' for something to eat. The rest of the gig goes alright, until I break the D string on the Canora and have to retrieve George (Martin) from the van to complete the set. Oh, and I forget to do the hit version of I'll Be Gone but nobody seems to mind too much.
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