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1) Neil Rogers chats to me whilst searching 2) The double CD in all its sumptuousness
Rock & Roll Scars
28.11.14 -
As mentioned somewhere I had a date with Triple R's Neil Rogers last night to help publicise the release of the Rock & Roll Scars (plus The Jellabad Mutant and previously unheard live tracks) double album on Gil Matthews' Aztec Records label. A splendid job with some warmth restored to the Abbey Rd tracks.

1) That's Jon Blanchfield - Ross Wilson's chatting in the background 2) When we were one!
Torie Nimmervoll introduces us to her show
20.11.14 - Ed Nimmervoll's daughter Torie invited me (and Maria) to attend the opening of her show last Saturday (the 15th) at The Arts Centre which featured some of her father's work alongside some Daddy Cool memorabilia (pic 2) relating to their both being inducted into the Hall of Fame at The Age Music Victoria Awards. We were invited into the Green Room with DC and friends by their manager Mark Sydow which was very hospitable before being led to a corridor on the 7th floor (pic 1) where Torie allegedly spoke about the exhibits before Ross Wilson also reportedly spoke - we were a bit too far away to hear a word. Luckily we were able to have a chat with Torie after the formalities were over and catch up with what was going on with the exhibition and her life.
Apparently the induction went fine at the actual awards show last night and DC was a smash all over again. I wouldn't know though would I? as I've never been invited to The Age Music Victoria Awards.

You could hear a pin drop..
gig report
Sat. 15.11.14 Vesbar Wine Lounge Somerville
An interesting development at the Vesbar
17.11.14 -
As we left for the Vesbar the weather turned decidedly nasty and I imagined that might influence the attendance figures. Well, that surmise turned out to be an underestimation in the event, (even though there was a couple from Norway who flew over especially for the gig), but there was musical-type interest to be had nonetheless. Beverly's mentioned a couple of times that she'd like to sing the Volcano tune, Having a Wonderful Time with me, so in the second set she joined me for what turned out to be a sweet version of the song. A bit later I casually played the opening chords to Summertime and heard a cry of recognition from the back of the room - so we had a crack at that one together too! Maria recorded it so check it out on Facebook. I reckon I'll get a couple more tunes to play with the beautiful Beverly for next time..

I think Deb took this pic - look Ma, Mike's got arms..
gig report
Thurs. 6.11.14 - Spectrum at the 303 Bar Northcote
An entertaining show - for the favoured few..
13.11.14 -
OK - I'm back from the ACT and there's a week's distance between me and the Hammond Sessions gig at the 303 Bar. I remember feeling quite embittered on the night at the numbers in the room and the inconsequential door receipts as a result and wondering what the point was. I think I told myself that nothing changes and that the music was fun with the added dimension of the Hammond + Leslie. Interestingly, one of the few people I didn't recognise in the room said rather earnestly that our performance reminded him of a stage show. I thought it was the inherent drama but he might've been thinking of Hello Dolly for all I know..
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