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Mick & Broc really concentrate backing up Bev Fraser
gig report
Fri. 22..5.15 Mick & Broc at the Vesbar in Somerville
Winter kicks in at the Vesbar
23.5.15 - Crikey! A gig on a Friday night. What could possibly go wrong? This is the first time we've officially appeared under the Mick & Broc banner and as I've never enjoyed being called Mick it's a bit of a piss-take I s'pose. Anyway, the repertoire is quite varied and Broc is such an effortlessly lovely player that we can't help but have fun. The audience obviously enjoys the eclectic mix of songs as well..
We shocked Bev by asking her to join us for Summertime, (pic) but, ever the consummate professional she carried it off with aplomb.

Ronnie Charles gets my vote for hip crooner - with Robbo and Nic
gig report
Sun. 17.5.15 Spectrum at Masters of Rock Palms at Crowm
Robbo's in everything!
18.5.15 - Experience told me that little would be gained rushing to a sound check, so most of Spectrum arrived at a fairly civilised hour - except for Robbo, who was booked to join the Ross Ryan band for their set. Somehow he also managed to volunteer for Ronnie Charles' set (pic) and he, Nic Lyon and Brenden Mason (see Badlands) were in the contest for the most ubiquitous player of the night.
Spectrum's set was a bit squeezed for time but we enjoyed our three numbers - Nic Lyon joined us for Silicon Valley

M&M with the Drs Sellers on Saturday at the Winelarder - or is that Wine Larder?
gig report
Sat.9.5.15 Mike at the Wine Larder in Brighton
Mike breaks a G string!
10.5.15 - It's a headline 'cause it doesn't happen very often. You know what I'm talking about when I say G string - it's the third string on a guitar, in this case my 'amusing' companion Mr George Martin, who requires that I supply him with a wound third. (It's too complicated). Anyway, this was also the third in my series of appearances at the Winelarder and probably the most comfortable - apart from busting a string of course. Even the crowd is becoming familiar with and to us. Maria and I (and the Sellers') were seated next to a table who had seen me there a couple of times and this time brought some albums to sign! (And took the photo incidentally).
Christine tells me my next date at the Winelarder will be on Sat. June 8th. Highly recommended gig.

Speaking of highly recommended gigs, the Masters of Rock concert has a special promo for Sunday night’s show - a two for one offer through lasttix, which means that anyone buying a ticket through the link below will be able to purchase two full price tickets for the price of one. Hope to see you there!

Everything's ready at the S, S & A Club - all we need is the band. Anybody seen the band? (Broc)
gig report

Sat. 2.5.15 Spectrum at the S, S & A Club Albury
Band disappears in Albury club carpark triangle!
3.5.15 - Kenny from Westside Talent rang me unexpectedly last December and booked Spectrum for another gig at the Albury S, S & A Club for May, which seemed a long way off then. There seemed no particular rhyme or reason for the booking but Robbo said he'd been to Albury recently with Stars (that's a whole other story) and said the stage had been moved and so the load-in wasn't nearly as painful now, so at least that was something to look forward to.
Nathan and Jeremy from Albury Sound & Lighting were waiting for us when we arrived and the sound check was conducted pretty efficiently so we had plenty of time to wander back to the motel before returning to the club for a meal. The motel is conveniently located just on the other side of the club's carpark so you wouldn't expect any drama - but, maybe because three of us were on our phones we still managed to lose our way and Broc had to resort to Google Maps - again!
The actual gig wasn't too bad. There was a regulation crowd in attendance and they were very polite, ocasionally bordering on enthusiastic, so we incorporated a ritualistic encore and got maybe four people up dancing.
At the end of the night our local Albury Spectrumite, Chris Ferguson, handed me a mysterious package, which I'm looking forward to checking out. I also witnessed the exciting conclusion of the Rebels / Chiefs rugby match in the sports bar whilst sipping a complimentary G&T, so I guess it was a pretty civilised night, all things considered..
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