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Here's yer card then..

Mick 'n' Broc weave a blend of the known and unknown..
gig report
Sun. 21 Elwood Food & Wine Bar
The duo blends into the friendly hubbub..
22.12.14 - Maria and I arrived at the Elwood Food & Wine Bar early, which allowed me a couple of minutes to collect my thoughts. I still haven't got any idea of how the sets should go but yesterday's list should be a good template for the future because everything went swimmingly really. The venue's owner, Peter Newson, told us of the noise problems they're beset with - mostly from the residents in the same building - but I doubt he had any complaints yesterday. The crowd was enthusiastically chatty and was probably the louder on the day. We were happy though - there were a host of old friends on hand and we had a lovely arvo all told.

Mike visits the friendly seaside suburb of Brighton (MG)

gig report
Sun. 14 Wine Larder Brighton
From brain fade to ecstasy..
15.12.14 - I was half-way to the Wine Larder in Brighton when I realised that I'd not only left my guitar stand at home but I'd forgotten to pack my stool and, most cucially my mic + lead. I threw an angry U-turn on North Road and headed back home thinking to myself that I didn't really want to do this solo caper in the first place..
In the event I got to the venue in plenty of time still and was ready to go at the appointed hour of 5.00 - and began playing the first set to perhaps ten people. I was hoping that the crowd might build a bit as this was my first time in Brighton and I'd like to have another crack
at it some time - and fortunately there was a considerable influx of revellers after 6.00.
I'd been surprised at the enthusiastic response all afternoon and when I declared the last number at 7.00 some generous bloke gave me a $100 tip to keep playing on a bit longer! This seaside suburb wine bar caper is obviously the way to go, so I'm looking forward to the Elwood show with Broc next Sunday arvo.

1) Chain's Matt Taylor was in top form for all three Molly Room gigs 2) Mike at Bridie O'Reilly's on Sunday
gig report
Fri, 4, Sat. 5 & Sun. 6.12.14 with Chain at the Molly Rooms
Chain gigs go off!
8.12.14 - There was a level of uncertainty about this series of gigs with Chain. Nobody knew quite how good or bad Matt's health was for one, but as it turned out he was in such good form nobody would've known he was ill at all. My guest role was somewhat redundant as a result but the band - and the audience for that matter - made me feel very welcome nevertheless. The first night at the Knox Club (with Robbo on drums for It's a Lottery) was the biggest of the three, but I enjoyed the last gig at Bridie O'Reilly's the most, probably because I was more relaxed by then.
Somewhere in a Universe far, far away..

1) Tammy and Doc White invited us to sit at their table 2) Me with Ed's mate David Flint, former Thumpin' Tum owner (MG)

3) Adrian Anderson who sweet-talked me into the eulogy bit (MG) 4) M&M do what they do best with Tammy snapping
Debonairs' Cool Yule - me, me and more me..
2.12.14 - I missed out on the Debs' Chrissy do last year, but I was on a promise to Adrian Anderson (pic 3) to write a eulogy for Ed Nimmervoll to be read at the Debs' Cool Yule so I persuaded Maria to come along for moral support. (pic 4) Ted Lethborg had been asked by Dom to stage manage proceedings so I was relatively secure in the belief that I was to speak early in proceedings, which I thought was essential as things tend to get a bit boistrous later on.
And so, at not too much after the allotted time of 1.00, I found myself on the stage at the Ormond Hall standing behind a massive lectern that Ted had found for me and chatting with Ronnie Charles (who makes a convincing light jazz singer incidentally) about the running order as Wilbur Wilde welcomed the new Debonairs to the fold.
I'd spent some time the previous night and into the morning writing what I hoped was a suitable tribute to my friend Ed and so I wasn't nervous at all and read my eulogy calmly and clearly; and thankfully the audience quietened down and listened - and then applauded respectfully. (read eulogy text)
I'm always at a disadvantage at these do's as I find it impossible to remember people's names, so it was good of Doc White and Tammy (pic 1) to invite us onto their table - although Ted pointed out that he had expected Maria and me to sit on their table. I suppose that's why I was relieved when the opportunity presented itself for us to leave as the performers got louder and louder and the chat level rose coreespondingly.
Ted and Pina did some last minute shopping from the boot of the poodle (it;s a long story) and we drove home to partake of a refreshing cup of tea. Next stop - CHRISSY..

Spectrum plays the Blues at the Cabana Lounge to a big crowd - hooray! (Gravias)
gig report
Sun. 30.11.14 - Spectrum at the Cabana Lounge East Mailvern RSL
Not such a bad way to end the month..
1.12.14 - The weather decided to be hot yesterday - damn hot - but it wasn't that uncomfortable inside the Cabana Lounge with just a hint of air con rippling through the room. Mae Parker excitedly told me per FB that they've changed the location of the 'stage' to the far end of the room, which means the audience isn't faced with a phalanx of columns obstructing the view of the band, but, of course, it also means the load-in is even more arduous. (These details matter to an older bloke!)
We were ready to go at 3.00, but Mae told me after the first set we weren't actually due to start till 3.30 with a 6.30 finish rather than 6.00, so Robbo was right after all.
It felt like we hadn't played for quite a while and with the Lounge's ceiling loaded with sound-deadening acoustic tiles it took me a while to adjust - in fact, I felt quite miserable after the first set - but having a good crowd in the room helped and from the second set on I started to relax and by the end we were rockin'!
I had planned to premiere three new-ish numbers but squibbed it in the event, but that really was the only disappointment - apart from having to bloody load out, of course.
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