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1) Geoff and Kath McClatchy enjoyed the first couple of sets 2) Tina and Ross Ryan sat at the celebrity table

3) McTubby and Tony D. Smith
gig report
The Palace Hotel Camberwell Sun 27.2.11
An arvo of surprises for Crudd & Pump
28.2.11 -
As I dropped in some posters in to The Palace the previous Sunday, Ben asked me, (seriously), 'how many people are you bringing?' I stammered I was letting our mail list know about the gig, ('awesome'), but inwardly I wasn't counting on there being a big turnout. O ye of little faith! It became plain there was a healthy crowd building up even as we were setting up, including quite a number of our friends who'd spotted we were somewhere in the vicinity for a change.
Just before we started the first set I got a call from Robbo who'd just left Ballarat. I'd always figured the trio would be better for the room, so I was relieved to hear he was on the way - and so it happened that Robbo marched into the room replete with kilt and marching drum and joined in on Spoonful to the delight of the crowd - and Bill and me. The last set was an absolute blast and it was good to see Robbo's classic little Gretsch kit finally initiated into Spectrum's world. Hooray!
1) Ian Collard goes blues roots 2) Shannon goes stratospheric gig report
Clifton Hill Hotel 9.2.11
Mike's solo Acoustic Wednesday
10.2.11 -
I felt an odd throat thing coming on the night before and by the time I got to the Clifton Hill last night I knew I was well and truly stuck with it. I was first up on a bill that included Ian Collard (pic 1) and Shannon Bourne, (pic 2) all of us uncharacteristically playing solo - Rod Claringbold said it was just a fluke - and I was experimenting using my crappy Canora nylon-string that Brenden bugged for me late last year, so I didn't need any extra complications. There was a good crowd for a change, perhaps due to there being two birthdays being celebrated - and both girls that I knew too;
the Clifton Hill's former sound engineer, Miss Vicky, and SLAM's Anne O'Rourke. (pic Facebook) Anyway, despite the parlous state of my voice I got a very nice reception plus a very sweet back-announcement from Ian Collard as he launched into his rootsy blues set. I've got nothing but admiration for his harness blues harp playing while playing his guitar (well) at the same time - that's got to be damn hard and he makes it sound so easy!
Shannon was on next but I only managed to stay for three spacey numbers before melting into the night and heading back to Mt Waverley to prepare for my upcoming NZ odyssey.
NB - In case you missed it, Spectrum's gig at the Palace on Sun. 27th has been down-scaled to just Bill and me. See you there!
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