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1) 'I'm here to shake the Governor's hand - what's your story?' 2) Maria and Chris on the podium for official pic
Chris shares his Government House experience
27.9.14 -
So, the Hawks won in a canter, but the unexpected news is that Maria and I were invited to attend a function at Government House with Chris on Wednesday morning to honour his (and others) contribution to setting up the Alkira Foundation. Chris bought a handsome new suit while I made do with a rented one from Formal Wear in Ashburton and Maria got her mum to send down one of her suits from Canberra. Chris really looked the part and we were proud of him when he shook the Governor's hand and posed (albeit a bit reluctantly) for an official photo with the Governor and me.
It's enough to make a chap hungry and after the official bits Chris scoffed whatever was put his way - like sandwiches and little cakes - and downed a coffee and orange juice. I wasn't that far behind him. Check out the shots taken by Maria (and Megan) on Chris' FB page - they tell the whole story really.

Petrina and Rhyll rockin' in perfect sync with the Hard Yards in rehearsal
Hard Yards BVs
19.9.14 -
In an unexpected development I've been co-opted into passing on some backing vocal tips to Petrina and Rhyll - not that I've got an awful lot to impart from personal experience, but I've been around long enough to have picked up something useful. Anyway, I popped over to Lex and Petrina's on Wednesday and we had an intense one-on-two practise session before Lex's roast dinner and the Hard Yards rolled up for their rehearsal.

Jeremy as we rarely see him..
Jeremy touches base briefly
15.9.14 -
I got the day wrong, of course, but Maria got things in order in even quicker time and we were ready for Jeremy's arrival on Wednesday evening. Mind you, I would've preferred to have been available to pick him up from the airport, but being the resourceful fellow he is, Jeremy found his way to Mt Waverley station where Maria picked him up in the poodle.
(As it happens I was at Southgate breaking bread with the likes of Paul Cashmere and Joe Camilleri which provided some material for the belated September edition of my P&W, as well as giving some incentive to Brian 'Frog' Harris to mention our upcoming Spectrum shows in Sydney next month. I know it's been a long time between visits, but I thought that might've been a positive factor in attracting an audience).
Anyway, it was really nice to catch up with Jeremy again, the highlights being lunches with the Rudds at Tarawarra and with Chris on Sunday.
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