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1) Mike is having far too much fun on his own (Heuch) 2) Chris Heuch and Mike 3) *Stan the bearded man photographer
gig report
Sun.24.3.13 Vesbar Wine Lounge Somerville
A later evening than anticipated ends well

25.3.13 - About half way down to Somerville I realised I'd left my feedback-reducing rubber plug for George at home. Oh well, an enforced experiment I thought to myself in philosophical mode. 'You're early,' Bev observed as I stumbled in to the Vesbar out of the afternoon glare. I usually arrive an hour before the starting time so I didn't comment but accepted the offer of a cup of tea and some gluten-free shortbread..
I started playing at 4.00, more or less to an audience of one, Chris Heuch, (pic 2) with whom I'd had some e-mail correspondence after the Mornington gig the week before. It was only when I went to the toilet after the first set that I noticed the poster with the start time advertised at 5.00 - and sure enough, two table-loads of people arrived to claim their reserved tables after 5.00. Bev and I have had more than our share of missed and miscommunications, but this took the gluten-free cake. The good thing was that I was nicely warmed up by now, so the next couple of hours whizzed by and I had a lot of fun 'plinging & saying' and got a very warm response from the audience. George's new lighter gauge strings seemed to do the trick and I didn't get too much trouble without my rubber plug apart from the slightly muddy bottom end.
At about 7.30 Bev and Leigh hustled me into the next door Indian restaurant where we shared some heavenly lamb cutlets and some very happy chat. Bev and I surmised there's probably another Vesbar gig in the pipeline, but we're both going to check just to make sure..
* Stan Barnett is compiling pics of bearded blokes for a book he's planning to publish to support various charities - the Leukemia Foundation has endorsed the project for instance. You can check on his progress on YouTube

1) The Mornington Peninsula Brewery symbol 2) Chris Heuch (standing) and The Bash crew seemed to have a great arvo

3) Lisa's sister Karen, David, Lisa and Karen's daughter Melanie + Keaton
gig report
Sat. 17.3.13 Mornington Peninsula Brewery

A booze up in a Brewery
18.3.13 -
I overheard Trevor Courtney once say that I couldn't organise a booze up in a brewery - which proved to be the catalyst for my taking The Chants over to Melbourne from Christchurch back in 1966, but the Mornington Peninsula Brewery isn't just a great place to imbibe a boutique beer; it's also a good place to catch a band like Spectrum on a Sunday arvo.
For the band in question it's a good
place to make a too rare connection with our Peninsula audience - not that most of the crowd was there to specifically see Spectrum, but there were enough there to make it seem like a home away from, including Chris, Deborah , Bryan and Bevie (pic 2) from The Bash a couple of years ago.
The blues set got delayed while a busload of beer tourists sampled some of the beer made on the premises, but we had a solid corps of dancers up on their feet when we finally got started. Overall it was a great arvo and it was good to meet and chat with some old, and new friends - and we certainly enjoyed making the music.

4) Former Brissie footballer, now Tiger staffer Justin Leppitsch enjoyed the band 5) Spectrum plays de blues (Heuch)

Rosemary's brother Ian presents a poem to celebrate Rosemary's 60th
gig report
Fri. 15.3.13 The Ivy Sat. 16.3.13 Rosemary's party
A quiet night in Olinda
17.3.13 -
If it wasn't for Ron and Heather there would've been nobody at all to greet us on Friday night at The Ivy Lounge Bar. There were factors - the NAB Cup final and the onset of cooler weather - but I wasn't convinced either was compelling. Ron brought along a finely crafted harp tray to attach to my mic stand, so the night wasn't entirely wasted - and the pizzas were appreciated, of course.
Last night I drove Robbo out to Rosewood to help Bill present some acoustic music for
the entertainment of Rosemary's birthday party guests. It was good fun too and Robbo had fun debuting his new cajon (pron. cahoon) drum box.
We left early at about 9.00 and arrived home safely despite a scary episode with the van spinning out on the wet Strathie road. It was kind of miraculous we didn't hit anything really. Two new tyres to be ordered for the van first thing on Monday!

1) The Beveridge manager Mick (standing) and friends 2) Mike makes a fashion statement (Wazz)
gig report
Sat. 9.3.13 Beveridge Tavern Beveridge
Mike shows a leg at the Beveridge Tavern
10.3.13 -
Google Maps didn't help by misdirecting me past Beveridge to Wallan and so I wouldn't be surprised if I'd collected a speeding ticket on the way back down the Hume Fwy to the Beveridge Tavern. Pissed off, but not surprised. We were in plenty of time though and were able to have a surprisingly good meal (and squirt on some insect repellent) before we started the first set at 9.00. The night was balmy and windless so we were instructed to set up outside where an expectant crowd assembled in the semi-darkness. (The subdued lighting created a few problems seeing where I was on the fretboard). It was so balmy I decided to stay in my shorts and sandals (pic 2) and finally catch up with the fashion cue provided by Faith No More late last century. I might even do it again.
A young lady with sparkling shoes did cartwheels in front of the band before some of the punters took the hint and started to dance. We had some interesting conversations during the night which I suspect we might resume when we play there again.
The whole SA tour in too many words and pics..

