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Spectrum still performing live!
30.5.04 -
Yes, it's true! Things have been slow lately, but we still manage the odd gig or two. Why, only last weekend we loaded up the van and hurtled down to the Lomond on Saturday night and then repeated the effort the following afternoon at the St Andrews' pub. (see pic)
The cause of our self-imposed exile is out of our hands now, and June promises to be a much busier month - check the gig guide to see what we're up to.
Another cover of a Spectrum song
28.5.04 - Sound Vault stable mates, the Hornets Trio, have a new CD out, The Suburban Beast, and they've included an old Spectrum instrumental, Going Home, at track #11. Actually, I'm playing the album as I write, and I'm really enjoying it. Maybe we should do a few gigs together sometime - I believe there might be moves afoot to do something like that. Hooray!
No Thinking master delivered to Sound Vault
28.5.04 - Yesterday, Bill, Jenny and I took the long way to Sound Vault in darkest West Melbourne and delivered the master for the No Thinking CD to Sound Vault head honcho, Adam Johnstone, who promptly half listened to the album before depositing the master in the Sound Vault sound vault (see pic).
The revised revision of the revised artwork has just been e-mailed to Sound Vault and will hopefully pass muster this time - because the release date is just a few weeks away!
After leaving Sound Vault, we all took a valium and headed on down to the Basement Discs 10th anniversary party to congratulate Rod and Suzanne on being the caring and sharing record retailers they most certainly are - and partake of some wine and nibblies and talk the talk to the sundry industry players present.
What a day! What a life!

Bill runs into Brian 'Gimpy' Cadd in Studio 2 at Metropolis, where Brian is recording something or other.
  SPTB's No Thinking CD mixed and mastered - now to conquer the World..
25.5.04 - No Thinking, the Spectrum Plays The Blues' long awaited follow-up to Spill, has finally been completed (bar the art-work), and should be on shop shelves on schedule in mid-June.
No Thinking follows the same precepts as Spill in that it's essentially a blues album, but mixes and matches classic blues songs from Sonny Boy Williamson and Willie Dixon with output from Marvin Gaye, the Beatles, Hank Williams and even George and Ira Gershwin.
There are a couple of songs from Mike and Bill to whet the appetite for an album of originals, including a real oddity in the spookily biographical I Know There Was Another Man There. As with Spill, No Thinking features guest appearances, including: Spill's Mal Logan, Ross 'the Boss' Wilson, Hammond Combo's Tim Neal, Hey Gringo's Daryl Roberts, and Living On A Volcano's Enza 'Cadenza' Pantano.
More No Thinking news is inevitable...
GI Recorders calls it a day

1) Robbo tells Rob Draper he's not invited to his wedding 2) Mike says not to worry, Rob can come to his wedding

The Fat Lady sings
14.5.04 -
With the callous repossession of the garage that housed GI Recorders by its rightful owners, Ross Ryan and Broc O'Connor reluctantly removed all their recording gear last Tuesday and sobbed a sad farewell to their home-away-from-home for so many years. Mike managed one last harp session for Rob Draper (pics courtesy of Ross Ryan) before they closed the doors for the last time. Ross and Broc are adjusting quite well to life with their respective families. 
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