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St Andrews, St Andrews..

1) The band launches absent-mindedly into Jamaican Farewell at 4.20 (Newman)

2) Chris was having a really good time 3) Tracey catches Lisa up with all the latest goss

4) Paparazzo Mick Newman and his fave radio jock, Siobhan 5) The Trollops interpret Esmeralda at the bar (Newman)
gig report
The St Andrews pubSun. 30.1.11
Baby, it's warm outside..
31.1.11 - I believe it only made it to 38° yesterday, but a measure of how hot it actually was that the traditional all-seasons fire wasn't blazing in the hearth when we arrived to set up at the St Andrews' pub - or perhaps that's simply because Stan is no longer supervising the room. Anyway, the heat and the alternative attractions (Big Day Out, Sting, the beach etc.) may have accounted for a slightly smaller crowd than usual, but it was clearly a case of feel the quality and not the width. Apart from my son Chris, (pic 2) who'd sayed at my place overnight, in attendance were the Trollops, (pic 5) welcoming back a fully-restored Jane (second left), Tracey (and David) who sat with Lisa Robbo, (pic 3) and surprise guest Siobhan (pron. shivawn) from Yarra Valley FM (99.1). Siobhan has a show on Fridays at midday called Girt by C which features Australiana and she responded to an e-mail I sent her prompted by her biggest fan, Mick Newman (pic 4). Of course, there were others too, and delightfully we knew nearly everyone in the room for a change. (I'll stick a couple more pics up on my Facebook page).
Anyway, it must've been a while since our last gig there, because we were getting comments about songs that people imagined were new or rearranged - or something. I think we were just thrilled to be playing again at our favourite pub and it all just sounded fresh as a result. Whatever, it was a fun arvo.
Spectrum's Australia Day 2011

1) A new Aussie citizen is made welcome 2) The girls shake their hair and taut booties..

3) Floyd's back - and he wants drum lessons from Robbo! 4) Bad hair day Robbo meets old friend Paula - Crikey!

5) Robbo wishes Ray good luck in his new job 6) Wendy and Steve Aitkenhead are fans from way back..

7) Steve Aitkenhead took this shot of the band during the blues set and even squeezed in Chopper!

8) Steve Aitkenhead took this nice shot of Bill too

gig report
Wed. 26.1.11 Lake Weeroona Bendigo
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie..
26.1.11 -
I believe that this is our fourth year at the Bendigo Rotary Club's Australia Day celebrations and so it can be justifiably termed an institution. We (intentionally) left Mt Waverley at 7.30 and arrived at the picturesque Lake Weeroona site exactly two hours later. When we left Mebourne for Bendigo it was cool and drizzly, and half way there I was beginning to doubt my choice of sandals and even turned the heater on. Fortunately the sun was shining on Bendigo when we arrived and not too hot either for a change, which made it very pleasant for everybody.
After setting up we adjourned to a café over the road for refreshments while the citizenship ceremony got under way.

We played the retro-Spectrum set first and it was good to be playing, the stage sound was perfect and the audience was enjoying it as much as we were. Our old Soundgarden mates Dave and Maree were there again, Ray and Di (pic 5) had rocked over from Waai, but the big surprise was to see the Trollops there in force and we enjoyed lunching with them before our next set. (pic 9)
The second set was mostly the blues and also went down very well, but by this time I'd worked out that I was having an AF (atrial fibrillation) episode, which accounted for my not feeling 100%. For that reason - and because I was doing a phoner to Bob Valentine on 88.3FM on the way home - I allowed Bill to take the wheel, and despite my misgivings he drove us all safely home to Mt Waverley where we said our goodbyes - and Robbo, whose hair was doing a Steve Irwin impression, said 'Crikey!'

9) Robbo, Bill and Chopper pose with Di, Maree, Heather and Lyn

Harv and Mike do bro' love*
Harv checks out (See some more thoughts on the Correspondence page)
17.1.11 -
You will have all heard by now that Harvey died a couple of days ago (Sat. 15th) at the Bairnsdale hospital. It wasn't unexpected I suppose, but it was still a jolt. It's good that the last, and lasting memories I'll have of him are from the benefit night (pic) back in November. I was personally astounded that he found the energy to last the entire night, let alone play - as only Harvey could - with nearly everybody that appeared on stage to honour him.
I know it was a matter of some regret for Harvey that Sherbet didn't take up the many opportunities to re-form the band. Harvey's typically delay-drenched guitar lines in the Sherbs' biggest hit Howzat will live on however, and it remains a tantalising sampler of what might have been.
Harvey said that he always treasured our times playing together and it was his work on Ariel's Rock & Roll Scars album that evoked the most response from fans and guitar afficianados alike. Back atcha man.*pic Alana Galea - see large pic

1) Dick & Mary (circled) attended the Minya Winery concert despite the damp weather
gig report
Sat. 8.1.11 The Minya Winery
The Minya Winery gig rocks in the damp
9.1.11 - Despite getting lost on the way to the same gig last year, I opted to try Google Maps again - and we got lost again! This time though we sorted it out quickly and arrived to set up with time to spare, only to be immediately showered on, which meant we had to reset the stage until we were safely shielded from the subsequent persistent drizzle.
Surprisingly perhaps, almost a full complement of patrons arrived, including bro' Dick and Mary, (pic) and they mostly came prepared for the damp and with hampers stuffed with food. The band made do with a complimentary sandwich each (!) before taking the stage for the long awaited first Spectrum gig of the year. Musically things were a bit rough at times, but overall the night was a huge success and the buoyant crowd finally left after the third encore demanding to know when we were playing down their way again. Good Friday at Birregurra's Café Birre should be wild!

2) The view from Dick's possie - Chopper is obscured as usual (Dick)
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