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1) Bill welcomes Heather, Di and Lyn 2) Two old blokes having fun - that's what the audience came to see! (Newman)

3) Mick Newman was happy
gig report
Eltham Hotel Sun. 27.6.10
Crudd & Pump beat the Sports Bar hoodoo
28.6.10 -
Glyn Mason gave me a call recently to warn me about the Eltham Hotel. He and Sam had done it recently and roused the ire of some sports fans by playing during the footy, so when we arrived at the hotel and found a dozen or so footy fans intently watching the Melbourne v Adelaide game, we were a little spooked and decided we'd only play during the breaks between quarters. Which is what we did - that is until the last quarter when the issue game-wise was beyond doubt and by which time most of the audience were Spectrumites anyway.
They were mostly Eltham locals too, apart from our roving photographer, Mick Newman, (pic 3) all the way from Rockbank. The Trollops (pic 1) were there in strength (apart from Jennie) and I was invited to the Bistro to sup with them after we'd loaded out. Bill's back is buggered again, so he'll be in Camberwell soon on his way to see his chiro, Stormin' Norman. I'll have a pot of tea on the boil..
Crudd and Pump under a Harvester Moon

1) The Harvester Moon crowd goes crazy at show's end 2) The Moon's Dom McAlinden with Mr Bilge Pump

3) The Pump chats with Jill and Glenn Braithwaite (Daryl's twin bro') 4) Bambra's Stephen and Sarah Ramsay
gig report
Harvester Moon Restaurant Bellarine Sat. 19.6.10
Love blossoms at Bellarine's Harvester Moon
20.6.10 - Maybe it was because we were heading for the Bellarine Peninsula, but this little ditty came into my head and I just had to share it with Bill. O Mandarine! With your saggy-baggy skin. Why do people call you Mandarin? (It's OK - Bill didn't get it either). The Harvester Moon restaurant is a few minutes the Geelong side of Port Arlington on the Bellarine Peninsula in the middle of some reputable wine producing country - or the middle of nowhere, if you like. Phil Manning recommended it to me and I was more than pleased he did, given the paucity of Spectrum gigs down Geelong way.
As is our wont, Bill and I set off very early in case of mishaps and we were met by our affable sound engineer for the night, Peter, who is a fine musician in his own right according to the Moon's owner Dom (pic 2) (and apparently played support to the trio at the Burrinja Art Gallery a few years ago). Anyway, he was most helpful - and respectful - all night, and attended to our every need, musical or otherwise..
The restaurant's interior has been fastidiously fashioned by an obsessive decorator (Dom's partner apparently) and everything you see seems to reflect some shade of red. (I commented to Dom it was rather like walking into the interior of a greeting card, which he found amusing). The proscenium stage is draped with (red) curtains and is quite small, but it's also cluttered with a concert piano, a mannequin and various musical instruments, which makes it even smaller.
I'd decided to keep up the momentum of my recently revived solo career and opened the show with four songs on my own. Bill then joined me for the B version of I'll Be Gone and we were away. After the first set we had time to chat with some the audience, including Wayne Reid and Helen Watt, Stephen and Sarah Ramsay (pic 4) and our old mate Jill Coffin (who features in the original IBG film clip) and her partner, Glenn Braithwaite, (pic 3) whose band is playing at the Moon in a few weeks.
The second set went down an absolute storm and at the end the crowd gave us a terrific ovation. (pic 1) Dom gave us each a bottle of wine from the area as a parting gift and we decided to work out another Crudd & Pump date for some seven or eight months down the track. Can't wait!

1) The Lomond's pest harpist 2) Mike stays warm at Fresh (Wazz)
gig report
Trio at Lomond Hotel Sat. 12.6.10
Mike at Fresh @ Elwood Sun. 13.6.10
Polly no-show at the Lomond and Mike's very fresh Fresh
13.6.10 - I had been warned that there was a slight chance some State MPs might roll up to the Lomond on Saturday night to somehow claim some kudos for its preservation as an ongoing music venue, (see Positive developments in the Live Music issue below), but in the event they didn't show. Despite their non-attendance, there was a very good crowd on hand to watch the trio go through its paces. I really think the Lomond goes a little too late for a good part of our
audience, so I re-jigged the second set so that some people, who perhaps had an appointment at the gym early the next morning, could hear the song before they left - and it seemed to work OK. Marilyn had brought along Clif Edwards, bass player with the illustrious Company Caine who's been out of town for about thirty years, and we chatted, amongst other things, about the American tradition of (music) acts putting on matinée and late shows. That would be exhausting. Mind you, most of them don't do their own roadying..
Sullen grey clouds hung motionless over Fresh @ Elwood today and dared anybody to show up for my solo show there this arvo. The Sellers' did, and some friends of Brighty's - Spy put in an appearance as did Peter, (whose 51st birthday party Bill, Enza and I played at four years ago), but that was about it. And Pat (Wilson) of course, but she had to be there. I managed to play a couple of sets this time, including half a dozen songs with Brighty, and quite enjoyed myself, apart from having to abort And I'm Blue 'cause I couldn't remember the opening line.. Unfortunately that was the last show at Fresh @ Elwood until next spring - so, see you there then..
The trio at The Fleece

