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Daz (Chopped Liver at his own gig) with Neale Johns singing Seasons of Change
gig review
Sun. 20.7.14 Hey Gringo's CD launch at the Wesley Anne in Northcote
A very nice arvo for the Gringos..
21.7.14 - I don't know why but I was in a bit of a flap about Daryl's launch yesterday at the Wesley Anne. Probably because, due to sloppiness bordering on negligence, I'd been the cause of the launch's date being changed from the Saturday night to the Sunday arvo. The band was in full flight when Maria, Chris and I arrived with guitarist Brian Strafford notably being applauded for nearly every solo by the good crowd of Gringos' supporters in the room.
I was invited up early in the second set to perform a couple of tunes (Limbo Man and I'll Be Gone) which went OK too, then it was Neale Johns' turn. (pic)
Neale and I popped up at the end of the last set too and the crowd really got into the Gringo 'vibe'. It was a fun arvo and I hope Daz gave the best of Gringo CD a bit of a leg up - although at #15 on the roots charts he's doing pretty well already!

1) It was cold outside - damn cold, but the band was red hot (pic Carolan)
gig report
Sat. 12.7.14 Lomond Hotel
The trio fires at the Lomond
13.7.14 -
I was almost shocked to find the Lomond full to the gills when I arrived last night, but reasoned to myself that they must've been there to see someone else or to simply have a meal and would all go home before we even started playing.
That wasn't the case however and the place had only got fuller by the time we'd set up. We haven't played for nearly a month but I'd rashly decided to make things harder for myself by premiering
my new Boss voice processor pedal on the night - which didn't work out too badly in the event. It really has more application for my solo gigs but it's going to be an asset with the band too.
The crowd was chatty but very receptive, both of which helped any concerns about fudging the odd lyric or losing the odd chord and the band had a lovely night. Mind you, it was a particularly tough night for Broc who'd just returned from the tropical climes of Darwin and had to buy a new car just to get to the gig.
We had a lot of friends in the audience, including Heather Bass (plus family and friends) and Peter Carolan (who sent me the pics) and his mates Glenn and Bob. (pic 2) There were also a number of people who hadn't seen us play for decades and who made a point of telling us how thrilled they were to see and hear us again...

2) Peter Carolan, Glenn, Broc and Bob braved the wintery conditions (Carolan)

Phil at Bill's Last Gig last year
Imperceptible progress on the album - but progress anyway..
9.7.14 -
I wasn't too surprised when Phil Manning rang me from the Glen Waverley station last Thursday having overshot Mt Waverley by a stop, and in the event picked him up just a matter of minutes later from the Mt Waverley station and took him back to the comparative warmth of my place. I'd planned for him to add some guitar licks to Let Me Love You Baby, a Buddy Guy song he'd introduced us to when Spectrum did the Riverina tour ago with him and Brod Smith a few years - and that's exactly what we did.
Maria had gone out and left me a Thai red curry made with eggplant to heat up after the session. Phil was pretty happy with it and vowed to incorporate eggplant in his next curry - he and Philippa are regular visitors to Asia and have just come back from a holiday in Indonesia.
I think it might've been the same day that I got a timely call from young Jimmie Sloggett, so he might be the next to try a curry..
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