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1) Professor Luckhurst's dessert has gone pear-shaped 2) Anita Monk tries to follow Bill
The month flies by..
28.7.11 -
Those of you who turn to this page regularly could be excused for thinking that nothing has been happening in the off-stage world of Rudd, but that conclusion could scarcely be further from the truth. (Well, the facts then - I won't let the truth get in the way of a good story).
Why, only last weekend I visited Chris Kay and his
guest Professor Mary Luckhurst in the depths of Croydon and supped on goat and other exotic substances during yet another five star evening, (pic 1) and just yesterday Bill came over to Mt Waverley to join me in being interrogated by Wrokdown's Anita Monk (pic 2) concerning anecdotes about the late Harvey James for possible inclusion on a Harvey James DVD, which will feature footage from both the Melbourne and Sydney concerts - that's if it ever happens..

1) Liam is just as cute as he looks 2) Trevor checks his apps
The doings in Camberwell - backwards..
16.7.11 -
One might conclude that there's been nothing going on in my life for the past few weeks judging by the lack of reportage on this page, but the opposite is truer. For instance, today was Choclatté Adam's birthday and Kirby co-opted Chris and me into singing Happy Birthday with her to a distinctly hapless Adam. As it happened, I was the lucky recipient of a surprise unbirthday gift, perhaps for my millionth visit there. Anyway, once I've learnt how to use it I'll be bringing my new mp3 player along to gigs instead of the old CD player.
I took Chris over to Uncle Terry's place after
Choclatté and helped him move his old dishwasher down to the shed after a nice chat and a cuppa. Chris seemed to enjoy his weekend with dad after not seeing me at all the previous week due to Spectrum's interstate commitments.
The Leedens (pics 1 & 2) are in town briefly and are being reminded of real winters again. Trevor had to be restrained from modelling his genuine coonskin cap that he picked up at the (actual) Alamo.
Perhaps inspired by Trevor's New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival name-dropping, I bought the Crossroads 3 DVD the other day and Dr Wazz, Chris and I watched some selections after a world's best pizza from 1016 Woodfire Pizzas, but as I find outfits boasting three or four or more guitarists a bore, I was slightly disappointed. I'm still hopeful closer inspection will reveal some gems however.
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