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Terry Chapman and Grant Beech in the B&W '70s
And this is what makes it all worth while..
28.11.12 -
I can put up any old pic on FaceBook and I get an instantaneous response, but the monthly Pith & Wind often goes unacknowledged, so it's nice to get a empathetic nod from a P&W correspondent every now and then. You can read Terry Chapman's comments and reminiscences on the Correspondence page.
When I asked Terry if I could reprint his e-mail he sent back the accompanying pic. Terry says about the pic: 'That was me in 1971 - on the left (below), trying to look cool with hands in pockets. Those were my Sebastian’s ‘salad days’. The guy with me is Grant Beech, a drummer friend at the time, don’t know what became of him?'
Well, maybe someone out there knows and can let us know.
Roadies Collective..

1) We meet Hugh McSpedden on the way to St Kilda Bowling Club 2) Bill and Nick Chugg get reacquainted post LWTTT

3) Mal Logan joined Spectrum on keys later on 4) Mike Gudinski looks fightting fit after a difficult year health-wise

5) Greg Noakes tries to organise a rabble of roadies to take their picture 6) Ian Rumboldt stumbles with his award
gig report
Sun. 25.11.12 Roadies Revenge St Kilda Bowling Club
The inaugural ARCC reunion - check one, two..
26.11.12 - I gathered from the tenor of the often quite passionate speeches during the afternoon that the prime motivation for this overdue roadies' get-together was a general disquiet about the number of suicides in the ranks of ex-roadies. Musicians have got a couple of benevolent societies in Support Act and Entertainment Assist, but the roadies, who served us so well for so long all those years ago and often in the most difficult of cicumstances, have had nothing to assist them in the post-glory days. So, now they have the Australian Road Crew Collective and it was good to catch up with some of the survivors yesterday at the St Kilda Bowling Club, although recognition was often slow (on both sides) as quite a few of us have changed dramatically in the intervening years.
Ian 'Piggy' Peel had suggested we might like a bit of a play after the formalities, so I volunteered the trio. Robbo arrived just in time from his arvo gig at the Yarra Glen and Mal Logan (pic 3) jumped onto the keys to help us out with a brief set of mostly blues tunes. My voice all but disappeared after a couple of songs, which'll happen when you're struggling to hear yourself, and Bill was confined to being DI'ed after the bass amp carked it in an earlier misadventure with Roger McLaughlin. Hmmm...
Anyway, it was all in good fun and I think we were all happy just to be there. I hope the ARCC gets into stride quickly and achieves their aim of saving a few of their ailing constituents from bowing out prematurely.

The Mann (left) and friend conspire behind the scenes
gig report
Sat. 17 11 12 The Mann's 50th The Mannsion Seaford
The Mann's 50th spins out
18.11.12 -
'What are you guys doin' here?' enquired the perpetually exuberant Jim Mann as Bill and I wandered into The Mannsion, actually a factory space on an industrial estate in Seaford. Well, we were kinda early, so we shufflled off to Franger-town and had a bite before returning to set up next to Jim's veritable Luddys deep in the chaos of his workshop-cum-living space.
The first set was fairly restrained, with a few Spectrum devotees knowledgeably identifying the occasional relic, but things livened up in the second set, with Michelle Johns joining us on keys and Jim chiming in on the Luddys. Let's say it was as close to Gary Glitter as I'd ever own up to..

The Drs Sellers' put on a happy face in Elwood's very own Inferno
gig report
Sat. 10.11.12 Elsternwick Hotel
Life's too short..
11.11.12 - Today used to be known as Armistice Day, a day to reflect on the war to end all wars specifically, but you'll excuse me if I subvert the theme ever so slightly. Yesterday began ordinarily enough but started turning to shit shortly after lunch when I discovered I'd misplaced the keys for the shed, thwarting any ambitions I had for tackling the garden. I turned this reverse into an excuse for vacuuming my bedroom more thoroughly than I've done since I moved in a couple of years ago and
thought that might be the end of it.
Bill arrived and we packed the van. Bill asked where the red bag was, the one with all the critical leads for the PA. We couldn't find it. I rang Nik in Ivanhoe where we played on Melbourne Cup Day and he confirmed it was there - where I'd left it. Bill volunteered to pick it up and meet me at the Elsternwick, which he duly did, and by which time I'd met the Sellers' (pic) and we'd had a pleasant enough meal in the bistro.
Robbo remarked as we were setting up that it felt like we were in some country pub, by which I understood that it felt like we were trapped in some diabolical time warp. For instance, the door to the outside smoking area remained open all night and the smoke drifted into the room unimpeded - I could feel it catching at the back of my throat and . I can still smell smoke on my clothes and in my hair.
The worst feature however was the wretched sound insulation. At the end of the night I likened the experience to the National Press Club, where the sound is similarly suppressed, but without the climax. This also meant the recorded music before and in between our sets was cranked up to the level of distortion in an attempt to create some residual atmosphere and when we started to play it we sounded like some group of mediaeval minstrels plucking on their lutes and banging on tambourines by comparison.
It was a time warp all right - and I suppose I might've managed a wry smile had I been able to enjoy the playing side of things, but the discomfort was unrelenting and I felt sorry for the good people I'd lured into checking us out on the night. It won't happen again.
Once in a Green Moon..

Play like there's nobody there. There's somebody. Waddawe gonna do now?
gig report
Tues. 6.11.12 Nik Matovinovic's place in Ivanhoe
Melbourne Cup Day doesn't go quite according to script..
6.11.12 - It quite often rains on Melbourne Cup Day, so we set up in Nik's garage rather than in front of it as we have in the past. The forecast was equivocal, so we were rather hoping that it wasn't going to rain this time, but at least we weren't going to get electrocuted if it did. We started playing just after 2.00 and about forty minutes later the rain started, so we adjourned to watch the running of the Cup. Robbo had picked the winner, so at least he won a few bob. The next set went about the same distance when the thunder clouds rolled in and we had to call a halt to proceedings again. This time it was for good, which was a shame 'cause we were really enjoying ourselves. Nik was philosophical even after the van got stuck near the top of his drive and I had to roll it all the way back down to get a little bit of a run at it. Maybe we'll have better luck next year..

Fiddler Nic Lyons gives Strathie Bill the glad eye
In North Melbourne tonight
5.11.12 - I've forgotten how many years I've been doing this now, but I'm grateful that Bill takes the time to come down from the hills and help me out these days. This year the well-known Welsh gypsy, Nic Lyons, (pic) was in the room and immediately volunteered to help out with some fiddle on our one contribution to the evening's festivities, the inevitable party trick, The Song etc. Everybody joined in of course, which I imagine ensures we'll be back again next year.
It's all in a good cause. It's sub-titled 'An evening with Tony Cavanagh and friends' and the proceeds go to Support Act. The venue had been shifted back to the Czech House, but thankfully it was relocated at the last minute to Candelles. Anybody who was anybody in the '60s was in attendance.
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