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1) One of the many posters on display 2) Ed Nimmervoll strikes the pose and talks the talk at Storey Hall
Music, Melbourne and Me: 40 years of Mushroom and Melbourne's Popular Music Culture
26.11.13 - The inflated title says it all really. The exhibition apparently 'developed from research by RMIT's School of Media and Communication into aspects of celebrity, nostalgia and popular music culture', which might explain the tack taken by today's speakers, Dr Kipps Horn, Program Director of RMIT's Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) and 'our own' Ed Nimmervoll at the RMIT Gallery, or Storey Hall (where Ed confided that he saw his first live rock band). Not that I heard every word over the thirty or so minutes they were speaking - Storey Hall's acoustics were always questionable - and that underscored the feeling I got that the posters, videos, stageclothes and other artefacts on show were somewhat hollow relics from a bygone era.

1) Broc has a pleasant chat to one of the Carolan guests 2) Robbo plays an air chord while Mike sings Happy Birthday
3) Peter Carolan reads a special 60th birthday piece to the family (plus Maria) which got Natalie adjusting her hair..
gig report
Sun. 24.11.13 Peter Carolan's 60th
Peter Carolan's birthday party defies the odds
25.11.13 -
The weather had turned quite nasty as we left Mt Waverley for Forest Hill so I was a bit concerned that Peter's birthday BBQ by the pool might be washed out altogether, but in the event the showers trailed away and by the time we started playing it had decided to settle down and be pleasant - and what little rain there was would be successfully deflected by Peter's impromptu awning over the band. Musically it was another good run-through for Broc and as a special treat Peter's daughter Natalie got up and sang Summertime with us, which was very lovely despite the theme being perhaps a little premature.
All in all it was a happy reunion though - Spectrum played at Peter's 50th ten years ago and Bill and I played at his 40th ten years before that. I don't know if Elene is thinking about booking us for Pete's 70th, but we might have to celebrate it a few years early if she wants me to be there..

The view from the artist's stool on a quiet Sunday evening at The Vesbar in downtown Somerville - then to dinner!
gig report
Sun. 17.11.13 Mike at The Vesbar Somerville
An evening of quiet solitude at The Vesbar
18.11.13 -
I squibbed on my determination to debut Bill's Lottery song at the 3MDR Big Gig the previous night, so I was damned if I wasn't going to pull it off in the relaxed surroundings of my Vesbar gig in Somerville - and happily I did exactly that. It went well too, so the next thing is to record a version to go on the blues album that Bill helped record before he died so suddenly.
As to my performance, there were less blemishes overall and the Jam Man behaved itself for the most part. As well as It's a Lottery I debuted a solo version of John Lee Hooker's Dimples, which I used to do with The Chants way back when and which Spectrum's also recorded for the blues album..
Bev and Leigh had invited Maria and me to join them at the Indian restaurant after the show and we had a smashing meal together. They are a generous couple and I'm looking forward to working The Vesbar again - maybe Bev will join me for a version of Having a Wonderful Time..


Catfish Voodoo do do what they do so well - it's called the blues kids..
gig report
Sat. 16.11.13 3MDR fundraiser Emerald Hall
Sixties back for 3MDR Big Gig
17.11.13 -
I'm assuming it was Catfish Voodoo on stage when we arrived and they very much reminded me of a typical sixties' band. Anyway, they were great and I didn't really mind that they played into Spectrum's time by a good ten minutes they were such fun. Finally it was our turn and after opening the set with IBG we followed suit with a totally blues set and even though I shied away from trying Bill's Lottery song I think we did OK - another notch in Broc's belt. * Some excellent pics from the show on Jovian Projects FB page

And the Melbourne Cup goes to..

1) Mike with the Sandman release of Ariel's last concert 2) Ross Wilson fires up at the Way Out West Roots Club

3) Eric McCusker - the guitarists' guitarist 4) Ross and The Peaceniks go for it at the Caravan Club
gig report
Fri. 1.11.13 - Mike with Ross Wilson at the Willy RSL Sat. 2 & 3.11.13 Ross Wilson at the Catravan Club
A rockin' Cup Carnival weekend with Ross Wilson
4.11.13 - Before I start I should mention that while at the Myeloma Foundation Luncheon at the MCG on Friday, Ted Lethborg of Sandman Records presented me (pic 1) with a couple of copies of Ariel's Aloha and More From Before double CD (Ariel's final 1977 concert at the Dallas Brooks Hall) which I know quite a few people have been chasing over the years. I shall get it in stock and put it up on the CDs page later this week. (It's up!)
I saw Ross Wilson at Bill's Last Gig back in August and he invited me then to appear with him and The Peaceniks at three gigs over this Spring Racing Carnival encompassing the Willy RSL on Friday and the two appearances at the Caravan Club on Saturday and Sunday. At the time I thought the invitation showed considerable solidarity which is perhaps at odds with the public perception of Ross as somewhat cool and detached. So, by your actions you shall be known.
Anyway, last Thursday it all started to take shape at the Deluxe rehearsal studios where I re-established contact with Chris Paraha, Haydn Meggitt and Eric McCusker and met keyboardist Colin Snape for the first time. It was only after we'd played through my modest list of songs I realised that a) I'd forgotten that I'd parked in a one hour zone and b) that the rehearsal was solely about getting my songs together - I'd imagined that the band had other things to run though as well.
In fact, I didn't know the actual format of the evening until after we'd sound checked at the Willy RSL, where, incidentally, I was made to feel very welcome by Rob and Wendy Rowe and fellow Way Out West travellers. Unfortunately, duiring my opening set there was an 'incident' with my amp, (there's some sort of hoodoo at the Willy RSL - that's not the first time I've had an amp issue there), which meant I was quite uncomfortable for the first three numbers, but fortunately that was rectified when Ross joined us for Good Mornin' Little Schoolgirl and the rest of the set went OK.
The next night at the Caravan Club the on-stage sound was noticeably tighter and my set seemed to go over a little better and by yesterday arvo everybody had relaxed and the crowd really got involved - but of course that was the last of the Rockin' Spring Carnival trio of gigs. As I sat out in the audience with Maria and the Robbos and Daz and Deb watching Ross' set I reflected on our parallel careers over the last forty-six (!) years and came to the conclusion that if it's attitude that makes us 'old' then neither of us is going to throw in the towel anytime soon. So there.
* Check out some pics by Glenn Bear on Facebook and feedback from Andrew Smith on the Correspondence page

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