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Keaton eyes off the drummer's stool (Wazz)
gig report
Sun. 24.8.14 St Andrews pub

The trio cuts loose at St Annies
25.8.14 - Daryl's in Europe at the moment and so we were compelled to tackle the St Andrews gig as a three-piece for a change. There was a good crowd in attendance and some friends made it along as well to brighten our day. Rosemary and Georgina were there and Petrina and Lex brought some of their friends along who were returning to the UK that evening - good to see them all get up for a dance too.
I had a more positive experience with the vocal effects pedal and
I have a plan in mind to make it an even more more seamless operation. In the meantime I had a day out - it might've been the pink shirt I was wearing or it might've been finally shaking the virus that's been dogging me for the last month, but it all worked and we didn't miss the keyboards too much..

The view of proceedings from my booth in the Wonderland Spiegeltent
gig report
Fri. 15.8.14 Spectrum trio at the Burrinja Café Upwey
Sat. 16.8.14 Mike at the Wonderland Spiegeltent with the Lowdoown Hokum Orchestra
This is the way it should be..
17.8.14 -
I got a call from Susie at the Burrinja Café late on Friday arvo saying the bookings were a bit light on for that evening, which information didn't help a lot in the scheme of things, but I was very pleased to see Kath, Margaret and Syl already installed when we arrived. I suppose the room might've been half full by the time we struck the first blow - Broc's Kathleen kindly filled in as door person otherwise we would've gone
home empty-handed as well.
If I sound slightly embittered I guess it's because Friday night's Burrinja Café gig was the anniversary of the last gig we played with Bill at the same venue and you'd hope for something a little more organised and, well, significant. Anyway, the folk that were there gave the impression of enjoying the night and the band certainly gave its all.
It's now Saturday night and time for something completely different. A spot for me and my song in the Wonderland Spiegeltent, (which now nestles permanently under the Observation Wheel in Wastelands), at the invitation of Doc White and his Lowdown Hokum Orchestra and Burlesque Revue. The venue (pic) has loads of atmosphere before the show even starts, but the good doctor's vision includes all the vital elements of pre or post war entertainment i.e. a loose musical narrative of sex, jealousy and musical differences with three interpretive strippers providing ample illumination - or distraction. Doc White and Nichaud Fitzgibbon (whom I'd not met before) took the lead roles, but I knew bassist Pete Howell and a couple of the other band members too.
I sat in a reserved booth with Way Out West's Rob Rowe and his photographer wife Wendy, (who posted some great shots on FB), Richard Stubbs' brother Billy and his son Jeremy and Bob Starkie and partner Chrissie. I think it caught some of them by surprise near the end of the show when I lurched out of my seat and appeared in front of the band before a sold-out crowd for a rousing version of I'll Be Gone!
It was great fun and I hope that I can jump on Doc White's gravy train next time it pulls in to Mt Waverley station.

The intimate surrounds of the Wild Thyme Cafe had the audience spilling onto the footpath 2) David Skewes (Gravias)
gig report
Sat. 9.8.14 Spectrum at The Wild Thyme Cafe Warburton
Sun. 10.8.14 Hey Gringo at The Cabana Lounge with guests
Time no object at the Wild Thyme..

11.8.14 - Robbo was a tad late getting to my place so I was already a bit under the hammer loading in and setting up for a 6.30 start when a rangy looking chap in a red track suit sought to have a word. I was initially tempted to postpone the conversation - but when he introduced himself as David Skewes I nearly fell over. I rehearsed with David when I was putting Spectrum together back in 1969 and I remember being devastated when he packed up his Hammond and Leslie and went home. (Although we might've been rehearsing at his place now that I think about it). Anyway, David and I chatted over the night and he told me he'd gone back to Perth and played in a WA band called Innocent Bystanders who toured the east coast in the mid '80s.
Despite the cramped conditions I was glad we weren't playing outdoors and it was nice to have Daz back in the line-up after a series of trio gigs. I suppose the highlight of the night came after I'd said goodnight at 9.30 only to be fronted by the owner who rather tersely asked if we were going to play till 10.30 or not. I suppose I was in a good mood and so I agreed - and the last last set turned out to be a lot of fun too. In fact, the audience had been rather tested with the catering which had left quite a lot to be desired, but in the end patrons, staff and band managed to maintain a positive mood and the night ended well.
*See and hear a vid from the night of I Wanna Know
On Sunday I took Maria and Chris down to the East Malvern RSL, aka The Cabana Lounge, where Daz's band Hey Gringo was playing the arvo shift. They had a young clarinet player doubling up with their regular sax player, but he had another sax commitment at 5.30 so Daz had invited me to sit in on the last set. Chris thoroughly enjoyed the music and even threw in a line or two of his own for good measure in Louie, Louie.
Mae Parker promised Spectrum a gig there in October, so we'll see you all there then!

Daz and the band give Mike some vocal backing to a half-remembered tune or two.. (Gravias)

It was cold outside - damn cold! But the music was quite hot inside (Gravias)
gig report
Sat. 2.8.14 Vesbar Wine Lounge
The trio warms up the room..
3.8.14 -
Just having the door open to get the gear in was enough to trigger howls of protest from the patrons, but once we were all set up and began to play the atmosphere warmed up considerably. My brain was certainly stimulated to boiling point working in the new vocal processor and, while there are some bugs still to iron out I was pleased with the results. Gigs have been at a premium lately so just remembering the set list is an achievement. *Listen to Rocket Girl recorded at the Vesbar
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