1) Geoff Miller surveys the goings on in his kitchen 2) Mick Wordley describes his bout with sensory deprivation

3) Andi Miller and Uncle Bill 4) Chris and Greg at the Crown Hotel 5) Maree Phillips program manager at 5EFM

6) Michael Morris first ran into me at the Dom Polski Centre 7) The Hampstead's Jeff Dickson chats with Daz

8) The Hampstead banner with two lots of idiots 9) Andrew Shanks (right) gives the thumbs up before the Myponga chat
gig report
Spectrum's SA Tour Thurs. 28.2.13 (duo) Hotel Crown Victor Harbor Fri. 1.3.13 Hampsted Hotel
Sat. 2.3.13 Inglewood Inn (arvo) Waterloo Station Hotel Sun. 3.3.13 Semaphore Workers Club
The tears-in-beers tour - feel the love in the room..
6.3.13 -
Bill and I left Melbourne on Wednesday morning for South Australia on a perfect day for driving. I hadn't realised there was so much on in Adelaide when I made the bookings, (Clipsal 500, Fringe Festival etc.) so I was a little nervous about our prospects, particularly at the Coles group pubs (the Hampstead and the Waterloo Station) which we'd not played before, but I was looking forward to the trip anyway. We haven't played in SA for over a year and that's too long an absence from a town where we've got so many friends.
We checked into our motel in Glen Osmond and left almost immediately to take up Geoff 'Goof' Miller's (pic 1) invitation to sup with the Millers and some other unspecified guests. Bill doesn't usually drink but chose a nice bottle of Marlborough Sav. Plonk to bring along - which had some good effects (he slept well) and some other unmentionable consequences. Anyway, it was lovely to reacquaint ourselves with Geoff and Ju and their lovely daughter, Andi, (pic 3) and to chat into the night with our co-guests, Geoff's bro' Adrian, a bloke called Scruff and our old mate, Mick Wordley. (pic 2)
After we'd picked up the lights from another old mate, Tim Freedman at Allpro the next morning, Bill and I were visited by Andrew Shanks (pic 9) and his intrepid filmcrew to be interrogated about the Myponga Festival back in 1971. Neither of us could remember too much about it, so it was just as well we'd invited him down to film us in action at the Semaphore gig on the Sunday where I introduced him to a whole audience with actual Myponga memories.
That evening Bill and I were playing a duo gig at the Crown Hotel (Hotel Crown) in Victor Harbor. I'd done a phone interview the day before on 5EFM and the program manager, Maree Phillips, (pic 5) popped down to the Crown for a listen. I don't know if it was the incessant swirling wind or the unexpected bass-trap where we'd set up, but Bill and I both felt unsettled all night and so we've now decided that perhaps the duo's not really suited to playing pubs after all. In future the duo will concentrate on cafés and gigs like the upcoming Cabana Lounge gig. Better late than never I s'pose.
Robbo and Daz flew in early the next morning and next thing we know we're loading in at the Hampstead Hotel where my FaceBook friends had reported a large banner advertising Spectrum's appearance at the hotel a couple of weeks or more ago. The manager Jeff Dickson (pic 7) introduced himself and actually offered to give the afore-mentioned banner to us after taking some shots of us posing with it. (pic 8) There was a great crowd in the room that night, (including rel's Barry, Val, Lesley and Micool), and everybody seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, although Bill noticed a few couples shedding the odd tear into their beers. The size and configuration of the room means we might hire a bigger PA next time we play there..
On the Saturday we had two gigs. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to this, so I'd hired a keen young man (Josh) to help us with the load in and out at the second gig at the Waterloo. The arvo gig was our regular 'charity' appearance for Variety's Kerry and Matin Philcox, but relocated from the Bierhaus to the Inglewood Inn in the hills just outside the city's northern limits. On first look there seemed altogether too much glass for it to sound any good, but it was probably the best and most detailed sound we had on the tour - the owner Peter Howell was rightly proud of it. The only problem we had all day was the hot sun baking us through all that glass - but we managed to struggle through the heat OK. Maybe next time they'll have the enticing-looking outdoors setting ready for musical performances.
Again Bill observed the tears-in-beers phenomenon, but clearly everybody was overjoyed with the way it went and we'll look forward to doing it again on the next tour.
We'd got to the Waterloo Station Hotel a lot quicker than anticipated, so we had time to relax over some drinks while we considered where best to set up, then Josh arrived and we had the gear set up in a flash. Some of our old mates from the nearby BLF HQ had been waiting for us at the bar, but a good part of the audience knew nothing about us and I was pleased that we'd won them over by the end of the night. Steve (pic 12) insisted on buying us a bottle of Johnny Walker even though I told him we didn't really drink scotch. We appreciated the gesture anyhow - it made us feel very rock 'n' roll.
The next morning Adrian Miller picked Bill and me up to do a pre-record for his Songcatcher show on Radio Adelaide before we mosied down to our favourite Adelaide gig, the Semaphore Workers Club. (Comrade!) By the end of the Waterloo gig I was getting concerned that my voice wasn't going to go the distance, but that turned out to be the least of my worries. Maybe it was the beta-blocker I had before the show, but I was feeling just a little too relaxed and unfocused. Fortunately there were some truly outstanding musical moments in the second set that reminded me of the best of some of our former bands. I guess that's what a few days of concentrated playing can do for you, apart from simply exhausting you, of course.
We drifted back into China Town in a comfortably numb frame of mind and enjoyed the ritual Spectrum celebratory Chinese meal. I've just been talking to Peter Serk (pic 15) on the phone and we're considering another SA tour in October/November. Bring it on!

10) Running for the exit after the show at the Inglewood Inn 11) Kerry's daughter Kathryn took some nice shots

12) Daz and Steve - thanks for the whisky Steve! 13) Me at the Semaphore Workers (Hunter)

14) Bill at the Semaphore (Hunter) 15) Spectrum with our world's best-practice Adelaide agent, Peter Serk
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