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1) The prize - Bill's fabulous old Precision bass guitar 2) Real Guitars' Brenden Mason hands over a wad of notes
Bill's Precision sold
27.9.14 -
I missed a couple of calls from Brenden on Thursday evening and when I got back to him he told me that the young guy he'd observed over a number of days in the shop playing Bill's bass guitar had just given him an envelope stuffed with notes by way of an offer. I rang Rosemary and she said as long as it was going to somebody who really wanted to play it she was happy, so I gave Brenden the go-ahead to accept the offer.
That just leaves the Sutton lap-steel. I suggest that you pop down to Real Guitars if you're interested, because next thing you know it'll be sold too..

1) Mike snaps Daryl in his solo spot at the Clifton Hill Hotel 2) Daz snaps Mike during his set
gig report
Wed.24.9.14 Clkifton Hill Hotel Acoustic Sessions

Homecoming night at the Clifton Hill
25.9.14 -
On a whim, just before I left home I picked up the Jamman pedal and slipped it into my plastic gig bag. I pulled up over the road from the Clifton Hill and when the rain showed no sign of abating I manned-up with my jacket over my head and made a dash for it. Daryl (pic) was playing the opening set when I walked in and I was pleasaantly surprised to see him using the Hammond - it sounded good too.
My solo set started off alright, but I'd inexplicably forgotten to check the Jamman during my set-up and when it came to its moment in the spotlight it dismally failed to respond. It took a good few minutes of stuffing around before I got it to work, so I trust I've learnt my lesson this time.
My one gig of the month was light-on in the attendance dept but it was gratifying to see Lyn and Maree there as well as Lex and his daughter Rachel, who were joined later by Petrina and Hard Yards' John MacKinnon. Choclatte's Adam and Kerri Stevens made the trip from their new city apartment and were my surprise guests for the evening. Miss Vicki, back from Edinburgh, was on sound.

You are seeing it right - SPTB playing in Sydney soon!
Spectrum in Sydney for a change..
22.9.14 - As regards the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival (pic) read Spectrum Plays the Blues rather than Spectrum, but that just makes it all the more rare, because that unit's never played in Sydney! As Spectrum we've made the odd sortie over the decades but not this century by my reckoning, so you'd think a few of our erstwhile legions of fans would sit up and take notice.
BTW, and not entirely unrelated to the above, I took a call from Mario Millo yesterday. Some of you will remember Mario as the meister guitarist in the almost mythical Sebastian Hardie and, although we've never met before, we thought the two bands should join forces and put on the most legendary Oz prog rock show ever!
Hold on a minute - a CD release?
22.9.14 -
With nothing else on the horizon, a CD release with us on it is worth a mention. It seems the majors are taking more notice of their back catalogue (and everybody else's) now that they've tumbled that people of our vintage are the only ones actually buying music these days. This Sony Music release is volume 5 in an apparent series and is a double compilation set featuring all original recordings of 'Australian Pop in the 70s' called, Keep On Rockin', named after the opening track by Brian Cadd.
Of interest (to me anyway) is the Lotus single, Lotus 1 (I'll Be Gone), which I mentioned in a P&W a little while ago, but there is a diverse selection of material, (including Ariel's Jamaican Farewell) drawn from the rich tapestry that is Oz Rock.
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