1) Big brown Bobby Valentine's loud shirt and The Fleece's Julie Cavanagh 2) Mick Newman chats with McTubby

3) The trio rocks the upstairs crowd at the Fleece Hotel (Newman)
gig report
The Fleece Hotel Sth Melbourne 10.6.10
The Fleece rocks out - kinda ..
11.6.10 -
Robbo mentioned The Fleece a few weeks ago after playing there with the Bobby Bright band, so I got in touch with Julie Cavanagh (pic 1) and discovered they were concentrating on Thursday nights, which is pretty unusual these days. Anyway, last night was it, and I reckon the concept seems to work OK. What was most surprising (to us) was the sound, which, with all the windows and blank walls (pic 3) promised to be bright and clattery, but was actually a little on the muted side. We eventually decided the insulated carpet was the culprit, but
once we'd got used to it, it sounded fine and the audience feedback was very positive.
I gather The Fleece (formerly The Golden Fleece) used to be pretty notorious, but the recent renovations have given it an up-market feel, and that encouraged quite a few people who'd not seen us for decades to come out on a Thursday night and check us out. Despite the upstairs load-in, (!) I reckon we should probably do it again..
Baby, it's cold outside..

1) Most of the Trollops pose with Robbo at St Andrews 2) The Doctors' Sellers make yet another appearance
gig report
St Andrews pub 6.6.10
Spectrum at St Andrews and the wayward wang bar..
7.610 -
There was a distinct paucity in the numbers of bikes and bikers at St Andrews yesterday, most likely due to the showery weather, but there was a good crowd at hand anyway. Besides the Trollops, (pic 1) the Sellers', (pic 2) and The Soundgarden's Dave and Maree, bro' Dick, (of Dick's Toolbox fame), actually put in an appearance with Mary's sister Paula and accomplice David, (Paula objects to the term 'partner'), and after the gig I dropped into the Rudds' with a pinot from Central Otago I'd picked up in Black Rock that afternoon.
There was one misadventure during the arvo, more akin to a wardrobe malfunction really. I was having trouble with my wang (or whammy) bar and gave it a good wrench to try and rectify it - only to have it break off in my hand! No more wanging for the next two sets, but nothing terminal thankfully. I took my Strat' to Brenden (Mason) at Real Guitars this morning and he was able to extricate the remnant stuck in the bridge mount, (after fifteen minutes of finicky work with various implements), and now I have a new (slightly different) Fender wang bar to get used to.
Apart from that we all had a lot of fun and it was great to be back at one of our favourite gigs. Disturbingly we found out as we were about to leave that Stan has been in hospital again and undergone a second, rather nasty sounding operation. We wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.

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Positive developments in the Live Music issue
5.6.10 - There have been some welcome developments in the vexed live music venue licensing issue which has aroused so much public concern in Melbourne over the past few months. Check out the following article in today's Age by Jason Dowling and Patrick Donovan, headed New chief, new take on live music.
'LIVE music is not dangerous and does not necessitate extra security at venues, the new Director of Liquor Licensing, Mark Brennan, has declared.
The statement was praised by the new owners of the Tote Hotel in Collingwood, who hope to have a ''soft'' reopening of the venue on Friday.
Mr Brennan told The Age he would not be imposing
blanket security licence conditions on live music venues.
In a break from the past, the former Small Business Commissioner said he firmly believed live music should not come with a fixed level of security.
''I would not be coming from the point of view that there must be crowd-control conditions because there is live music,'' he said.
Mr Brennan does not believe live music makes a venue more dangerous or more likely to cause antisocial behaviour.
''The answer to that is obviously: 'No. It would depend on the particular circumstances of a particular application.' It [live music] is irrelevant in that sense,'' he said.
The 59-year-old, who took over as Liquor Licensing director from Sue Maclellan last month, said he occasionally went to hear live music.' read more
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