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  Thinking out loud..
30.10.14 -
It's the end of the month already and I'm feeling restless. It could be simply that it's the end of the month, or it could be the duo venture with Broc or it could be the overdue blues album It's a Lottery I'm tinkering with, or it could be the recent Sydney trip that's thrown things into relief for me. Anyway, it's time for a change. Nothing too hasty of course, but change is definitely in the air. I'll keep you posted.
In the meantime there's another in the Gary Jones' series of the Hammond sessions coming up next Thursday at the 303 Bar where we'll try to recreate the Spectrum of old with a real B Hammond + Leslie driven by Daryl Roberts. There's bound to be a few old Spectrum numbers being dusted off, so you'd better be there.

1) Mike and chaps go through the motions at the Django Bar 2) Daz and the Gringos open the Blues & Roots Fest
gig report

Sat. 25.10.14 Spectrum at the Django Bar
Sun. 26.10.14 Spectrum Plays the Blues at the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival
Sydney meets Spectrum and vice versa..
27.10.14 -
Up until now I've never used GPS, but it's safe to say that without GPS this mini-tour wouldn't have been possible. In the event, Daz drove the Gringos to Sydney via the Gerogery pub while the Spectrum crew flew up on the Saturday morning, but in the end it was hard to tell which of us was the more tired when we assembled for sound check in the Django Bar around 5.00.
The stage was so tiny that a false step by Broc or myself might've seen us disappear from view altogether, so I took an unscripted break half way through Spectrum's set to put my mic stand onto the floor to give myself more room.
I was having an indifferent night remembering lyrics and was feeling a little bit unsettled overall, but the crowd seemed to like us and demanded an encore. Next time we might aim for the larger Camelot Lounge upstairs, where Don Walker was playing that same night.
The Sydney Blues & Roots Festival is actually held in Windsor, a sleepy little hamlet about an hour inland from Sydney. Sunday was hot and getting hotter and by the time we got onto the stage it was touching 37 degrees. The stage was a lot of things the previous night's stage wasn't, with a spiffing backline of equipment and salubrious PA. We got a lovely intro from Simon French (who also rewrote my bio for the Festival program to great effect) and we were underway.
By this time the audience had filled out the covered seated area and was responding warmly to my asides and the band was as hot as the weather. There were men dashing about busily lugging professional-looking cameras so I'm hopeful there might be some useful footage when the dust settles, but it was a relaxed set and the crowd obviously enjoyed it.

When the sun sets over Carlton CD release
24.10.14 - There was a big article by Chris Johnston in The Age yesterday that I thought timely - I realise now it was part of the strategic push by Warner Music to publicise the release of the CD When the sun sets over Carlton.
Oddly enough, a Spectrum track has made the cut - or, more accurately, an Indelible Murtceps' track from the Warts Up Your Nose album, namely Blue Movies Make Me Cry. It was the only track on Warts album not recorded at Armstrongs, having been recorded at Channel 9's TCS studio with John French, so it may not have been intended for the Warts album, but the song certainly suited the Murtceps' oeuvre. Warner had it remastered from a tape I had at home and it's come up a treat - better that the original album version.


Broc & Mike by the seaside at the Westernport Hotel (Wazz)
gig report
Sun. 19.10.14 Westernport Hotel San Remo
Inaugural duo gig works out OK
21.10.14 -
Despite inaccurate worksheets and my own misleading promotion, Broc and I arrived in time for what turned out to be a 5.30 start at the Westernport Hotel on Sunday (and not the San Remo Hotel I'd been advertising). I'd changed George's strings the day before and I was struggling a bit but Broc more than made up for it with some slick guitar playing and I'm actually enjoying singing popular songs for a change. The hits on the day were I'll Be Gone (of course), Otis Redding's Dock of the Bay (sans whistle) and Bill's parting shot, It's a Lottery.

A man and his shirt..
Mike & Broc to play in San Remo this Sunday!
13.10.14 -
In a really late deveopment, Broc and I have been booked to play the 6.00 - 9.00 session this Sunday evening at the Westernport Hotel, coinciding with the Australian Motor Cycle Grand Prix at the Phillip Island Circuit, which may or may not prove to be a good thing. This has forged a hasty and hitherto unknown musical union between Broc and me - we wait to see if it's inspired or just unlikely. Let's opt for inspired, eh?
Anyway, the duo hasn't even rehearsed yet, but Broc's given me a preview of his material and there's every chance we could prove to be popular if his choice of material's anything to go by.
I rolled up last night at the Willy RSL to help celebrate the 60th birthday of Rob Rowe, (pic) the indefatigable brain behind the Way Out West Club, whom I last saw at another unusual outing at the Spiegeltent a while back. Daryl and I finished up the night with the inevitable I'll Be Gone and Esmeralda - Willy faves.

Keaton lays down a groove with Broc and Mike at St Andrews
gig report
Sun. 5.10.14 Spectrum at the St Andrews pub
Keaton takes over the drumming stool!
6.10.14 - It's been threatening for a while, (see the report below), but now it's actually happened - Keaton's moved onto Robbo's drum stool and is playing with the band! (pic) Mind you, I've got to watch my step as well - I looked around to see Keaton playing his harmonica with a very determined expression during I'll Be Gone!
It was an inexplicably quiet day crowd-wise yesterday, but it was good to see some friends of ours roll up, including Helen and Jim, Broc's daughter Astrid and Heather, Maree and Lyn.

1) Where'd you get the specs, Mike? 2) Keaton works out on dad's drum kit (Robbo)
New Recordings
2.10.14 - Yesterday the band rolled up at Pete Dacy's Secret Sound Studio for another recording session, this time ostensibly to finish off the long-awaited blues album begun just before Bill's untimely death last year. I had to borrow Broc's flashy red specs for Medicine Woman and Keaton arrived at the end for crucial overdubs
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