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Oscar, Pauline, Mike, birthday girl Louise, Maeve & Broc
gig report
Sun. 26.4.15 Louuise's 60th Nth Fitzroy Bowling Club
Duo disappears in North Fitzroy
27.4.15 - The occasion was Louise's (see pic) 60th birthday party held at the North Fitzroy Bowling Club. We got this pleasant Sunday arvo gig as a result of the duo's appearance at the Elwood Food & Wine Bar and while we didn't get that sort of knowledgable attention we were managing to have a lovely time. That being said, when Broc (and Kathleen) had to rush off at 3.30 to catch their flight north it felt as though our part in proceedings had come to its natural conclusion.
If you've got a birthday coming up you should consider booking Mike & Broc - see Book Spectrum

1) My partner Maria and Dr Margaret Sellers chat before the show 2) I'll Be Gone gets the punters up on their feet
gig report

Sun. 18.4.15 The Lomond Hotel East Brunswick
The crowd rules - OK?
19.4.15 -It was wet and miserable when we arrived at The Lomond, added to which we were running late due to the now customary bottleneck on Alexandra Parade and imagined the Sellers' getting impatient for us to arrive for our pre-gig meal together. As it happened they'd managed to lock themselves out of their house and hadn't arrived as yet so we made do with an unsatisfying dish of calamari and I set up my equipment while we waited.
We've been doing very little as a band of late but I was keen to experiment with an idea that had occurred to me during the John Mayall set at the Recital Centre (see the report on the ASR page) the implementation of which required a deal of co-operation from Robbo. He hadn't had time to do anything formal so he experimented with a towel placed on his snare drum in various increments - and I must say that we were both delighted with the result. I was able to wind back my amp volume and the overall level dropped, which of course suits a small-ish room like the Lomond's much better.
The composition of the crowd at The Lomond is always unpredictable but we had some real fans in the room, a group of whom insisted we play Launching Place Part 2, (which I don't usually attempt without keybaoards) and quite a few other items of Spectrum esoterica. As usual I'll Be Gone got people up dancing (God knows why - you can't really dance to it) but for a change they were persistent, which meant we were seduced into feeding the beast and didn't finish the second set till midnight! As a consequence the third set comprised of only two numbers - well, that is until the crowd demanded an encore and specified Esmeralda.
We obliged of course, because the customer is always right, but an especially late night was had by all as a result which doesn't necessarily suit a grumpy old bugger like me.

The dynamic duo rides again at the Elwood F&W Bar
gig report
Sun. 12.4.15 Elwood Food & Wine Bar
Duo heading on up!
13.4.15 - At the end of the gig I turned to Broc and said, 'I don't know why, but we're getting better and better!' - and it's true! We had the one initial rehearsal but since then we've been winging it and it is getting measurably better. Or is it?
Maybe it's that we're paticularly impoverished for gigs of any description this month and are simply enjoying it more as a result - dunno. Anyway, we were a bit light on for a crowd early on, probably due to the short lead time - we were only there because of a late cancellation - but everybody joined in at the appropriate times and we even did an encore.
Nothing much to report..
9.4.15 - I owe Dr Wazz Sellers a vote of thanks for retrieving last month's Stop Press page, which I accidentally erased whilst tidying up last night, but apart from the forthcoming duo gig at the Elwood Food & Wine Bar this Sunday (which just came in) and the trio gig at The Lomond Hotel the following Saturday (the 18th) there's bugger all to tell you about gig-wise.
I've been keeping myself busy nevertheless with the odd recording sessions, firstly with the beautiful Bev Fraser, who books me and the band for the occasional night at the Vesbar Wine Lounge in Somerville, and secondly with the less beautiful but always interesting Mark Tinson, who famously flew the band up to Newcastle for a one-night-stand at Lizottes a year or so back.
I suppose I could've been using the time to catch up on the blues CD I've been fiddling with abstractly for the last couple of years, but no news there either.
Talk amongst yourselves for a moment or two longer..
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